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Urban culture


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Urban culture

  1. 1. URBAN CULTURE. - Ankita.Baliga
  2. 2.  Urban culture- Any of the behavioral patterns of the various types of cities and urban areas, both past and present.  It is a medium through which people can share their expression of thought , feelings , talents and in the process educate others .
  3. 3. Representation of Urban Culture. Fashion- Art –
  4. 4.  Music-  Dance-
  5. 5. Urban Geography  Culture changes from place to place. With change in location comes change in the lifestyle .  Geographic locations play a very important role in building a culture .
  6. 6.  Ethnic street in Bordeaux- Ethnic street in India
  7. 7.  The world is not becoming identical and same rather it is in certain parts becoming alike.  Postmodern buildings, amusement parks, and cultural centers have become the most important visual images of many cities
  8. 8. Evolution of urban culture! 8]  A profound change has been seen in the cultural habits during recent decades through the recognition of the population as a unit within which adaptation takes place.  Ridley road in 1960 Ridley road in 2014
  9. 9. Modernization of Culture  In today’s modern world, urban culture refers to a city’s sense of fashion, music, and way of life. Types of modern urban culture are skateboarding, hip hop, and tattoo culture. As Gastman said, “Street culture knows no boundaries the world over. As it crosses the borders of urbanized centers, it begins to look a whole lot less like a set of fads or trends— and more and more like what it is: the essence of being human.”
  10. 10. Tattoo culture
  11. 11. Hip-hop!
  12. 12. Spray Painting  Spray painting is a major art in the modern world.  Graffities have become a very important form of art among the youth.
  13. 13. Graffiti
  14. 14.  Recent culture is more concerned with extroversion and out-going .
  15. 15.  Culture continues to evolve with time .
  16. 16. ThankYou . X)