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Presentation of data collection for watch

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Art deco

  2. 2. BRIEF To design collection of watches inspired by Art Deco REDEFINED BRIEF ProductWatch ThemeArt Deco Target MarketGeographicAsia and Europe DemographicGenderMale, female Age25-35 Occupation- Corporate Psychographics - Status seekers, Values time, urban BehavioursConsistent updated and web users LifestyleFast lane MoodFormal
  3. 3. ART DECO •Art Deco is an eclectic artistic and design style that began in Paris in the 1920s and flourished internationally throughout the 1930s and into the World War II era. •The term art deco was employed in 1968 •Collaboration between artists of avant grade and designers. •The style influenced all areas of design, including architecture and interior design, industrial design, fashion and jewelry, as well as the visual arts such as painting, graphic arts and film.
  4. 4. COLOURS Art Deco era color palettes feature primarily cool colors. The overall tone of most of these color palettes is cooler, more metallic than the warm palettes of previous decades.
  5. 5. SOURCES AND INFLUENCES The structure of art deco is based on mathematical geom etric shapes. Art deco displayed stylized motifs and shapes borrowed from traditions, folk and ancient cultures and was strongly influenced by art of avant grade. Details of ancient dress fabric. Source- Art, Goût, Beauté: Feuillets d`Élégance Feminine", English edition; published by Éditions d'Art, printed by Imprimerie Spéciale des Succrs. d'Albert Godde, Bedin et Cie.; Paris, France, 1921–33. Hand beaded Lurex jacket with Egyption motifs Source- Paris, France, 1922-25. Museum no. T.91-1999
  6. 6. Art-deco design influences were expressed in the crystalline and faceted forms of decorative Cubism and Futurism. Other popular themes of art deco were • trapezoidal • zigzagged • Geometric • jumbled shapes Source m/doc/14015135/ArtDeco-History-andModern-Influence
  7. 7. DESIGNERS OF ART DECO PAUL POIRET The first fashion designer to embrace the ethos of Art Deco. The sources of his inspiration were innumerable, ranging from western historical styles to folk traditions and from avant grade art to ancient cultures.
  8. 8. CASSANDRE Cassandre was one of the great poster designer of the 20th Century. Cassandre’s illustrations helped romanticize the appeal of the motor car, locomotive and ocean liner. Often reduced subjects to silhouettes and geometric shapes. Believed in total integration of word and image. Data Source Image Source
  9. 9. ACCESSORIES 1930’s French Mahogany velvet chair Art deco 1920’s Watch Art deco enameled 1930’s nechpiece Art deco bag
  10. 10. PAINTINGS
  11. 11. ARCHITECTURE 1920s Toronto Sourcehttp://lookupl ookaround.w The art deco spire of the Chrysler Building in New York City, built 1928–1930 Sourcewww.wikipedia. com Cinema building inspired by Art Deco. Art Deco architectur e u Sourcewww.wikiped
  12. 12. WATCH A watch is a timepiece, typically worn either on the wrist or attached on a chain and carried in a pocket. Watches evolved in the 17th century from spring powered clocks, which appeared in the 15th century. Wristlets, as they were called, were reserved for women, and considered more of a passing fad than a serious timepiece.
  13. 13. In the nineteenth century, when soldiers discovered their usefulness during wartime situations. Pocket watches were clumsy to carry and thus difficult to operate while in combat. Therefore, soldiers fitted them into primitive “cupped” leather straps so they could be worn on the wrist. Lowly wristwatch, first adopted by military officers in the 1880s to replace awkward pocket watches.
  14. 14. In 1906, the evolution of wristlets took an even bigger step with the invention of the expandable flexible bracelet, as well as the introduction of wire loops. After the Great War, many soldiers returned home with watches so commen men accepted and started wearing it.
  15. 15. In the 1920s, better sealed cases were developed, including ones that were considered as water and dust proof. Shock resistant balance mechanisms were developed. 1920’s watch with sealed case
  16. 16. INFLUENCE OF ART DECO ON WATCH IN THE 1920S watches were swept away by the new geometrics that were also explored by Coco Chanel, the Chrysler building, Tamara de Lempicka.
  17. 17. MECHANISM OF WATCH Tang Buckle Fold over clasp Double locking clasp Fold over clasp with push button
  18. 18. CORPORATES Consumers driven by knowledge and principles are motivated primarily by ideals. These consumers include groups called Thinkers and Believers. ATTRIBUTES • Mature • Responsible • Active • Updated • Decent yet Eye catchy products they buy. • Contemporary
  19. 19. BRAINSTORMING Cubis m Bright and intense Colour s Fonts Shape s Simplifi ed forms Integra tion of image and words Geome tric forms Trapez oidal shapes Jazzy Zig zag lines ART DECO Stretch ed images
  20. 20. PRIMARY DATA Research plan Data source: Primary data Research approaches: Survey has been conducted to gather the primary data. Research instrument: Questionnaire Sample size- 52 26 men and 26 female
  21. 21. Synthesis of primary data Q1. You prefer watch as? 45.% 40.% 35.% 30.% 25.% 20.% 15.% 10.% 5.% 0.% 45% 40% 35% 25% 30% 25% Male Female Accessory Fashion statement Necessity In this question it is observed that the product watch is looked after as a necessity over an accessory and fashion statement. Although there is not much difference between the percentages still watch is seen as a necessity in case of both males and females.
  22. 22. Q2. Price range of watch you want to buy? 70.% 60.% 50.% 40.% 30.% 20.% 10.% 0.% 65% 44% 33% Male 19% 8% 5% Below 10,000 10,000 – 25,000 – 25,000 80,000 11% 5% Female Price doesn’t matter Observation Through the survey it is seen that 44% men and 19% women from corporate sector purchase watches between the price ranges of 10,00025,000 and 33% men and 65% women prefer to purchase watches of range below Rs 10,000. Very few want to purchase above Rs 25,000 and in case of 5% men and 11% women price of watch doesn’t matter.
  23. 23. Q3. Do you know about Art deco? 68% 70.% 65% 60.% 50.% 40.% 35% 32% Male Female 30.% 20.% 10.% 0.% Yes No It is observed that 68% corporate women and 35% men knew about art deco while 65% men from corporate sector are not aware of it. People who have some knowledge regarding art deco are interested to purchase a watch inspired by art deco style, on an average 50% people would like to try art deco style.
  24. 24. Q5. Do you prefer a cell phone over your watch for referring time? 66% 70.% 60% 60.% 50.% 40.% 40% 34% Male Female 30.% 20.% 10.% 0.% Yes No More than 60% people do prefer watch while 40% men and 34% women prefer cell phones over watch. This shows that the demand for the watch is prevailing more in the market.
  25. 25. Q6. What features do you consider while purchasing a watch? (Answers can be more than one option) 70.% 60.% 50.% 40.% 30.% 20.% 10.% 0.% 64% 26% 25% 16% 8% 32% 28% 23% 7%8% Male Female While purchasing a watch people go for design over all other features while next is for quality, thereby ignoring price which is just at 9% for men while 16 % for female. Warranty is at its minimum and brand image is a bit higher as compared to it. All this depicts that design and quality are the most important features for corporate clients
  26. 26. Q7. Which brand of watch you are currently using? Observation Most of the corporate men wear Titan watches followed by Tag Heur, Rado while female corporates have Titan, Sonata and Rolex watch.
  27. 27. Q8. What motivated you to make your purchase? 44% Self decision 60% 25% 20% Friends/ Family Banners 3% 0% Female Male 14% 10% Electronic media 11% 10% Newspaper 0.% 20.% 40.% 60.% 80.% This shows that the buying decision of a watch is not much affected by the promotional strategies of the company. In fact major 0f the population rely on their own when they think of making a purchase for a watch.
  28. 28. Q9. Which kind of watch movement you prefer? 59% 60.% 50.% 40% 40.% 30.% 20.% 35% 25% 25% Male Female 14% 10.% 0.% Chronograph Quartz Automatic Quartz watch is preferred by both men and women over chronograph and automatic watch. Females with 59% percent buy quartz watch while there is not much difference between the preference for chronograph and automatic watch in case of men.
  29. 29. Q10. Display you prefer in watch? 70.% 60.% 61% 57% 43% 39% 50.% 40.% Male Female 30.% 20.% 10.% 0.% Analog Digital It is observed that around 59% corporate prefer analog display in their watch and find it more comfortable and rest 41% corporate find digital display more comfortable.
  30. 30. Q11. Straps of which material you prefer? 59% 60.% 50.% 50% 41% 40.% 34% 26% 30.% 20.% 10.% Male Female 0% 0.% Leather straps Metal bands Rubber watch band It is observed that 59% men corporate prefer watches with metal bands while 41% like leather straps while no corporate men liked watches rubber watch band. In case of female corporate they prefer leather strap watches over metal band by 16% and 26% women like watches with rubber watch band.
  31. 31. Q12. Does publicity of watches affect your buying decision? 70.% 65% 65% 60.% 50.% 35% 35% 40.% 30.% Male Female 20.% 10.% 0.% Yes No In case of 65% men and women of corporate sector, publicity of watches affect buying decision while rest remain unaffected by publicity of watches.
  32. 32. Q13. How would you rate your watch on the basis of following features? (Rank on a scale of 1-5) 50.% 50% 44% 40% 36% 40.% 30.% 20.% 10.% 12% 7% 4% 0 7% 0 Male Female 0.% Design has got the highest rating by 50% men and 44% women, and then people gave the second priority to quality after which warranty followed by colour is preferred, leaving price at the end.
  33. 33. Q14. Which type of wrist watch you like to wear? Jewellery Multifunctional 7% 12% 15% Sports watch 8% 11% Fashion watch 25% 11% Classic/Standard Female Male 37% 27% 46% 0.% 10.% 20.% 30.% 40.% 50.%
  34. 34. BIBLIOGRAPHY S.No Information Source Visited on 1. DesignerCassandre Oct 3 2012 ds/!lectures/history/1925/ artdeco.html 2. Watch ki/Watch Oct 3 2012 3. Art Deco ki/Art_Deco Oct 3 2012 4. Art Deco paintings 5. Accessories Oct 4 2012 earch?q=art+deco+painti ng Oct 5 2012 Image source magyck/art-deco/
  35. 35. THANK YOU