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Civil Services Exam Tips, How To Prepare For Civil Services Exam

are you preparing for civil services exam then check here all study tips regarding civil services. Here you can find study tips, how to prepare for main exam , written paper and many more. UPSC conduct civil services exam.

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Civil Services Exam Tips, How To Prepare For Civil Services Exam

  1. 1. Civil Services Exam Tips Targeting Study Tips For Civil Services Exam
  2. 2. About Civil Service Exams. • Indian Civil Services as the backbone of India and carries great respect and responsibilities. • While comparing cooperate field jobs they gives higher salary and package but students prefer civil services
  3. 3. Civil Service Exams. • In India UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)conducts the Civil services exams. • In Civil Services mainly IAS, IPS services are includes. • If we talking about eligibility criteria then theses students pass out there graduate course they can apply for civil services.
  4. 4. Civil Service Exams Tips • Don’t worry about syllabus and paper pattern • Just go to requirement official advertisement you easily find your paper syllabus and exam pattern • So start study according syllabus
  5. 5. Civil Service Exams Study Tips • How To Study better? You all knows that civil services exam are very tough so start studying from today • Make study schedule daily 10 to 15 hours time for study.
  6. 6. Start From Today. • Be an active reader not passive. If you read every paragraph frequently then stop it. • Firstly read carefully then revise that what you read. • Solve some question related to your topic. • Don’t be in hurry you have lot of time so read every topic carefully.
  7. 7. Guidelines • Underlined important topics and points. • Also make notes for important topics like dates, current activity in G.K.
  8. 8. Tips For Good Marks. • If you join some competition classes then every day revise topic which you read in class • Also read next upcoming topic which will be discuss next day in class • Facing problem then taking help from your teacher and search study material on internet
  9. 9. • Stay Update with current general awareness. • In civil services exam G.K. question frequently asked so you can easily prepare for G.K. • Read current news paper daily • Also stay update with latest news from internet or television.
  10. 10. Find Better Place For Study
  11. 11. Don’t Study Like This
  12. 12. Avoid Things • Don’t Use cell phone , laptops and any gadgets at study time.
  13. 13. Ignore Social Media Access
  14. 14. Collect Study Stuff • Want to really got civil services then collect good study stuff. • Don’t read from single book. Try to collect notes from market, internet and coaching institutes • If you have more study stuff then easily read all topics
  15. 15. Collect All Study Stuff
  16. 16. Discipline is key of success • The key to success is desire discipline and routine study. • If you don’t regular in your study then never achieve your goal. • Check daily that you follow your study time table or not.
  17. 17. Solving Problems • Buy some unsolved question booklet • Start solving question on daily basis. • Try to understand that your each second important so don’t waste time • Solve question in rough paper and match answer if facing problem then consult your guide.
  18. 18. Avoid Stress • If you start study on daily basis so don’t worry you surely get success • Avoid stress at exam time.
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  20. 20. References • Want to more exam tips and study material click here. • You also check out your class results and board exam results here.