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Presentation on Infosys


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Presentation on Infosys

  2. 2. Nagavara Ramarao Narayana Murthy
  3. 3. WHO IS MURTHY Nagavara Ramarao Narayana Murthy, better known as N. R. Narayana Murthy, is an Indian businessman and co-founder of INFOSYS. He is a living legend and an epitome of the fact that honesty, transparency, and moral integrity are not at variance with business acumen. He set new standards in corporate governance and morality when he stepped down as the Executive Chairman of Infosys at the age of 60 . Born in MYSORE, KARNATAKA on 20 August 1946. Murthy graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING , UNIVERSITY OF MYSORE in 1967. He received his masters degree from IIT KANPUR in 1969. Murthys first job position was at IIM AHMEDABAD, where he worked as the chief systems programmer.
  4. 4. •After IIM AHMEDABAD, he started a company named Softronicsin 1976.When that company failed, he joined PATNI COMPUTERSYSTEMS in PUNE.•After settling down in Pune , Murthy founded INFOSYS in1981 with an initial capital injection of Rs 10,000, which wasinvested by his wife SUDHA MURTHY.• Sudha Murthy is an Indian social worker and author. She beganher professional career as a computer scientist and engineer. She isthe chairperson of the INFOSYS FOUNDATION.• Apart from giving new route to IT industry in India , he is alsoknown for his simplicity.• He believes in sharing wealth with needy people.•The more he gets, the more he shares. In the year 1991 whenIndian doors for liberalization where left open, he got hold of thisopportunity and then never turned back.•NARAYANA Murthy served as the CEO of Infosys for 21 years.
  5. 5. • Murthy serves as an independent director on the corporateboards of HSBC and has served as a director on the boardsof DBS bank , UNILEVER , ICICI and NDTV.•He also serves as a member of the advisory boards and councilsof several educational and philanthropic institutions.•He has also served on the boards of Cornell University,Singapore Management University, INSEAD (Paris), WhartonSchool and the Graduate School of Business at StanfordUniversity.•He is also the Chairman of the Governing board of PUBLICHEALTH FOUNDATION OF INDIA .• He also serves on the Asia Pacific Advisory Board of BRITISHTELECOMMUNICATION.•Mr. Murthy was listed as one among the “12 greatestentrepreneurs of our time” by the Fortune magazine in 2012.•The Economist ranked him among the ten most-admired globalbusiness leaders in 2005.
  6. 6. •He has been awarded the PADMA VIBHUSHAN by theGovernment of India. .• He is the first Indian winner of ERNST AND YOUNG’SWorld Entrepreneur of the year award.• He is the first Indian winner of Ernst and Young’s WorldEntrepreneur of the year award.•He has appeared in the rankings of businessmen and innovatorspublished by Business Week, Time, CNN, Fortune, India Today,Business Standard, Forbes and Financial Times.•He was awarded the 2012 Hoover Medal and the James C.Morgan Global Humanitarian Award 2012 by The Tech Museum,California.•He received the 2007 Ernst Weber Medal from the Institute ofElectrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), USA .•He has about 25 honorary doctorates from universities in Indiaand abroad.
  7. 7. INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIESLIMITED Infosys Technologies Limited is an Indian multinational provider of business consulting, technology, engineering, and outsourcing services. It is headquartered in BANGALORE ,KARNATAKA. Infosys is the third largest INDIA based IT COMPANY by 2012 revenues. Of this revenue, the majority comes from international business. In 2009, Infosys collected 1.2% of its income from the domestic Indian market. There are 155629 employees worked in infosys (2012).
  8. 8. •Infosys design and deliver IT – enabled business solutionsthat help global 2000 companies become “TOMMOROW’SENTERPRISES”.•There solution focus on providing strategic differentiationand operational superiority to clients.•It offerings span business and technology consulting ,application services , systems integration, productengineering , custom software development maintenance ,re-engineering independent testing and validation services ,ITinfrastructure services and business process outsourcing(BPO).•It helps their clients in strategic transformation , efficientoperation and enhance innovation.
  10. 10. 30 Lessons from life andcareer of NR NaraynaMurthy-
  11. 11. You might fail, but get started-Learn from mistakes and move on. Think Big. Dont Hesitate to Start Small-In 1981, a determined Murthy started Infosys with Rs 10,000 he borrowed from his wife. In few years, Infosys went on to become one of the largest wealth creators in the country..
  12. 12. Trust in God, But Verify with Data- In God we trust, the rest must come with data, is perhaps Murthys favourite statement. When confronted with difficult decisions, he tends to rely on data. Keep the FaithInfosys almost wound up in 1990. Murthy did not want to sell the company. He asked co-founders if they wanted out and offered to buy their shares. All of them stuck together.
  13. 13. Treat your People Good, but YourBest Better -Murthy always had a thing for good performers. Andhe rewarded them well. When Infosys decided togive its employees stock options, Murthy insisted thatsome shares be given to good performers throughthe Chairmans quota.Founders Keepers, but Not ForeverMurthys decision do not allow founders to continue with thecompany after the age of 65 set another standard for thecompany. This way, younger leaders at Infosys had a greaterchance at the top positions.
  14. 14.  Talent Spotting and Division of Labour -Murthy is known to have an eye for talent and a talent for dividing labour. Nandan was given sales responsibilities while Kris and Shibu did the tech stuff. N S Raghavan was asked to handle people and Dinesh was assigned quality. Hold on to Your People but dont ClingLetting go is never easy but its not good to cling on to your colleagues either. Amongst the founders, Ashok Arora, Nandan Nilekani and K Dinesh have quit Infosys. Infy veteran Mohandas Pai has also left Infosys.
  16. 16. T.VMOHANDAS PAI (Director) T.V. Mohandas Pai is currently the Chairman of Manipal Global Education Services. Previously, he was a Member of the Board of Directors of Infosys. Head – Administration, Education and Research, Financial, Human Resources, and Infosys Leadership Institute. The man himself says that he needs to take up new opportunities. QUIT IN APRIL 2011
  17. 17. SUBHASH DHAR (SVP & EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEMBER) Subhash is founder and CEO of EnterpriseNube. He brings with him vast experience in sales, marketing and business development functions from his over 14 year stint at Infosys, a leading global firm in IT Services & Consulting. He was also a Member of Infosys Executive Council and ran the industry business unit for Communication, Media & Entertainment, one of top revenue units for Infosys. Looking at a start-up, of becoming
  18. 18. S.VAITHEESWARAN (Vice President) S. Vaitheeswaran has been appointed as the chief executive officer of Manipal Universal Learning (MUL). He was the director and COO of Eicher International before he joined Infosys. Vaitheeswaran has 30 years of experience in the areas of sales and marketing, supply chain management, operations and global marketing. quit the company to join Manipal Universal Learning (MUL) as the chief operating officer. QUIT IN AUGUST 2011
  19. 19. RITESH IDNANI (Senior Vice President) Joined ISGN as a CEO. Intelligent Solutions. Getting Noticed An MBA in finance and marketing from Delhi University, Idnani was considered one of the rising stars. It is believed that he might have decided to move on owing to differences with some key people in the top management. QUIT IN MAY 2012
  20. 20. SHAJI FAROOQ (Senior Vice President) Farooq had been associated with Infosys for the last ten years. He was the head of financial services (consulting) in the US. Shaji Farooq has been in Infosys for the last ten years and has over 20 years of industry experience. Farooqs exit is the latest in a series of senior-level exits at Infosys in the last one year. QUIT IN AUGUST 2012
  21. 21. How TCS left Infosys in the dustThe battle has been won and it is nosurprise that TCS has emerged as theunquestioned lord of the Indian IT industry.TCS, India’s largest software exporter,reported better than expected numbers forthe June 2012 quarter. First post decided todo a sales, net profit and share pricecomparison of the two companies – Infosysvs TCS. Listed below are the results:-
  22. 22. Chart 1 1. Chart one highlights the sales comparison of Infosys and TCS. If we look at the compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenues, TCS has grown by 6.06 percent each quarter, higher than the 4.15 percent growth of Infosys in the last eight quarters.
  23. 23. Chart 2 1. The second charts highlights the bottom-line performance of the two companies. For the current quarter, TCS reported slightly better than expected numbers for the June 2012 quarter against the disappointing numbers by rival Infosys. Over the last eight quarters, TCS has outperformed Infosys in terms of CAGR as its net profit grew by 5.12 percent compared to the 3.5 percent growth clocked by Infosys.
  24. 24. Chart3 1. The market has noted this divergence. The last chart highlights the stock performance of the companies. Well, here it is no surprise as the stock of TCS has clearly outperformed its rival Infosys as it has risen by 44 percent over the last eight quarters compared to the 19 percent fall in Infosys shares during the same period.
  25. 25. 1993In its IPO , INFOSYS issued shares atRs 95 each , with a face value of Rs 10.1 share= Rs 95
  26. 26. 1994Bonus issue of 1 share for every shareheld. The share price was Rs 650 onAugust 19 , 1994 .2 shares= Rs 1300
  27. 27. 1997Bonus issue of 1 share for every share held.The share price was Rs 1184 on August19 , 1997.4 shares= Rs 4376
  28. 28. 1999(January)Bonus issue of 1 share for every shareheld. So 1 share bought in the IPO wasnow 8 shares . The share price onfebruary 8, 1999 was Rs 2370.8 shares = Rs 18,960
  29. 29. 1999(November)Stock split – every share held was spiltinto two . So 8 shares were split into 16.The share price on January 24 2000was Rs175016 shares =Rs 1,14,400
  30. 30. 2004Bonus issue of 1 share for every 3shares . For 16 shares , 5 bonus shareswere issued. The stock price on July 1,2004, was Rs 140921 shares = Rs 29,589
  31. 31. 2006Bonus issue of 1 share for every shareheld. So for 21 shares, 21 bonus shareswere issued .The share price on July13, 2006 was Rs 168042 shares = Rs 70,560
  32. 32. 2013One share purchased in 1993was now42 shares , and the stock price onjanuary 24, 2013 was Rs 2,797.42 shares= Rs 1,17,474
  33. 33. THANK YOU