Eat to Compete


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Eat to Compete

  1. 1. Eat to CompeteSuggestions for Proper Fueling Pre- and Post- Exercise Abbey Lathrop Nutrition 360 April 16, 2012 S
  2. 2. OverviewS The importance of proper fuelingS What to eat before exerciseS The importance of proper recovery after a workoutS What to eat after a workout
  3. 3. Importance of Proper FuelingS Carbohydrates are the #1 fuel for physical activityS Depletion of carbohydrate stores in the body can lead to fatigue and dehydrationS In 60 minutes of exercise, 50% of glycogen, the stored form of carbohydrates, is used in the muscle
  4. 4. Importance of Proper FuelingS After 2 hours of exercise, glycogen stores are depleted, and athletes “hit the wall”S Sufficient carbohydrate intake before exercise is crucial in order to achieve peak performance.
  5. 5. What to EatBeforeExercise3-4 hours before aworkout Eat a regular meal (700-800 cals)30-60 minutes before aworkout Eat 100-200 calories of only carbohydrates
  6. 6. What to EatBeforeExercise15 minutes before aworkout Consume sports drinks, gels, sports beans
  7. 7. Proper Recovery After a WorkoutS DRINK FLUIDS (20-24 oz. for every pound lost)S Begin glycogen replacement by consuming carbohydrates immediately post- exercise
  8. 8. Proper Recovery After a WorkoutS Consume 30 grams of protein within the first 2 hours post-workoutS It is imperative to consume a protein-containing meal post-exercise in order to properly repair your body’s muscles.S Carbohydrates are also an important post- exercise food to consume in order to fully resupply one’s glycogen stores in the muscle
  9. 9. What to Eat After a Workout CarbohydratesS CarbohydratesS Juices or Sports DrinksS FruitS Bread, bagels, crackersS PretzelsS Granola Bars
  10. 10. Foods to Eat After a Workout Proteins S Milk S Yogurt S Peanut butter S Hard-boiled egg S Meat S Protein bars
  11. 11. Information provided by Dr. Kristine Clark’s Nutrition 497B Sports Nutrition Course Photo SourcesS S nutrition-counseling- 1/24/pre-workout-meal/S te/2011/07/kids-sugar- S lth/better-for-runners-drinks-S gels-bars/ /S that-you-can-input-into-the-low- carb-diet-food-list.html