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matrimonial lawyer in ludhiana


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Advocate Rajbir Singh Dhanda is the well known Lawyer of Ludhiana, who have a string of successful cases in his career.Rajbir Singh Dhanda is B.A. LL.B and expert in Criminal matters, Bail matters, Matrimonial matters. A seasoned professional with 15 years of exposure in different laws. An effective communicator with exceptional relationship management skills & adept at maintaining cordial business relations with legal counsels and other external agencies.

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matrimonial lawyer in ludhiana

  1. 1. Hire the Services of the Best Advocate in Ludhiana Be it a criminal case, property case, personal injury case, matrimony case or any other legal matter, you will need the help of an advocate. The legal processes are lengthy, cumbersome and confusing. You may not be able to handle the situation by yourself and the other party may take advantage of it. In such cases you should hire the service of an advocate in Ludhiana. Necessary Qualifications for Advocate in Ludhiana There are various law firms offering you numerous lawyers and advocates to fight your case. However they all may not be competent enough to handle the case. You should look for those who are able and experienced and these are the following points that will help you hire the best: They need to be effective speakers with good articulation and interpersonal skills. They should be able to understand the balance between listening to their clients and responding to them.
  2. 2. They should also inform them about the different course of action they can use and how they can find their own solutions. They should have an LLB degree with atleast a few years of experience of handling them efficiently. They should be sensitive to the issues of their clients and have patience when dealing with their queries. They should maintain the privacy of their clients. They should be certified to handle legal cases and should disclose all the information to their client and not withhold any.