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Rajshri content category descriptions

  1. 1. Rajshri Media Video Linked Categories(All categories go with a link to Rajshri Videos.) 1) Filmy Konnection: Based on ‘Block Buster Bollywood Movies.’ Posters of two Rajshri movies will be displayed and fans will be asked to discover the common link between them. OR
  2. 2. 2) English Vinglish: Based on ‘Super Hit Bollywood Songs’+ ‘Songs that appear in the ‘Recent Posts.’ English translations of a line from a Rajshri song will be given and fans will be asked to guess which Bollywood song is it? Example: Guess which song these words are from: “We are here at this moment, where tomorrow who knows?” Click on the link to find out! http://bit.ly/16lBrzB 3) Blast from the Past: Based on ‘Classic Golden Melodies.’ An interesting question will be asked, the answer to which will be present in the Rajshri video, and fans will have to view the video in order to answer the question correctly. 4) Line Maaro: Based on ‘Latest Comedy Movies.’ A funny conversation between two characters from a Rajshri comedy movie will be displayed. The dialogue of one character will be revealed while viewers will be asked to come up with quirky guesses for the other. 5) Picture Abhi Baaki Hai: Based on ‘All Time Hindi Hit Movies.’ Minimalistic posters of Rajshri ‘All Time Hindi Hit Movies’ will be displayed and viewers will have to guess which movie it is.
  3. 3. 6) Kahani Filmistan Ki Based on 100 Years Of Bollywood: The Bollywood milestones achieved from the time of its inception up until today. 7) Icons of Indian Cinema: Based on 100 Years Of Bollywood: A cinematic template will talk about the legends of Bollywood over the years and highlight their major contributions to Hindi cinema. Example: Creative Copy: Shashi Kapoor The First Chocolate Hero Of Bollywood His dialogue “Mere paas ma hai” is a cult in itself.
  4. 4. 8) Generic: Based on all Rajshri Videos This category will pick out the highlight of the most popular videos in order to entice the viewers to go check out the video. Non-Video Based Categories 1)Picture Perfect: 3 Bollywood titles in the form of Rajshri Movies will be given and fans will be asked as to suggest the title that fits thecharacter’s personality the best. 2) Tag Along: Actors of Rajshri movies will be depicted with trademark personalities. Fans will be asked to tag their friends and family closest to that character. 3) Yeh Ya Woh: This category will show a creative comparison of a Bollywood actor ‘Then and Now.’ It asks viewers to select which one they prefer more? Antakshari Based Categories: (All these categories will go with a link to the Antakshari App) 1) Gaanebaaz:
  5. 5. A popular Bollywood word will be selected as the word for the day, fans will have to come up with Bollywood songs that include that word. 2) Musicology: The category will give out trivia on songs from Rajshri movies. Interesting song related questions would be posed to the viewers with hints, prompting them to reply. 3) Aaj Mood Kya hai? A certain theme will be posted andthe viewers will have to give out songs based on that particular theme.