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Role of manager

  1. 1. Presentation onPresentation onRole of ManagerRole of ManagerSubmitted bySubmitted byUMESH KUMARUMESH KUMARMIB PART – I 14MIB PART – I 14ththNov 2011Nov 2011UCCMS, UDAIPUR, RAJASTHANUCCMS, UDAIPUR, RAJASTHAN
  2. 2. ““We cannot do today’s job withWe cannot do today’s job withyesterday’s methods and be inyesterday’s methods and be inbusiness tomorrow”business tomorrow”--- Nelson Jackson--- Nelson Jackson
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTIONA ManagerA ManagerManager is a person who is elected by the TopManager is a person who is elected by the TopManagement and given a designation/post in theManagement and given a designation/post in theOrganization to the fulfill the goal and ObjectiveOrganization to the fulfill the goal and Objectiveof the Organization. He is instructed by the topof the Organization. He is instructed by the topmanagement to manage the activities (everymanagement to manage the activities (everyactivities of the Organization)activities of the Organization)
  4. 4. DEFINATIONDEFINATIONA ManagerA ManagerAny person who perform the functions ofAny person who perform the functions ofplanning, organizing, staffing, directing andplanning, organizing, staffing, directing andcontrolling for the accomplishment of Precontrolling for the accomplishment of Predetermined Organization goals is called asdetermined Organization goals is called asManager.Manager.Manager is not actually do the work but guideManager is not actually do the work but guideothers to do things correctly.others to do things correctly.
  5. 5. A Good Manager has…..A Good Manager has…..…… the capability to get people ofthe capability to get people ofordinary ability to perform in anordinary ability to perform in anextraordinary manner!extraordinary manner!
  6. 6. Role of ManagerRole of ManagerBy Henry MintzbergBy Henry MintzbergRole of ManagerInterpersonal RolesFigureheadLeaderLiaisonInformational RolesRecipientDisseminatorSpokesmanDecisional RolesEntrepreneurDisturbance HandlerResources AllocatorNegotiator
  7. 7. Interpersonal RolesInterpersonal Roles FigureheadFigureheadPerforms symbolic duties like signingPerforms symbolic duties like signinglegal documents, welcome to documents, welcome to visitors. LeaderLeaderMotivation and direction toMotivation and direction tosubordinates, training, counseling andsubordinates, training, counseling andcommunication with subordinates.communication with subordinates. LiaisonLiaisonInteraction with people both inside andInteraction with people both inside andoutside the Organization, use phonesoutside the Organization, use phonescalls, email and meetings.calls, email and meetings.
  8. 8. Informational RolesInformational Roles RecipientRecipientReceive information about changes,Receive information about changes,opportunities and problems that theopportunities and problems that theOrganization may face.Organization may face. DisseminatorDisseminatorForward information to subordinates,Forward information to subordinates,send memos and reports.send memos and reports. SpokesmanSpokesmanRepresent the Organization in publicRepresent the Organization in publicthrough speeches and reports.through speeches and reports.
  9. 9. Decisional RolesDecisional RolesEntrepreneurEntrepreneurIdentify new ideas and seek innovative methods toIdentify new ideas and seek innovative methods toimprove the performance of the Organizations.improve the performance of the Organizations.DisturbanceDisturbanceTake corrective action in case of disputes.Take corrective action in case of disputes.Resolve conflicts among subordinates.Resolve conflicts among subordinates.Resource AllocatorResource AllocatorAllocation of various resources like money,Allocation of various resources like money,material, time, scheduling, budgeting.material, time, scheduling, budgeting.NegotiatorNegotiatorNegotiate with other parties like customers,Negotiate with other parties like customers,suppliers and government.suppliers and government.
  10. 10. 5 Differences5 DifferencesWorkerWorker• Works aloneWorks alone• Does the workDoes the work• Like a player in the teamLike a player in the team• Is lead and ManagedIs lead and Managed• Responsibility:Responsibility:SingleSingleManagerManager• Works with othersWorks with others• DevelopsDevelopspeople/customerspeople/customers• Like a coach and aLike a coach and acounsel; Pitches in ascounsel; Pitches in asplayer when needed.player when needed.• Is the Leader/ManagerIs the Leader/Manageraccording to the conditionaccording to the condition• Responsibility : VariousResponsibility : Various
  11. 11. Key ResponsibilitiesKey Responsibilities Planning of workPlanning of work Proper and effective communicationProper and effective communication Getting co-operation of EmployeesGetting co-operation of Employees Encourages a team spiritEncourages a team spirit Better utilization of ResourcesBetter utilization of Resources Selecting the ProcedureSelecting the Procedure Maintaining good human relationsMaintaining good human relations Solve the ProblemsSolve the Problems Arrange training and development facilitiesArrange training and development facilities Decision MakingDecision Making Focus on Brands / New ProductsFocus on Brands / New Products Distribution Channel ManagementDistribution Channel Management Timely Reporting and FeedbackTimely Reporting and Feedback Developing Team MembersDeveloping Team Members Market DevelopmentMarket Development Market IntelligenceMarket Intelligence Strong Customer FocusStrong Customer Focus
  12. 12. Key Special QualitiesKey Special QualitiesDirectorDirectorMotivatorMotivatorHuman BeingHuman BeingGuideGuideFriendFriendPlannerPlannerSupervisorSupervisor
  13. 13. Functions of managerFunctions of managerPlanningOrganizingStaffingControllingDirecting
  14. 14. A Good Manager will…..A Good Manager will…..……always succeed in getting more output andalways succeed in getting more output andbetter results from his team membersbetter results from his team members……and they will deliver this willingly!and they will deliver this willingly!
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