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Integrating Apache Wookie with AEM || AEM-Wookie Connector Tool


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AEM-Wookie Connector Tool is a tool for integration Adobe experience manager with Apache Wookie. Apache wookie is a Java server application for uploading and deploying ‘widgets’ in brief it is a widget container.

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Integrating Apache Wookie with AEM || AEM-Wookie Connector Tool

  1. 1. Integrating Apache Wookie with AEM Rima Mittal & Ankit Gubrani
  2. 2. Class Ankit_Gubrani extends AEMHubIntro { @Name(“Ankit Gubrani”); @Title(“Senior AEM Consultant”); @Email-ID(“”); @Twitter(“@ankitgubrani90”); @Linkedin(“”); @Blog(“”); @Website(; } Class Rima_Mittal extends AEMHubIntro { @Name(“Rima Mittal”); @Title(“Senior AEM Consultant”); @Email-ID(“”); @Twitter(“@rimamittal”); @Linkedin(“”); @Blog(“”); }
  3. 3. What is Apache Wookie? Introduction to Apache Wookie How Wookie works Download, Install and Run Wookie Wookie Widgets The OOTB features that make life simple! W3C widget architecture Apache Wookie widgets - What’s in Store AEM & Wookie – Why? Why have wookie inside AEM? Agenda Integrating Apache Wookie with AEM The AEM-Wookie Connector Tool Demo AEM-Wookie Connector Tool in action! Q&A Questions and Answers
  4. 4. What is Apache Wookie?
  5. 5. •A Java server application for uploading and deploying ‘widgets’ •A widget container •Wookie News – Project started at the University of Bolton, but was proposed and accepted as an incubator project by the Apache Software Foundation(ASF) in July 2009 – Latest version - 1.0.0 Introduction to Apache Wookie
  6. 6. How Wookie works?
  7. 7. How Wookie works?
  8. 8. How Wookie works?
  9. 9. How Wookie works?
  10. 10. How Wookie works?
  11. 11. How Wookie works?
  12. 12. •Download Wookie from the Wookie Download Page •Extract the TAR file •./ or startup.bat •Change the default key under WEB-INF/classes/keys •http://localhost:8080/wookie Download, Install & Run wookie
  13. 13. Wookie Widgets
  14. 14. •A small client side web application with limited functionality •Packaged in a way to allow a single download and installation •Based on the W3C widget specification •W3C widget specification is to propose a standard method for building and packaging widgets Wookie Widgets
  15. 15. W3C Widget - Architecture
  16. 16. Apache Wookie platform provides a number of OOTB W3C complaint widgets •Various OOTB widgets are: – Youtube – Twidget – Camera – Geolocation – Natter – Sharedraw – Simple Chat – Sudoku – Tada Apache Wookie Widgets - What’s in store
  17. 17. AEM & Wookie - Why?
  18. 18. •Reusability – Why re-write when you can re-use? – Widgets can be shared across different AEM instances •Wookie widget pool – Explore and use the OOTB widget pool Why wookie with AEM?
  19. 19. Integrating Apache Wookie with AEM
  20. 20. AEM-Wookie Connector Tool
  21. 21. •AEM Integration with Apache Wookie includes: – Installing connector bundle in the AEM instance – Setting the server configuration via service exposed by connector bundle – Using the REST API exposed by bundle for communicating with Wookie server via connector bundle AEM-Wookie Connector Tool - Approach
  22. 22. •Clone the AEM-Wookie Connector tool from AEM-Wookie Connector Tool Github •Build and Deploy – mvn clean install -PautoInstallPackage •Start Using! AEM-Wookie Connector Tool - Installation
  23. 23. AEM-Wookie Connector Tool - Configuration
  24. 24. AEM-Wookie Connector Tool - Usage
  25. 25. AEM-Wookie Connector Tool - Usage
  26. 26. Demo
  27. 27. Questions !
  28. 28. For more information contact: Rima Mittal Ankit Gubrani Thank you