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  2. 2. Content Plan
  3. 3. Objective Create awareness about digital media marketing & brand DMTI amongst final year graduates (focused on media students) in Mumbai.
  4. 4. Brief Prepare a Social Media content plan for min. 10 days. You need to also create content for these 10 days in text, image as well as video formats. The platforms that DMTI primarily uses are FB, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube & Wordpress. The content plan should include all the above platforms. (Eg. For twitter, if you have planned 5 tweets a day, then I want to see 50 actual tweets written and the schedule when these will be tweeted)
  5. 5. Understanding • Target Audience is final year media students • Objective is to create awareness about digital media marketing and DMTI • Media Students in Mumbai are already social media friendly and having smart phones, so the only thing which is required is to make them understand the application and importance of social media marketing in their field • Facebook, Twitter & Youtube can be the main platform to target the direct TG as it facilitates specific targeting • Wordpress can be used as supportive platform to create buzz and disseminate content
  6. 6. Facebook • Facebook Paid Ads for direct targeting • One post a day related to importance of social media in Journalism • A facebook application can be created where students can login and learn the tips/application of social media in Journalism • Media Students will be tagged in various posts
  7. 7. Facebook Posts Post Content – Major news are picked from social media about politicians, celebrities and businessmen. Can you still afford to miss social media education for your career?
  8. 8. Facebook Posts Post Content – ALS ice bucket challenge has involved all the celebrities, who otherwise would have charged crores for this campaign. Isn’t it enough to understand the importance of social media? Learn digital media to be the quickest, smartest and preferred journalist.
  9. 9. Facebook Posts Post Content – Just 140 characters and the news is ready to share with the masses. This simple process makes Twitter the most quickest medium to disseminate news. Get a hold on this art with DMTI.
  10. 10. Facebook Posts Post Content – Social Media is a platform for masses to interact and express their views. Views is important part of news. Do you agree?
  11. 11. Facebook Posts Post Content – Do you think without social media this simple photograph would have ever became international news? Learn social media to be with the time.
  12. 12. Facebook Posts Post Content – People like Poonam Pandey & KRK are in news every other day. They used social media to boost their career. You just have to learn how it can be beneficial for you.
  13. 13. Facebook Posts Post Content – Narendra Modi is the most popular social media personality worldwide. He utilized this platform to connect with masses. To know how this platform can change your career, contact at DMTI.
  14. 14. Facebook Posts Post Content – Anna Hazare provoked youth on social network against corruption and informed everyone about the Lokpal Bill. He requested individuals to join the rally and thus, it became a mass movement. Being a media student, don’t you want to bring a change in society? Learn how it can become possible for you with DMTI.
  15. 15. Facebook Posts Post Content – Media is for masses. So being in media, social media can be the biggest power for you. Join DMTI to learn social media and its application in your field.
  16. 16. Facebook Posts Post Content – Social Media provoked masses to step out and ask for the justice. Such cases are pending in courts from years. But rage among masses for this case could not be neglected. MEDIA is meant to connect masses and learning social media is the need of hour.
  17. 17. Twitter • Facebook posts will be shared as tweets daily • Media Students can be followed by DMTI to get noticed and a tweet can be shared with them informing about career scope. Tweet like – To stand out of crowd and be the preferred choice of the best Media Houses learn the application of Digital Media in your career at DMTI. • Campaign #DigitalNewsTrends – We can start a campaign in which people would be asked to share news trends of the day with this hashtag. And the person sharing maximum tweets would be rewarded with some gift coupon.
  18. 18. Thank You Social media is a platform that creates, disseminates and spreads news.