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Online Reputation management


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Online Reputation management

  1. 1. ORM Presentation Planet Web Solution Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. "It takes years to build areputation and minutes to ruin it."- Warren Buffett
  3. 3. Content What is ORM Why ORM is important How Does it work Tools for ORM Difference b/w SEO and ORM
  4. 4. Why ORM is important Online reputation management have the abilityto choose how your target people sees your business. Online Reputation management is a great source tofind out the success of marketing campaign which isrelated to brand & product identification. ORM push already highly ranked negative posts offthe result pages so that few people can see that.
  5. 5. How Does it workORM basically follows 3 steps1) Analysis-What, when and where negative posting about a company have been made. Are the posting associated with competitor.2) Strategic planning-Develop an action plan that is perfectly fitted to the analysis3) Action- Execute planed strategy
  6. 6. Tools for ORMBlog monitoring tools1. BackType Blog Comments Monitoring2. Technorati3. Google Blog SearchTweeter Monitoring tools1. Monitter2. Tweet Beep3. Tweet Search
  7. 7. Blog Monitoring toolBackType Blog Comments Monitoring: This tool is mainly used for indexing the conversation from blogs, social networks and other social media.Technorati: It is the leading blog search engine indexing millions of blog posts in real time. It also lead the authority, power and popularity of blogs.Google Blog Search: This is a Google important search engine for blogs.
  8. 8. Twitter Monitoring toolMonitter: A real-time Twitter monitor for up to three keywords at a time.TweetBeep: This tool provides the Twitter alerts on hourly basis .You can define keywords, people and links to track.Twitter Search: This tool searches all Twitter action for keywords, links or user action in real time.
  9. 9. Difference b/w SEO & ORM SEO fixes the problem while ORM prevents it.SEO techniques use for improve ranking but onlinereputation management hide those pages thatcontain the negative comments by pushing themdown in the SERPs. Goal of SEO is to impress Search Engine while ofORM focuses on Business or person.