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Las vegas

  1. 1. LAS VEGAS<br />ANKIT SOOD<br />13th Feb,2011 to 17th Feb,2011<br />1.) AIR FARE<br />From Amritsar to Delhi by Air:-<br />Departure Time:- 10:10pm <br />Flight No:- Air India 187<br />From Delhi to Chicago<br />Departure Time:- 1:05am <br />Flight No:- Air India 127<br />From Chicago to Las Vegas<br />Departure Time:- 12:45pm<br />Flight No:- American Airlines 1715<br />RETURN<br />From Las Vegas to Chicago by Air:-<br />Departure Time:- 6:20am <br />Flight No:- US Airways 6243<br />From Chicago to Delhi<br />Departure Time:- 2:45pm <br />Flight No:- Air India 126<br />From Delhi to Amritsar<br />Departure Time:- 7:00pm<br />Arrival Time:- 7:50 pm<br />Flight No:- Air India 638<br />TOTAL EXPENDITURE OF THIS TRIP:-<br />Rs. 62990 including tax per person.<br />Leave Sun, Feb 13Air India 187 Depart: 10:10pm Arrive: 11:00pm Amritsar, India (ATQ)Delhi, India (DEL) <br />2 stops   <br />Economy <br />50min <br />Airbus A321 <br />Change planes. Time between flights: 2hr 5min<br />Air India 127 Depart: 1:05am Arrive: 6:00am Delhi, India (DEL)Chicago, IL (ORD) <br />  <br />Economy <br />16hr 25min <br />Boeing 777 <br />Change Airline. Time between flights: 6hr 45min<br />American Airlines 1715 Depart: 12:45pm Arrive: 2:45pm Chicago, IL (ORD)Las Vegas, NV (LAS) <br />  <br />Economy <br />4hr 0min <br />Boeing 737 <br />View seats <br />Total duration: 30hr 5min <br />This is an overnight flight.<br />Choose this return <br />Return Thu, Feb 17US Airways 6243 operated by United Airlines -- UA 0394 Depart: 6:20am Arrive: 11:56am Las Vegas, NV (LAS)Chicago, IL (ORD) <br />2 stops   <br />Economy <br />3hr 36min <br />Airbus A320 <br />View seats <br />Change Airline. Time between flights: 2hr 49min<br />Air India 126 Depart: 2:45pm Arrive: 5:00pm Chicago, IL (ORD)Delhi, India (DEL) <br />  <br />Economy <br />14hr 45min <br />Boeing 777 <br />Change planes. Time between flights: 2hr 0min<br />Air India 638 Depart: 7:00pm Arrive: 7:50pm Delhi, India (DEL)Amritsar, India (ATQ) <br />  <br />Economy <br />50min <br />Airbus A321 <br />Total duration: 24hr 0min <br />This is an overnight flight.<br />2.) HOTEL RENTALS<br />Sahara Hotel and Casino Las Vegas <br />Average nightly rate Room description$100.00 $90 per night Standard Room - 2 double bed or 1 king bedThe price displayed includes these offers. 35% off 2 plus nights! Price Assurance<br /> <br />WHICH TOTALS TO - $ 90*3 = $270 = Rs. 12150<br />3.) CAR ON RENT = <br />3 Review car rental cost <br />Base rate$59.76 4 days @ $14.94/dayTaxes and fees $23.94 Total car rental estimate$83.70 USD  Amount due now $0.00 USD Amount due at pick-upBase rate and taxes and fees . $83.70 USD Mileage and ratesunlimited mileage Daily rate:$14.94 USDExtra hour:$4.98 USDExtra day:$14.94 USDMinimum rental:4 daysMaximum rental:5 days<br />In Indian currency:- Rs 3765<br />4.)How to get around in Las Vegas<br />1<br />Airport Shuttles: Airport shuttles are a very economical way to travel to/from McCarran International Airport. Service to all strip and downtown hotels normally cost less then $10 and they run 24/7.The drawback to Shuttle buses is that they will typically wait for the bus to be full before leaving and may stop at many other hotels first which means it can take up to an hour to get to your hotel.<br />2<br />  <br />Las Vegas show girls<br />Free Shuttles:Many hotels offer free Shuttle buses to various off strip hotels and attractions, such as from Harrah's to Rio or Hard Rock to the strip. Check with your hotel to see what shuttles they offer and when/where they depart, many hotels have a policy requiring a room key from an affiliated casino.<br />3<br />  <br />The Las Vegas Monorail<br />Las Vegas Monorail: The Las Vegas Monorail takes you from one end of the Strip to the other with seven stops in total in just 15 minutes making it the fastest way to travel the length of the strip. Trains arrive every 5 to 12 minutes and cost $5 for a one way pass or $12 for an all day pass.The Monorail travels along the east side of the strip from Sahara to MGM, so you might end up walking anyway if you plan on visiting any attractions on the west side of the strip.<br />4<br />Las Vegas Trolley:The Las Vegas Strip Trolley travels along the strip corridor visiting most but not all major hotels and even some " off" strip hotels like the Silverton Hotel and the Hard Rock Hotel. Prices are $3 one way or $7 for an all day pass.The Trolley is one of the cheapest ways to catch a ride on the strip but What you get in savings you give up in time. The trolley is very slow having to make it's way through the various resort complexes and doesn't stop at all hotels so you may end up walking a ways to/from the closest stop.<br />5<br />  <br />The Deuce<br />The Deuce:Citizens Area Transit (CAT) is Las Vegas's public transit bus system, and runs the Deuce double-decker buses for travel on the strip. The Deuce stops at virtually every hotel and casino along the Las Vegas Strip and continues north to downtown and the Fremont Street Experience. Stops aremarked with signs or by bus shelters and buses typically arrive every 7-20 minutes depending on the time of day. Prices are $3 one way or $7 all access 24 hour pass.<br />6<br />Taxis:Sixteen taxicab companies service the Las Vegas valley, taxi stands are located at all major hotels and aremarked with signs in the downtown area. The meter starts at $3.30 and it's $2.40 per mile thereafter there is also a $1.80 charge on all fares originating at the airport. Most Taxis in Vegas take cash only, so make sure to hit the cash machine before you climb into a cab.<br />7<br />  <br />map of the strip<br />Rental cars: Like everything in Las Vegas, you have many options for renting a car. From your basic economy car that will run you about $30 a day to a 520 horsepower Lamborghini that will cost well over $1000 a day. McCarran airport has a centralized car rental and return services center where you can find all major car rental companies .The airport offers free shuttles that depart approximately every five minutes to the McCarran Rent-A-Car Center. Car rental companies not located at the McCarran Rent-A-Car Center will pick up customers there.<br />8<br />  <br />Las Vegas strip<br />Limousine:There are many Chauffeured limousine companies in Las Vegas who offer luxury transportation whenever and wherever you want to go. Prices range from $40 per hour for a basic Chauffeured sedan to over $100 per hour for a stretch SUV.<br />9<br />  <br />Las Vegas strip<br />Walking:Las Vegas is very pedestrian friendly, many hotels have built world famous attractions just for walk-in traffic. Many of these attractions you can only see by walking on the crowded Vegas sidewalks. That said the strip is over 4 miles long and can take a long time just to get from one mega resort to the next. The Hotels themselves are huge and you will undoubtedly be walking ALOT when you visit, I recommend some comfortable shoes and plenty of water if you plan on visiting during the summer months.<br /><br />5.) MEALS<br /> SO on an average my lunch and dinner will cost me around = $40 per day and breakfast $7<br />Taking $ 47 per day my expenditure on food would sum total to around= Rs. 6345<br />India Oven Restaurant<br />Description:<br />India Oven is conveniently located less than a block away from the major Strip casinos Stratosphere and Sahara and also less than 3 minutes from the Las Vegas Convention Center. We are open 7 days a week from 11:30 AM to 2 PM for lunch and from 5 PM to 10 PM for dinner. Plenty of convinient parking is available right outside the restaurant. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Traveler's Checks. For more information, please feel free to call (702) 366-0222. See you at the restaurant!<br />,viewmap/mapId,1/<br />SUMMARY OF TOTAL EXPENDITURE:-<br />S.NoDescriptionRates1Amritsar to delhi to las vegas (and Back)629902Hotel Charges121503Car on Rent37654Shopping 300005Meals6345TOTAL115250<br />