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Yo inc personal branding seminar series proposal for organizations 7 23 10


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Anllelic Lozada, M.S. {"An-ye-lik"}
SmallBIZLatino Communications

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Yo inc personal branding seminar series proposal for organizations 7 23 10

  1. 1. Me, Inc. Series Bilingual Marketing Workshops For Latino Entrepreneurs
  2. 2. Seminar Objectives • Our objective is to provide the Hispanic community in the US with professional and personal branding seminars that can contribute to their growth in this new found business environment.
  3. 3. Management Seminars 1. Opening Moves: Making Initial Encounters Work - How to make a powerful and positive first impression - Know the value of a good handshake and learn how to handle introductions - Handle name lapses gracefully - Negotiate business card exchanges flawlessly 2. Business Dress: Professional Wardrobe & Handling Attire Problems - How to build your professional wardrobes - Know when to dress up or dress gown - How to make sure your business casual dress says that you mean business 3. Written and Verbal Communications: Etiquette and Protocol - Correspondence: putting it down in black and white - How to manage e-mails and presentations - How to make the right phone impression - How to manage conference calls and voice mails 4. Business Meetings: Getting It All Together - Basic unspoken rules of business meetings: The Do’s &Don’t’s - How to plan for a successful meeting - How to conduct a flawless meeting and get the most out of it - How to get recognition for your work in front of your boss - Casual business meetings: How to behave 5. VIPs: Success, Promotions and Key Decision Makers - How to be the best you can be - Learn to manage time and deadlines - How to be organized at work - Learn how to deal positively with a chronic complainer and others at the workplace - Learn how to nurture a great relationship with key decision makers
  4. 4. Non-Management Seminars 1. Personal Branding for Professionals and Entrepreneurs: - Create your own "30-Second Elevator Pitch” " to communicate effectively - and in short time - the value to you and your business - Gain visibility on the Internet to enhance credibility and expertise in your industry - including social networking, and - Show professional strength and distinction through business cards, résumé, biography and presentations - Keep your wardrobe ready for the different seasons - while incorporating key pieces for your business life - How and where to buy your "3-Part Basics" to always look professional, without spending a fortune - How to choose the most appropriate wardrobe for different professional meetings: cocktails, conferences, meetings and the office