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  1. 1.
  2. 2. Logistics Management Solutions
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION An Overview About Us
  4. 4. Contact Us E: P: 080 2217 9700/76/78 Introduction About Us • telematics4u is one of the world’s leading Telematics service providers with presence in 55+ countries across the world • Adding value to the operations of over 2000 end customers • Supporting over 25000 vehicles globally on a state-of-the-art technology platform • ISO 27001 certified operations management • Founded & managed by a group of highly experienced and respected professionals Management Team • Strong management team with significant industry expertise • Team intimately understands the nuances, realities and objectives of Telematics business • Pursuing Telematics technology domain from past decade plus and executed many projects together across the globe
  5. 5. Contact Us E: P: 080 2217 9700/76/78 Introduction Telematics4u Affiliations
  6. 6. Contact Us E: P: 080 2217 9700/76/78 Introduction Our Global Presence T4u in 55+ countries & growing!!!
  7. 7. Contact Us E: P: 080 2217 9700/76/78 Introduction Our PAN-India Presence Present in 16 states and 58 locations in India
  8. 8. Contact Us E: P: 080 2217 9700/76/78 • Consultative solution centric approach to problem understanding and solving • In-depth understanding of Water distribution operations • Robust technology platform open to mass customization • Proven ability implement projects of gigantic scale • Experience and ability to interface with existing ERP systems Introduction Our Strengths and Capabilities
  9. 9. •Where is my Vehicle/s •Will he reach destination in time •Has all the customers been covered •How fast is my Driver driving •Did the vehicle travel in the assigned route •When will a vehicle come back to plan (ETA) Logistics Distribution Solution Challenges faced
  10. 10. • To enable your company to have real-time visibility about your water distribution vehicles • To improve the distribution efficiency • Aim towards Safety and Customer Satisfaction • To reduce the transit time loss thereby increasing the trip efficiency • To find out the vehicle performance in transit • To focus on driver driving behaviors patterns and provide adequate feedback / training to drivers using monitored data • To Monitor the scheduled route and delivery times to avoid customer dissatisfaction Logistics Distribution Solution Objectives of the Services
  11. 11. Contact Us E: P: 080 2217 9700/76/78 Logistics Distribution Solution Solution Overview Water Distribution Real-time visibility Planned Schedule Route Adherence Hub arrival , detention & departure info Exception Alerts Driver Performance Fuel Monitoring MIS & Analysis
  12. 12. • Tracking & Monitoring • Real Time • History Analysis • Alerts • Speed Violation • Distress • Customized Mapping Features • Fleet Maintenance Services • Route deviation & Schedule monitoring • Fuel Monitoring • Scheduling Monitoring • Reports & Business Analytics • Activity Reports • Operations Report • Planned Trip Report • Hub Transition Report • Hub Arrival & Departure Report • Exception Report • Stop Report • Speed Graph • 24 Hr Distance Report in Specified Time band • 24 Hr Travel Graph Logistics Distribution Solution Monitoring & Control Features
  13. 13. Geo- Reference features • It For Distribution Vehicles we will create landmarks of pickups and Distribution Points. Route Planning Feature For Planned Trip • It will help company to Plan the Route and the trips on day to day basis. • Company can define the routes and associate vehicle and retail outlets to every route. • It will help company to monitor the trips and find out deviations from the planned trip. Time Scheduling Adherence • Executive Dashboard to monitor On schedule Vehicles & Behind Schedule Vehicles Logistics Distribution Solution Features and Functionalities
  14. 14. Fuel Monitoring Fuel Decision Assistance System, Fuel Pilferage report, Refuel Report Operational Activity Analysis Operations Hour Report, Vehicle Activity Report, Action Summary Report Total number of stops made by the vehicle Activity report shall be provided Exception of stops on basis of time duration We shall provide stop exception report and alert for stoppage more than 1hr. (programmable) at any give location in the scheduled route. Point of Interest identified by Mineral Water Company as Factory, Clients place, Major clients, etc., We shall provide tool to insert new landmarks. Logistics Distribution Solution Features and Functionalities
  15. 15. Logistics Distribution Solution Multiple Map Options
  16. 16. Contact Us E: P: 080 2217 9700/76/78 Logistics Distribution Solution Live Vision: Real-time visibility
  17. 17. Contact Us E: P: 080 2217 9700/76/78 History Analysis
  18. 18. Contact Us E: P: 080 2217 9700/76/78 Logistics Distribution Solution Value Proposition • Effective Management & Monitoring the movement of vehicles • Monitor & Control misuse of Vehicles • Monitor and Control route violations and schedule keep up • Enhance Customer Service • Exceptions Alerts incase of breaching the defined Routes, Stoppages & Over Speeding, Excess Idling of Vehicles. • Monitor and effectively optimize Hub Arrival / Departure / Detention • Reductions in operating expenses
  19. 19. Contact Us E: P: 080 2217 9700/76/78 Dash Board For time Adherence
  20. 20. Contact Us E: P: 080 2217 9700/76/78 Planned Trip Report
  21. 21. Contact Us E: P: 080 2217 9700/76/78 Operations Report We will provide Operational Hour report ,Activity Report and Action Summary Report. It will help to Monitor Operational Activities on day to day Basis
  22. 22. Contact Us E: P: 080 2217 9700/76/78 • Optimize Asset Utilization and Enhance Revenue – Improve Turn Around Time – Optimization of operation cost – Reduce Vehicle Detention • Enhance Customer Satisfaction – Online Status of the moving Assets on Finger Tips • Enhanced Control Over Operations • Interface with clients Operations management system if required. Value Proposition
  23. 23. THANK YOU