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Anllelic Lozada, M.S. {"An-ye-lik"} | SmallBIZLatino Communications

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Small biz latino_me_inc_professional_brand_makeovers_6_week_program_7_26_10

  1. 1. Professional Brand Makeover 6-Week Virtual* Program Page 1 of 9Anllelic Lozada, M.S. {“An-ye-lik”} | SmallBIZLatino Communications || | 347.601.4882
  2. 2. Contents: Page1. About Us ……………………………………………………... 32. About Our Professional Makeovers……… …………………. 43. Why Use Skype? ……………………………………………... 44. ME, Inc. Program Details…………………………………… 125. Weekly Topics ……………………………………………….. 66. $99 Professional Makeover Add-Ons! ………………………. 8 Page 2 of 9 Anllelic Lozada, M.S. {“An-ye-lik”} | SmallBIZLatino Communications || | 347.601.4882
  3. 3. 1. About UsSometimes, it takes an outside perspective to help stimulate truly innovative and businessideas with impact. We tailor our communications to your small business needs. Eachproject is highly individualized to meet your marketing needs, as well as your budget.We don’t just plug you into a cookie cutter marketing system- you’ll get customizedsolutions to meet your business goals and expectations.Our unique knowledge of traditional and new media, provides you with a comprehensive,innovative range of techniques and strategies to grow your business. Our goal is todeliver your business goals in the most cost-effective and time-efficient way. Our threecore specialties:Personal Branding- Professional digital resume- Professional bilingual biography- Business Cards- Professional online profiles (, & Professional wardrobe / legal / business / finance consultations (by Strategic Partners)Social Media- Latino blogger relations- Facebook, MySpace, Twitter & Foursquare Strategy- Blog content strategy- Content development & updatesMarketing- Branding: logo, letterhead, brochures, cards, collateral, PPT presentations- U.S. Hispanic Marketing Strategy- Public Relations & Advertising- Print & online ad banners- Brochures- Flyers & postcards- Website design/ development- Email marketingEvent Planning- Marketing & publicity- Sponsors & Exhibitors Page 3 of 9 Anllelic Lozada, M.S. {“An-ye-lik”} | SmallBIZLatino Communications || | 347.601.4882
  4. 4. - Program booklet- Volunteers- Logistics- Agenda & Speakers- Photography & video- RegistrationLearn more about who we are and what we do in our and read About SmallBIZLatino Professional MakeoversIts time to re-invent your professional life! We compliment our marketing services withresources aimed at empowering Latino entrepreneurs and professionals. How you areperceived by colleagues, business contacts and clients is a direct reflection of your work.You deserve to look your best with every business card exchange, in every networkingevent and in your daily online activities. Whether you’re a job seeker, you’re trying tomove up in your career, or you are an inspiring entrepreneur, we can help!Through our self-discovery e-journal, virtual consultations, PowerPoint presentations andweekly homework, we make sure that you walk away with a full understanding of allpersonal branding concepts and applying them immediately to your day-to-day job, yourinteractions with internal and external professional connections and for your long-termprofessional goals. Page 4 of 9 Anllelic Lozada, M.S. {“An-ye-lik”} | SmallBIZLatino Communications || | 347.601.4882
  5. 5. 3. Why use Skype?Because we want to open our professional makeover session to professionals outsideNew York City, we offer SmallBIZLatino’s Professional Makeover 6-Week Program“ME, Inc.” via Skype. It is not the same as emailing or telephoning. We actually get tosee each other via our webcams! (If you are camera shy, don’t worry – you can choose tolook at us and we will just listen to you). The best thing about Skype? It’s FREE and wecan share live links! If you don’t have Skype (you should!), don’t worry, because we canwalk you through the process – it’s simple! (You can check it out at ME, Inc Program DetailsDuration: 6 weeksLogistics: 2-hour weekly sessions via Skype with PowerPoint presentation (will be sentprior to session); Follow-up e-mail will be sent within one (1) day of session with recapof lessons learned, homework in e-workbook and an intro to the following sessionTime: We are VERY flexible - we work around your schedule! Page 5 of 9 Anllelic Lozada, M.S. {“An-ye-lik”} | SmallBIZLatino Communications || | 347.601.4882
  6. 6. Mission: To define and re-invent your professional identity in order to achieve thesuccess and visibility you deserveFacilitator: Anllelic Lozada, founder SmallBIZLatino (See profile:• Learn how others perceive you and how you can control it to your advantage• Discover & Define your G.O.W.S: goals, opportunities, weaknesses and strengths inorder to create a roadmap of your next professional stages• Learn how to maximize essential professional elements and tools that will help youdevelop your personal brand• Learn the importance of visibility and ability activities to maximize your professionalidentity• Look and act professionally in person and on the web!At the end of the program, you’ll have the following:• Your own "30-Second Elevator Pitch" (created and super practiced!)• Bilingual-and-Digital Professional Biography• Bilingual-and-Digital Resume and cover letter• “ME, Inc.” Program Completion Certificate• “ME, Inc.” Self-Discovery e-Workbook• One Bilingual Expert Editorial Article written by you (edited by us) and guaranteedpublication in the following websites:www.NyBusinesslatino.omwww.elreporterolasvegas.comwww.Ahoranews.netwww.LatinTrends.com Full payment is required to begin the session (via check or Page 6 of 9 Anllelic Lozada, M.S. {“An-ye-lik”} | SmallBIZLatino Communications || | 347.601.4882
  7. 7. - Electronic receipt will be sent via e-mail within one (1) business day of payment5. Weekly Topics:1. What Brand are you now?- What’s branding? What’s personal branding? What’s its impact on your profession?- Your “G.O.W.S” (goals, opportunities, weaknesses and strengths) analysis & discussion- Create your own “30- Second Elevator Pitch”2. Discover or re-define your micro-specialty (niche)- Define what are the areas you are currently an expert – or want to become and expert- Create a roadmap of maximizing past/current experience to be aligned with the future- Discover and define the market where you’ll fill a need and where you can blossom- Writing and publishing expert editorial articles- Maximizes your social network and learn how to expand it3. Discover and maximize your innate talents- Discover what makes you unique and how to maximize it for your professional goals- Different methods of conveying your skills and experience: writing, networking, talkingor teaching- How to use your innate talents to convey your micro-specialty (niche)4. Essential Tools for Your Professional Life- The anatomy of a digital and bilingual Resume- Why a bilingual and digital professional biography is essential- Business cards as a walking advertising billboard- Tips to maximizing every business card exchange5. Using social media to show your visibility and ability- What is and how it can boost your professional visibility online- Using as a promotion tool for your professional life- Showing your expertise and content in Using your email signature as a free advertising billboard- Whats a blog and how to create / maintain one?- Niche social media networks you should know about6. Building a Powerful Image Through Your Wardrobe- Keep your wardrobe ready for the different seasons - while incorporating key pieces for Page 7 of 9 Anllelic Lozada, M.S. {“An-ye-lik”} | SmallBIZLatino Communications || | 347.601.4882
  8. 8. your business life.- How and where to buy your "3-Part Basics" to always look professional, withoutspending a fortune.- How to choose the most appropriate wardrobe for different professional meetings:cocktails, conferences, meetings and the office6. $99 Professional Makeover Add-Ons!The following $99 five (5) services can be added to the 6-week program and wheredesigned to take your professional branding makeover to the next level. Choose one,choose two – or choose all! ( If two are chosen: $75 each; if three are chosen: $50 each)1. Professional Wardrobe Consultation and Inventory:- 2-hour virtual analysis of your closet (via Skype)- Guidance through the steps of organizing your closet so getting dressed in the morningis as easy as 1 2 3.- Selection of pieces that should go (because they are part of that image you want to leavebehind) and what pieces should stay- Inventory of your professional wardrobe to later on use as the base for building yournew image. This step is crucial so we dont spend money in what you already have, but,instead, in what you need- “The To-Get List:” well provide you with the list of professional essential items youneed to shop for the re-invented you!2. Personal Shopping Services:Based on the "To Get List" – or in your own list- we go wardrobe shopping for you tohelp you select the items and coordinate them so that they match your entire wardrobe asif it was a cohesive collection. We can ship or purchase items locally.3. Managing Your Time, Your Projects, Your Clients and Your Employees (one-on-one 2-hour virtual workshop):- Essential tools to manage your time- How to effectively manage your projects- The importance of managing your clients and how to build successful relationships withthem- How to manage your employees and create a strong team with your company4. What is My Communication Style? (one-on-one 2-hour virtual workshop): Page 8 of 9 Anllelic Lozada, M.S. {“An-ye-lik”} | SmallBIZLatino Communications || | 347.601.4882
  9. 9. - Discover your communication style and how to be more successful in businesssituations- The four communication styles can how they can help reduce conflict and improve yourproductivity- How to adapt your communication to complement the style of clients, colleagues andprofessional contacts to help create a more cooperative environment and better results5. Professional Essentials Package: - 250 custom-color business cards - 1 metal business card holder - 10 custom “Thank you Notes” (same design as business cards)Pricing & Payment:Special 2010 Introductory Offers: 1 person $399.00 2 persons $299.00 3 persons $199.00Professional Makeover Add-Ons● Professional Wardrobe Consultation and Inventory $99.00● Personal Shopping Services $99.00● Managing Your Time, Your Projects, Your Clients and Your ● ●● Employees (one-on-one 2-hour virtual workshop) $99.00● What is My Communication Style?(one-on-one 2-hour virtual workshop): $99.00● Professional Essentials Package $99.00Full-payment is required for appointment setup. First consultationis always FREE. We accept checks, money orders and credit cards. Page 9 of 9 Anllelic Lozada, M.S. {“An-ye-lik”} | SmallBIZLatino Communications || | 347.601.4882