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Sly presentation ver 2.0

  1. 1. our story continues …
  2. 2. Masterline’s ongoing evolution How Masterline has grown from 1994 - 2010Net Sales Volume 2003 – Introduced India’s Windows Mobile phone “Qtek2020”. 2005 - Exhibited India’s first mobile show in Chandigarh “Mobiletek” 2006 – Introduced GSM based Fixed Wireless Phone. 2007 – Introduced India’s first multi-panel scratch cards. 2008 – Ventured in Security and surveillance business with brand name “Sly” to offer one stop solutions. 2009 – Strategic alliance with leading brands and OEMs for CCTV cameras, Access Control systems , Wireless devices, other security systems.10 Million 1500 Million 4.5 Million 2500 Million 1995 2009 2000 2009
  3. 3. Masterline continued to build on its leading position since 2003 — a year of strong growth, decisive action andplanned evolution for the company.With our trusted brand, wide product portfolio, and world class manufacturing facility, we were able to capitalize ona buoyant global scratch card market.We also pioneered in launching India first windows mobile with brand name of Qtek, with this confidence wesupplied GSM fixed wireless phones to Bharti – a first of its kind in India .We integrated our corporate responsibility initiatives more concretely with Masterline’ s business activities. One ofthe most notable strategic moves we made in 2006 was the decision to enter into security and surveillancebusiness to cater the surge demand in this segment. Now, in what marks the next phase of Masterline’s evolution, we are increasingly providing our telecom customers with one stop shop for their various needs - be it VAS or Mobile devices including vide range of ULC to higher end phones along with data devices and Mobile internet devices, VOIP phones. For this we have made strategic alliance with reputed Chinese suppliers after doing extensive audits of their manufacturing facilities & design house, with this, we are able to offer a very much tailored made solutions to our customers
  4. 4. Welcome to the world of security and surveillance INTELLIGENT SECURITY SURVEILLANCE (A Division of Masterline Telebiz P. Ltd.)
  5. 5. About US• SLY is the security and surveillance division of Masterline Telebiz Pvt. Ltd.• Powered by the team of dedicated and diligent professionals SLY, fulfill its commitments of providing customized security and surveillance solutions to its customer through innovation, commitment to quality, training and stern conformity to global standards.• Our current portfolio includes an array of intelligent automated security and surveillance solutions for various business verticals like government banking, retail, healthcare, telecommunication etc.• Our Quality Statement- "We at SLY believe that its quality rather than quantity that counts"
  6. 6. Products & services’ portfolio
  7. 7. Alliance and level of partnership of hardware (components) networking & application solution provider IP Solutions Analogue Solutions WiFi Solutions Master Coordinator in Technical & Operational Executions
  8. 8. CCTV Surveillance• At SLY, we offer end to end Video surveillance solutions based on analog-digital, hybrid and IP enabled systems. From, consulting system architecture design – to, deployment and maintenance of the entire gamut of services can be customized as per your requirements.Advantages of CCTV Surveillance System:- – Target areas can be closely monitored and live video streaming can be directly accessed on the output devices such as: PDA, Mobiles, and Laptops etc. at your convenience. – Advanced CCTV can capture images in day light as well as in pitch dark conditions, thus providing 24 hours security. – By installing Video Analytics module, threats and Alarms can be customized as per your parameters. – Our CCTV can seamlessly integrate with different hardware/ software security systems which are already deployed in the area. – All the security systems are fully compatible to W-LAN, WAN and other radio frequencies
  9. 9. SOLUTION – IAnalogue CCTV Surveillance System
  10. 10. Technical Specs - IR Dome Camera• Samsung’s mini IR dome camera, which provides 520 TV Lines high-resolution images.• Its built-in high performance LED illuminators provide the ability to capture clear images of objects up to 10m from the camera, even in total darkness.• Packed with the essential technology required for security monitoring, the SCD-1020R will be ideal for small applications.
  11. 11. Technical Specs – DVRIt is compact in size, it delivers all the core features required for today’s professional securityapplications. As well as the ability to record real-time images across all four channels at CIFresolution, with 1TB on-board storage as standard (upgradable to 2TB) and with a built-in USB slotfor quick and easy video back-up, the SRD-450 features high level H.264 compression to ensuresuperb picture quality whilst minimizing hard drive space and bandwidth requirements.Main Features:• Up to 120 (NTSC) / 100 (PAL)fps recording rate at CIF resolution• Full 4CIF resolution recording support• Up to 4ch audio inputs and 1ch audio outputs• Video (H.264) / Audio (G.711)
  12. 12. System Architecture – CCTV Network
  13. 13. SOLUTION – IIIP CCTV Surveillance System
  14. 14. Technical Specs - IP Camera• 1/3” Aptina Progressive Scan CMOS• Minimum illumination 0.5 Lux at F1.0• Bundled with f4.2 mm / F1.8 Megapixel fixed lens• 8 fps at 1280 x 1024 resolution• Selectable MPEG-4 SP, MJPEG compressions• Two-way audio• Video motion detection• Digital input and digital output• Built-in passive IR sensor• Powered by PoE Class 3 / DC 12V
  15. 15. Technical Specs - Software NVRIn addition to recording and storage management, the ACTi software NVR contains the interface forlive preview, video clip search and playback, video export to AVI format for evidencedelivery, camera management, e-map for camera positioning and much more.NVR software comes with the major flexibility & scalability:• Supports advanced networking architecture, such as NVR remote client over NAT-routers• Supports large storage space• Supports Dual Stream• Supports Windows 7 Professional• Supports 64-bit Windows operating systems• Supports HTTP protocol for streaming• Hundreds of enhancements• Stable and reliable performance
  16. 16. SOLUTION – III3G IP CCTV Surveillance System
  17. 17. Technical Specs – Wireless IP Camera• Maximum resolution 640x480 (VGA) provides superior image quality• Simultaneous MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG video stream• Excellent image quality up to flexible 30 fps in all resolution for optimum bandwidth use• Superior low-light performance with 6 night-vision LEDs• Wireless (IEEE 802.11b/g) networks connection• Two-way audio with built-in microphone• Optimal synchronization of audio and video• Mobile phone streaming live video through 3GPP / ISMA / RTSP• Mobile phone live image through 2.5 WAP
  18. 18. Technical Specs – Wireless IP Camera• Multi-level password protection for restricting camera access• Built-in multi-window motion detection (3 detection areas)• Video buffer makes the streaming smoother• UPnP for fast and easy installation• DDNS supported• Supports Firefox, Safari, iPhone and Mac OS• Supports ONVIF• Bundled 32-channel surveillance software• User-friendly & multi-lingual UI
  19. 19. Technical Specs - Software NVRNetwork video management software, provides video live viewing, recording and playback up to 32cameras. Working perfect with all ZAVIO network products, ZAVIO CamGraba is designed withreliable performance and easy-to-use features offering efficient video management solution fordiverse small-to-mid-size IP surveillance applications.Features:• NVR software for viewing, recording, and playback• Server/client design for local and remote management• Supports up to 32 cameras• Remote 4-channel live view and playback simultaneously• Supports H.264/ MPEG-4/ MJPEG compression formats• Multiple user access levels with password protection• Powerful recording search function• Supports PTZ camera control• Compatible with all ZAVIO models, including VGA, 1.3 megapixel and 2 – megapixel• Multiple language support
  20. 20. Contact USSecurity Help DeskMr. Ankush Sharma I ManagerGSM: +91 97791 34240Email: ankush.sharma@masterline.inSecurity Division HODRishi Malhotra I Asst. Vice PresidentGSM: +91 98720 24000Email: rishi.malhotra@masterline.inAddressD-181 | Industrial Focal Point | Phase - VIIIBSAS Nagar | Mohali | Punjab - 160 055INDIATelephone Number | +91-172-5063024|5063025Fax Number | +91-172-5063027Website |