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Hrm hsbc (1)


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Hrm hsbc (1)

  2. 2. FUNCTIONAL AREAS OF HUMAN RESOURCE IN HSBC BANK The main functional areas or activities of human resource in HSBC bank are as follows:- Appropriate selection and identification of over all skills profile Investment in training and development Motivation and appraisal
  3. 3. • Finding the need of manpower in the company. Job Announcement (internally and externally).• Advertising for the position in media, journals andnewspapers.• Particular skills and knowledge required for the postare clearly mention.• Accepting the CVs and applications.• Monitoring all the applications and given interviewcalls to candidates having necessary skills andqualifications.• Selection process• Outcomes (Job offers, Rejection, Stand by applicanton hold)
  5. 5. POLICY OF PRE EMPLOYMENT CHECK Methods followed by HSBC Bank: Verification of Identity Confirmation of right to work in a country Criminal record Confirmation of Employment history Confirmation of Educational qualification
  6. 6. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT MODELS There are two models of HRM—Hard model and Soft model. Hard Model:- • Hard model is a method of extracting the maximum potentials from the employee for the benefit of the company. • Employees are considered as a tool of the organization to achieve its goals. • HSBC bank doesnt use hard model often. Soft Model:- • Soft model gives foremost consideration to the employee and try to develop the skills of the employee for the betterment of the organization. • Employee is motivated to achieve the goals of the organization. • Soft model is very relevant in the industries which requires innovative and creative works. • HSBC mainly follows this model of HRM.2/13/2013 HSBC_HRM_GROUP7 6
  7. 7. HUMAN RESOURSE PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT METHODSWorkforce Planning:-• Workforce planning is important as it indicates the need of staffs required for a particular task.• HR department prepare a chart indicating the time when the work should be finished and the amount of manpower required for the task• Finding the right person for the task will increase the productivity of the organization.Training And Development:-• HSBC bank have frequent development programmes to improve the performance of the employees rather than terminating them on their beginning stage due to poor performance.• It tries to develop the skills of current employees to deliver a better service to their clients.Recruiting Long Term Employees:-• HSBC recruit new employees for a long term so that the employee get skilled and experienced with the organization.• It monitor the status of the employee and give proper guidance if the employee is facing any problem.• It makes sure that the newly recruitment employees are looking for a stable position in the firm2/13/2013 HSBC_HRM_GROUP7 7
  8. 8. OBJECTIVES OF TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENTIndividual objective -• Individual objectives visions for the improvement of skills of the employee. By training the employee regarding the new technological inventions and changes in the market will enable the company to expand its business.• HSBC bank conducts frequent development programmes to the staffs to make them more market oriented and to let them know bout the latest changes in technology.Departmental objective –• In HSBC hr plays a vital role in the efficient run of all departments as it recruits and trains the right employee for the position.• In HSBC employee are known with the risks involved in the department and the human resource train them in such away that he can challenge all the risks and produce a better result for the department. 2/13/2013 HSBC_HRM_GROUP7 8
  9. 9. Benefit to the company -•Training employees and developing their skills company can aim for bigger goals.• Giving confidence to the employee and making the employees more committed to the organization, it can result in the performance of the company.• HSBC feels in developing a healthy competence among the employees company cangain more benefits and can result in good performance.Benefit to the society –• The organization is not only responsible for making an employee a good performer but also to make him meet the demands of the environment.• HSBC bank train the employee in such away they he will follow all the ethical rules ofthe society and deliver service as the society demands. 2/13/2013 HSBC_HRM_GROUP7 9
  10. 10. Motivation and appraisal:-• It will increase the confidence of the employee and make them more committed towards the organization.•HSBC bank rewards the employee with reward points ,incentives or gift to motivate the employee to achieve more goals.•The bank will give warnings and try to improve the performance of those employees whose performance is bad to avoid quick terminations. Evaluating the Performance:-• HSBC bank is always keen on performance evaluation of the staff to deliver a better service to its clients.•Organisation can allocate a reward programmed for the employees to enhance their performance. 2/13/2013 HSBC_HRM_GROUP7 10
  11. 11. Methods of Evaluating Performance Challenging their employee:•Always set challenges to employees and should measure how the employee is taking up the challenge. Bank monitor the quality of work and the time consumed to do the task.Making Specification criteria:-•HSBC will evaluate the performance of the employee not only with the goals achieved but by recognizing what the employee is capable of .•The company measures the employee in all aspects and it will be specific with each employee and try to develop the skill and knowledge in what the employee is good at. By doing so HSBC gains specialist workers for each department. 2/13/2013 HSBC_HRM_GROUP7 11
  12. 12. Preparing Time period:-• HSBC sets a particular time frame for all tasks and will monitor the staff .•The company can attain high performance and save quality time which is very important for the company.• Being time oriented the staffs knows the work and time period for finishing it. Feedback from colleague:-•The company will check the employees feedback from its colleague and that process is referred as 360 degree feedback.•The organization will collect the feedback from co workers, managers and all those who are associated with the employee in work.• These feedbacks will be considered while evaluating the performance of the employee. 2/13/2013 HSBC_HRM_GROUP7 12
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