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Casia2014 case simplifier168_iimt


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Casia 2014 - Presentation on Social Media - IIM Trichy

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Casia2014 case simplifier168_iimt

  1. 1. Stage 1 The Preliminar y Round Team Name: CaseSimplifier168 Name of first member:Ankur Jaiswal College Name:IIM Trichy Name of second member:Saurabh Mishra College Name:IIM Trichy
  2. 2. What is Social Media? Convergence between human interaction and internet based technology Biggest revolution that occurred in last 200 years Social Media conversation is not organised , not controlled and not subject to physical boundaries Allowing people to share perspectives, contents and personal opinions and insights tIt has accelerated the rate at which relationships develop, information is shared and influence takes hold
  3. 3. The Timeline of Social Media
  4. 4. The Many Faces of Social Media
  5. 5. How people use Social Media?
  6. 6. Social Media Words
  7. 7. Social Media is of the people, by the people and for the people, shall not perish from the Earth- Tweet by Abraham Lincoln of today End Users or Consumers • Mobile internet users • Web users The Providers or Role Makers • Website or application designers • Internet service providers Marketers or Recruiters • Non traditional Marketing • Product launches or trials • Identifying profiles with matching roles
  8. 8. The Elements of Social Media Core Product Actual Product Augmented Product Connecting People E Mails Blogs Chats Videos File Sharing Reviews & Feedback Sentiments Information
  9. 9. Social Media Facts
  10. 10. Present & Future of Social Media Social media has undergone a change in Shape, Size and Power which is evident from the Facts shared in the previous slide. The marketers have identified the potential and digital marketing has taken a central place. And therefore we can see advent of various Digital marketing tools such as Search Engine Marketing(SEM), Gmail Sponsored Promotion(GSP), Click-Through- Rate(CTR).` Today, Advertising has formed major source of social media revenues. The Future shall belong to those who strive for Trust, Transparency and Triumph, if they want to get a strong foothold in highly competitive market.