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ALGORITHM is a leading professional services company, providing social, digital, creative ideation and design services through our strategy, technology and operations capabilities.

Being a creative communications agency, we build the right audience for your business, by tackling challenges holistically to create rational solutions. As a full service digital agency our essence is to create ties that connect people and brands. We push ourselves to provide unique user experiences that make people’s life easier and exciting.

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  1. 1. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT Does your business have a social community? Are you looking for ways to stay connected? ALGORITHM has the solution! Our focus is to cultivate, nurture, or engage with a given audience. After creating a rock-solid community strategy the community managers at ALGORITHM engage themselves in your brand’s available channels to engage not just your current customers but also the potential ones. Apart from this they also target the media and other interested audience as well. We create lively, and engaging social media communities through the right planning, content creation, monitoring, surprising campaigns and relevant community building. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT At ALGORITHM, we believe social media is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. If used correctly, it has a real and measurable impact on your business’s bottom line. Be it across the available social assets or small-scale plans, we develop very effective and result oriented marketing strategies. We create an ALGORITHM where your objectives, strategies and customers are clearly aligned in a way, that you get positive and most importantly measurable effective results. through the right planning, content creation,through the right planning, content creation, monitoring, surprising campaigns and relevantmonitoring, surprising campaigns and relevant community building.
  2. 2. CRISIS MANAGEMENT Effective crisis management requires not only rapid, informed response, but a solid strategy. Our teams possess the ability to handle escalations and crisis communications in social media. We strive to reduce the crisis altogether by keeping track of major shifts, trends and sentiments towards your business or product. SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT CREATION An effective content can increase inbound traffic to your website or pages. Creating content that shapes your brand into a personality and voice, you desire to communicate to your target audience effectively is what ALGORITHM does. We have an eye for first class social content. Our content writers create not only entertaining, compelling and engaging stuff, but also align closely with the key social and business objectives of the clients. We create content that engages fans around your brand and products. Effective crisis management requires not only rapid, informed response, but a solid strategy. Our teams possess the ability to handle escalations and crisis communications in social media. We strive to reduce the crisis altogether by keeping track of major shifts, trends and sentiments towards your business or
  3. 3. SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS The ultimate goal of social media promotions for any business or brand is to achieve the desired targets by acquiring quality attention and traffic for your product/brand/service. With more than a million blogs added everyday, there’s a fierce competition to get your brand’s post read or shared. We develop well planned promotional strategies which is a combination of earned, owned and paid media to get your brand not only noticed but also shared. The right approach turns the customer into an ardent fan and eventually into brand advocates! INFLUENCER ENGAGEMENT t becomes extremely difficult for startups or struggling brands to differentiate themselves from the competition. ALGORITHM suggests to utilize its influencer marketing strategy. A social media influencer is an individual that possesses the power to influence others in the social media space with the help of their massive followers. Influencers help attract a new audience for your products and services. we create influencers and advocates through targeted conversation and customer service management. We work with themto generate genuine branded content. Influencer engagement is the perfect vehicle for your much desired amplification. We believe social media is the greatest word-of-mouth engine ever created.
  4. 4. MEASUREMENT & MONITORING Social Assets are a great medium to foster engagement with your desired audience and learn their needs and market trends. In todays world of social media, a user is more likely to click on a negative search result which can trigger a chain of unfavorable events. Negative conversations and engagement goes viral and pose a big threat to the product and the brands. Apart from this, a thousands of conversations happen about your brand/product on the social media. Algorithm provides comprehensive tools to listen, track and participate in these conversations. Our team works in real-time and closely monitors these activities on your social assets. The team closely tracks the tone of any conversation, its origin and the users engaged in it. Analysts at Algorithm not just create reports. They set goals and deliver custom-designed reports for each client that helps them to see what’s needed to meet those goals.
  5. 5. ALGORITHM DIGITAL Now more than ever, it’s become critical for businesses to rethink their marketing strategies and customer interactions. The digital age is generating new and different customer touch points that if properly targeted, create highly personalized user experiences. At ALGORITHM we are changing the way our clients engage and interact with their customers. Simply stated, we create digital marketing strategies that translate to your bottom line. DIGITAL ALGORITHM HELPS BUSINESSES REDEFINE HOW THEY SERVE CONNECTED CUSTOMERS AND OPERATE CONNECTED ENTERPRISES.
  6. 6. Helping your business define, locate, and contact customers is our specialty. However, we go one step beyond that. At ALGORITHM we help you gain a competitive advantage by helping you develop a granular understanding of who your customers are, what they buy, which channels they prefer, and how they respond to changes in price and promotion. With this data in hand, we then set in place the technologies, processes, and campaigns to target these customers in their way, and on their time. We call this: The Digital Customer Experience. DIGITAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE
  7. 7. Build on a solid foundation of digital and industry expertise, our team supports every phase of the digital journey. From product portfolio optimization to business intelligence to customer-centric dialog management and more, ALGORITHM offers the tested analytics and capabilities to help clients achieve true marketing transformation. With the data analytics, insights, and services we offer, ALGORITHM has not only redefined how companies interact with clients, but more importantly defined today’s path to success in a digital world. Contact us today for expert solutions in the following areas: – Driving marketing operating efficiency – Identifying the most profitable opportunities – Developing compelling, profitable, and new offers – Creating engaging customer interactions in the right channels, at the right time.
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