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Mkt690 p4


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Mkt690 p4

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Mkt690 p4

  1. 1. “People want things that make their lives the way they wish they were” - J. Peterman
  2. 2. Do you pick your red peppers by feeling their bounce in your hands?
  3. 3. Do you smell the potatoes to check for that earthy scent?
  4. 4. Do you snap a green bean to know how firm and fresh it is?
  5. 5. Do you like to look your food in the eye?
  6. 6. Do you enjoy grocery shopping with your all your senses involved?
  7. 7. If the answer to all our questions is “Yes” then we have a marketplace just for you!
  8. 8. Presented by Marketing 690 Sales Management Spring 2016
  9. 9. •Our Mission •Location •Promotion •Pricing •Seasonal Calendar Talking Points
  10. 10. •RecruitingTenants •Rewards/Loyalty Programs •Satisfaction Guarantee •Other Services •MockWebpage Talking Points
  11. 11. Our Mission Bring a Marketplace with high quality food, product, entertainment, and commerce to New Bedford
  12. 12. Our Mission Meet the needs of local residents as a convenient and accessible food supply, eliminating some of the food deserts that exist in New Bedford
  13. 13. Our Mission Provide a vivid experience full of warm atmosphere, lively scene, and shopping experience to customers.
  14. 14. The Four Locations Mapped
  15. 15. New Bedford State Pier
  16. 16. New Bedford State Pier Pros Cons Relationships with tenants Limited Growth Contact with tourists Weather Align with branding Off site parking Parking shuttle No direct SRTA route Past Events Easy access to seafood suppliers
  17. 17. 114 Conway Street (Former Mill Store)
  18. 18. 114 Conway Street (Former Mill Store) Pros Cons Existing infrastructure PriceRite is next door Zoned for retail Building will have to be modified SRTA stop Inconveniently located parking Adjacent to highway Less appealing to tourists Unable to support outdoor market
  19. 19. 1331 Cove Road (Former Shaws)
  20. 20. 1331 Cove Road (Former Shaws) Pros Cons Existing infrastructure Stop & Shop, Price Rite, and Seabra Supermarket nearby Zoned for retail Unable to support outdoor market Ample parking SRTA stop nearby
  21. 21. 115-129 Union Street
  22. 22. 115-129 Union Street Pros Cons Historic Charm Hard to transport goods due to multiple levels Street Parking Needs to be ADA compliant SRTA is within 1 block No dedicated parking Restaurants nearby
  23. 23. • Stationary • Window Display or Office • Press Advertising • Radio • Television • Direct Mail Advertising
  24. 24. Advertising • Outdoors • Ambient • Cinemas • Online • Point of Sale • Directory Listings
  25. 25. Selling • Prospecting and Qualifying • Presentation • Handling Objections • Follow up
  26. 26. • Point of Purchase Display Materials • Sampling • Celebrity Appearances • Coupons Sales Promotions
  27. 27. • Lucky Draws • Loyalty Reward Programs • Competitions between Employees • Bonus Stock Sales Promotions
  28. 28. • Press Conferences • Presentation • Product Launches • Sponsorships Public Relations
  29. 29. Competitor Rental Pricing Location Rental Type Daily Month Annual Pocono Bazaar Indoor Booth $50 $250 Outdoor $50 $210 Toledo Farmers Market Booth $40 $400 Pike Place Waiting List 5+ Months Eastern Market WholeSale $1,155 Farmer(Include 300$ discount) $1,725 Farmer/Dealer $70 $2,025 Dealer $80 $2,250 Specialty $80 $3,500 All Vendors $30 $450 Food Trucks $140 Material Goods $40
  30. 30. New Bedford Marketplace Pricing Rental Type Daily Month Annual Farmer $30 $120 $1,200 Dealer $50 $130 $1,300 Specialty $60 $250 $2,800 All Vendors/Crafts $40 $75 $600 Food Trucks $100
  31. 31. Fruits FRUITS/MONTHS JAN FEB MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC Apples Blueberries Cantaloupes Cranberries Peaches Pears Raspberries Strawberries Watermelon
  32. 32. Fish FISH/MONTHS JAN FEB MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC Striped Bass Black Sea Bass Tautog Bluesfish Scup Weakfish Winter Flounder Summer Flounder
  33. 33. Fish FISH/MONTHS JAN FEB MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC Mackerel False Albacore Tunas Bonito Haddock Pollock Smelt Sharks (Blue and Shortfin Mako)
  34. 34. Fish: All year Availability FISH/MONTHS JAN FEB MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC Barramundi Hard shell clams American oyster Bay scallops Trout Cod Cusk Halibut
  35. 35. Fishing Season Calendar FISH/MONTHS JAN FEB MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC Bass Bluegill Catfish Peacocks Redear Specks Sunshines Excellent fishing Good fishing Some fishing
  36. 36. Initial Recruits • Preferred Locations • Discounted prices • Partial money back option • Discounted Membership
  37. 37. Thriving Marketplace • Application Process • Various Selection Criteria to Check Compatibility
  38. 38. Satisfaction Guarantee Customers can make reasonable returns to the market if they are unsatisfied
  39. 39. Satisfaction Guarantee The Marketplace will maintain a high standard of produce. If a vendor begins to lower his or her quality they will be flagged and warned
  40. 40. Satisfaction Guarantee Building Trust among customers and Guarantee high quality products are key factors.
  41. 41. Rewards/ Loyalty Programs • Discount on First Delivery/ Purchase • Point System • Tier based Rewards System • Delivery Rewards • Marketplace Merchandise Rewards • All-inclusive Offers
  42. 42. Other Services • Local Farm Experience • Restaurants and Catering • Café • Restaurant Delivery
  43. 43. Other Services • Customer Service Desk • Play Area • Car parking • Wheelchair Accessible
  44. 44. _____COOKBOOK_____ 150 SEASONAL RECIEPTS and stories that Celebrate Local Food and People MARKETS VENDORS PROGRAMS & EVENTS ABOUT US SHOP
  45. 45. WHATS FRESH? Carrot Salad Recipes Farm Fresh Strawberries! Early Season Bonito Fish
  46. 46. • Order for Pick Up • Check availability • Social Media: Tweet your order E-Commerce
  47. 47. Food Education Educate people about healthy eating, tips of picking the right food, and authentic recipes. “TIA SAY’S”
  48. 48. Meet our Super Group!
  49. 49. Meet our supportingTeam!
  50. 50. Meet our supportingTeam!