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goPRS Suite of Software


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This is a part of a presentation I usually give to Member States and other development agencies on goPRS suite of software (, a set of 5 software on public procurement corruption prevention...Ready to provide further details if needed. We need to curb corruption...

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goPRS Suite of Software

  1. 1. Tackling corruption at its source Alain Nkoyock, PhD, Chief, Corporate Networks Unit, ITS, UNOV/UNODC Shadi Al Abani, Systems Development Specialist, Team Leader, ITS, UNOV/UNODC Julia P. Davis, JD, Director, Center for Public Procurement Law & Policy, ILI (U.S.) 15 July 2013 1 1
  2. 2. goPRS Suite of Software 2
  3. 3. goPRS Enterprise • Enhances the ability of BPP to monitor individual procurements and review specific contract awards which fall above prior review thresholds. • Increases the efficiency of the procurement process in terms of both time and money and ensures that each procurement action follows the principles of accountability, fairness, transparency, and equality. • Applies workflow logic to standardize the processes and tasks within BPP. 3
  4. 4. goPRS Enterprise • Automates task assignment for all processes and track progress. • Integrates various useful tools: commodity pricing catalogue, vendor database, MDAs database, and projects database. 4
  5. 5. goPRS Web • Request collection software that allows procuring entities to submit requests for approval to the regulatory authority to undertake a procurement action. • Ensures that files submitted to the regulatory authority for approval are complete and comply with legal requirements. • Standardization increases the efficiency of the procurement process in both time and money and ensures that each procurement complies with the BPP Act 2007. 5
  6. 6. goPRS Web - Performance Monitoring & Evaluation Module • Available for the Advisor of the President. 6
  7. 7. goPRS Intelligence • There are various types of Offences in PP sphere: 1) Collusion, unlawful influence, undue interest, favour, fraudulent agreement, bribery or corruption; 2) Directly or indirectly or attempting to influence the procurement process to obtain an unfair advantage in the award of a contract; 3) Splitting of tenders to enable evasion of monetary thresholds set. •Evidence-based tool (different from anecdotal-based) that collects and analyzes data to detect suspicious actions and patterns that indicate possible corruption and to provide more solid and actionable indicators of fraud and corruption method •Gathers data and knowledge of corruption patterns and modalities in procurement by focusing on understanding a procurement entity's actual experience of corruption and the areas it is vulnerable to corruption. 7
  8. 8. goPRS Learn • Provides online education opportunities to procurement officials and employees. • Includes web-based training through virtual classrooms with asynchronous feedback of participants. • With this online learning environment, there is shift from teacher-directed lessons to include discussions that emphasize student participation on public procurement processes • The goPRS Learn platform will be used in BPP training centers. 8
  9. 9. goPRS eGP • Electronic government procurement (eGP) refers to the conduct of procurement through ICT • Provides comprehensive up-to-date data on expenditures and activities to be used as the basis for informed business decisions. • automatically ensures compliance with procedural and substantive standards and provides a simultaneous ready-for-audit record of all purchasing. • identifies deviations and patterns of activities that indicate risks of fraud and corruption and decreases opportunities for collusion by reducing the number of human contacts. • Provides the means for wide spread introduction of standard bidding documents including standard forms of contracts to establish uniformity in the bidding process. • An advertising space for government agencies for requests of proposals, invitations for bids and requests for quotations. 9
  10. 10. goPRS Main Features (1/3) • Oversight: – enhance the ability of BPP to oversee and monitor individual procurements and to review specific contract awards which fall above prior review thresholds (the issue of cumulative contracts needs to be borne in mind i.e. where framework agreements are used) – increase the efficiency of the procurement process in terms of both time and money and to ensure that each procurement follows the PPA 2007 principles of accountability, fairness, transparency and equality 10
  11. 11. goPRS Main Features (2/3) • Management and Monitoring: – organize data and information to provide MDAs with the information needed to better manage the procurement process as a whole. – By identifying inefficiencies, gaps and redundancies in procurement procedures, efficiencies in both time and money can be achieved. – Importantly, MDAs will be able to reference pricing data and access information on the eligibility and qualifications of specific bidders. 11
  12. 12. goPRS Main Features (3/3) • Prevention and detection: – gather data and knowledge of corruption patterns and modalities in procurement by focusing on understanding the actual experience of corruption, its forms and the areas of vulnerabilities. – goPRS is an evidence-based tool that collects and analyzes data on patterns of unexpected prices or other information to provide more solid and actionable evidence of possible corruption and its nature. – The goal of goPRS is not to simply score or rank, but rather to produce information for analysis, management and decision-making to obtain greater value for money and to deter fraud and corruption. 12
  13. 13. Take Away 1: Main Features of goPRS suite of Software • goPRS is a fully integrated software designed specifically to: – Improve BPP’s internal review and monitoring of the procurement approval process – Reduce human interaction and personal contacts between procurement officials (MDAs) and BPP staff – Kick-off oversight on budget appropriations versus reported procurement actions – Manage and publish procurement-related information (vendors database, prices lists) to assist suppliers in preparing their best offers and governments in assessing them to support the procurement process. 13
  14. 14. Take away 2: Potential Benefits of goPRS • Transparency, participation and competition: – publishing the rules of the system allow more relevant information to be made available at reasonable cost than previously; it can give better market access as the market is opened up to entrants that might not otherwise participate • Enhanced administrative efficiency (time and costs) • Process efficiencies with the development of the workflow 14
  15. 15. Take away 3: Potential Benefits of goPRS • Supporting integrity and preventing corruption: – Reducing human interaction and the personal contacts between procurement officials and BPP that can give rise to bribery opportunities – A more strategic approach to procurement: using data gathered through goPRS to allow performance to be guided by information and analyses (comparison of budget appropriations and procurement actions, performance of MDAs and procurement officials, etc.) – Traceability – i.e. records of each procurement process – gives the ability to monitor, evaluate and improve not only individual procurement procedures but overall system performance and trends, and to detect and prevent corruption. 15