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5d cinemas

  1. 1. • • • 5D theatres entertain a global audience of guests in theme parks. The whole seat & motion base structure is redeveloped for proper use in wet environments. 5d cinema is a lux class cinema with lots of distinctive features.
  2. 2.    5D cinema with flat screen. 5D cinema with radial screen. 5D cinema in mobile truck.
  3. 3. 3D HD projection Surround Sound Silver Screen 5D seats Technical infrastructure
  4. 4.        Advanced 4D cinema seats (SIM3000/SIM4000) Central Control System HD Video player 8 different chair effects Hall effects package (Scent, bubbles, wind, smoke...) Complete 7.1 audiovideo system 3D screen       HD 3D projectors 3D films package 3D glasses One year full warranty (with an option to extened to five years) Spare parts kit Onsite Installation, testing and training by our technicians
  5. 5.  The Smart Seat model SIM-2003 was developed and manufactured by Simnoa Technologies Ltd.These unique seats were designed for smart Theaters, with special effects that can be programmed to function in synchronization with the projected Program.
  6. 6.       Seats are manufactured in modules of 4. Each bench includes its own complete control system. Seats are designed to be installed on multi-level floors. size of Theaters ranges from one bench of 4 seats to two hundred seats. Between each 2 Seats, there is a wide armrest size of a cost effective theater is based on 48 chairs
  7. 7. Electric power requirements Electric power requirements for seats total Amp for 220 V Power supply to chairs 130Amp Power supply for central services 30Amp Total 160 Amp The total power required mentioned above does not include air conditioning or heating, general lighting, or other services.
  8. 8. Water supply through filter, tap. ½” pipes to each row, 10mm copper pipes along the floor of each row.
  9. 9.  ½” pipes from the compressor in the machine room to each row, 10mm copper pipes along the rows on the floor,.
  10. 10.  ½” – 1” conduits for control cables, audio video, special hall effects.
  11. 11.           1. Motion – tilting forth and back (pitch) 2. Motion to the sides (sway) . Back tickler Bottom tickler Tiny air wave to the neck Leg tickler ("mouse effectt") Air wave to the face Water spray to face Bass shaker Personal speakers in the headrest
  12. 12.        Bubbles Effect Wind Effect Snow Effect Smoke/ Fog Effect Rain Storm Effect Strobes Effect Aroma Effect
  13. 13.        Neck blast Air Blast blast Back poker Butt tickler Seat vibration Leg tickler Water Jet
  14. 14.      Surface area of less than 200 square meters (2,150 sq.ft). High-definition 3D images back-projected. 10 special effects in the room and on the seats. loudspeakers and 9 amplifiers, to create a genuine three-dimensional soundtrack . The very latest Projection design projectors.
  15. 15. FRANCHISE MODEL    Modern provides the design and layout of the 5D theaters and installs it Modern provides training to the employees of the franchise owner The franchise owner runs the theater as per the methods and terms explained by Modern PARTNERSHIP MODEL    Modern signs a partnership agreement with the partner company takes care of the technology and management of the theater The partner company takes care of local administration, necessary civil work and leasing of the location
  16. 16.   The graphics' quality is not perfect. The movie is short.
  17. 17. I recommend entering it once or twice in your life because you will get bored after that. I think it's just a wastage of money.
  18. 18. House open for queries???????