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ISL tournament on social media


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Marketing strategy of ISL tournament on social media.

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ISL tournament on social media

  1. 1. follow me on twitter @sproutedideaz
  2. 2. follow me on twitter @sproutedideaz
  3. 3. follow me on twitter @sproutedideaz
  4. 4. To make it the most happening & exciting event. To raise awareness of the tournament and generate conversations on social platforms. follow me on twitter @sproutedideaz
  5. 5. • Primary: People interested in sports, specially soccer. • Secondary: Anyone and everyone available on Social Media. follow me on twitter @sproutedideaz
  6. 6. Soccer is not very popular sport in India and it is not talked about event among masses like Cricket. The secret behind Cricket’s popularity is connection of masses with the sport, its understanding and mainly familiarity with every individual team player. Recently movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag & Mary Kom has given more popularity to Athletics and Boxing than the sport itself. follow me on twitter @sproutedideaz
  7. 7. • To create understanding about soccer with images, info graphs and videos. • To make individual players popular among masses by making their social profiles active and interactive. • Covering Stories of individuals and associating the people of their city with them on emotional grounds (just the way Sourav Ganguly has with Kolkata). • Making people cheer for teams and benefiting them through prizes on every win of their team. • Live coverage of match on social platforms. follow me on twitter @sproutedideaz
  8. 8. • We will make Facebook pages where in one we will put all the necessary information about all the celebrities associated with the event. • About the teams, about the players. • About the event schedule. • Their we will also upload pictures of match best moments to increase communication. • On this page we will have a two way communication from fans where we will be replaying to them about their queries and curiosity. • We will make one more page on which we will upload lots of pictures and videos of matches. • Here we will also introduce Facebook applications like the community soccer game. • Mobile Soccer game application where teams are same as of ISL, its theme will also be specific. follow me on twitter @sproutedideaz
  9. 9. Create Website follow me on twitter @sproutedideaz Facebook paid Ads (targeting location) Diverting traffic through clicks Login through Facebook on website Whichever team a user select, he will get an option to change his cover page accordingly Asking people to join & support their favourite team
  10. 10. • Live tweets of every match covering almost every moment every minute, from the official Twitter handle of ISL. • Promotion of #hashtags according to the matches, for example if match between Goa & Mumbai then #AamchiMumbai & #GoOnGoa. • Official twitter accounts of all the team players and time to time tweets from them. • The Questionnaire contest campaign will be run from official twitter handle of ISL to engage maximum people & those who will give maximum right answers within minimum time will be getting exciting prizes. follow me on twitter @sproutedideaz
  11. 11. • Their will be official channel of ISL on YouTube on which intro video will be uploaded of all the players. • Their will intro videos of every team by its respective owners. • Their will be live streaming of every match on YouTube official channel. • The best moment videos will be uploaded on YouTube official channel. follow me on twitter @sproutedideaz
  12. 12. Instagram account will be formed and continuous pictures of matches will be uploaded on it and will be promoted through hashtags. follow me on twitter @sproutedideaz
  13. 13. Thank You.. follow me on twitter @sproutedideaz