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PrestaShop OpenERP Connector


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This Brilliant Module will Connect Prestashop with Openerp and synchronize all of your catalog management , order management and customer management .

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PrestaShop OpenERP Connector

  1. 1. This Brilliant Module will Connect PrestaShop with OpenERP and synchronize all of your catalog management, order management and customer management.
  2. 2. 1 - Synchronize all the catalog categories to OPENERP 2 - Synchronize all the catalog products to OPENERP 3 - Synchronize all the sales order to OPENERP 4 - Synchronize all the store customers to OPENERP *This module works very well with latest version of PrestaShop 1.5 and latest version of OpenERP 7.
  3. 3. PrestaShop OpenERP Connector
  4. 4. Feel Free to contact us for any suggestion Support: Phone: (+91)120-457-4831 Web: