Viscometers and Rheometers for Determining Fluidity of Liquids


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Viscometer is used for measuring accurate fluidity of the liquid or solid material. In India there are plenty of exporters who are dealing with Brookfield Viscometer or Rheometer.

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Viscometers and Rheometers for Determining Fluidity of Liquids

  1. 1. What is Viscosity and what does a Viscometer mean? Many of us must be havingthese questions in mind, but maybe we still haven’t got an answer or we couldcollect only half information about it. A Viscosity means a basic parameter whenany flow of quantity of liquids, semi solids, solids and even gases are made.Viscosity measurements are done in combination with the quality of the productand its efficiency. Those who are involved in research, flow classification, orresearch and development, fluid transfer or Quality control sometimes getsinvolved with few type of Viscosity measurements.It is observed that Viscometer is an important part of the research anddevelopment for many manufacturers. They are aware that Viscositymeasurements are always fastest, most accurate and most dependable way toanalyze some of the most important factors affecting product presentation.Brookfield Viscometer is used for measuring thethickness of fluid. There are many technical termsused for essential thickness of fluid some but insimple language, Viscosity may be termed asthickness of liquid. Water appears to be very thinbecause it has low viscosity as compare to ketchupwhich has high viscosity as it appears to be verythick. So here the Brookfield’s viscometer will helpyou to measure the viscosity of water and ketchup.There are several techniques of measuring Viscosity, each appropriate to specificsituation and particular materials. It’s difficult to select the right Viscometer fromthe attainment of instruments available to meet the requirement of anyapplication. Nowadays, instruments differ from the simple to thedifficult/complex; from counting the seconds for a liquid to drain off a stick to
  2. 2. very complicated mechanical recording and controlling the tools. This places theuser of the device in a location in which his own approval of the flow involved.Brookfield Viscometer suppliers are available in all over India. Those whomanufacture Viscometers are also into supplying the same, but not necessarythey will be. Brookfield Rheometer dealers in India can also export Viscometersand Rheometers. Brookfield Viscometer exporters in India provide best of thebest quality devices.Brookfield Viscometer dealers in India are available in various locations; theyguide you in purchasing the best and suitable Viscometer according to yourrequirement in best and suitable prices. Actually there is a major differencebetween Brookfield Viscometer & Brookfield Rheometer. The basic differencebetween these two is there quality of components as well as the capacity ofcontrolling and identifying the viscosity.Compare to Brookfield Viscometer; Brookfield Rheometer is preferred most, as ithas got more number of applications and it has versatility. So, lot ofmanufacturers does not prefer too many applications associated with Viscometerbut with Rheometer. Brookfield Viscometer exporters in India are available in allstates, who can provide home delivery of the products like Viscometer orRheometer they sale. If you are looking to purchase any Viscometer or Rheometerthen just contact any nearest Brookfield Viscometer Supplier and get the detailinformation about the machine, cost, delivery etc.