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Ankeny Temporary Service Termination Policyx 5-13-09


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Ankeny Temporary Service Termination Policyx 5-13-09

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  2. 2. Ankeny Temporary Service Termination Policy Ankeny Temporary Services (ATS) expects every employee to adhere to the highest standards of the job performance and personal conduct, including individual outside involvement with Ankeny Temporary Service client business, accounts, and contacts. ATS reserves the right to terminate any employee for violating ATS policies, procedures, practices and rules of conduct. The following list is intended to provide a list of your expectations and Ankeny Temporary Services standards within the job assignment, clients, and within the office environment. However, it is inclusive of violations that can and will be result in automatic termination or any other action taken by Ankeny Temporary Services. Be aware that Ankeny Temporary Services retains all discretion, based upon the circumstances of each individual case, to determine the nature and extent of any violation and termination necessary as a result of any violation(s). • Verbal or physical abuse of employees or clients associated with ATS. • Endangering the well being or safety of employees or ATS clients. • Theft of embezzlement, acts involving dishonesty or breach of trust, such as fraud. • Possession, selling or use of illegal substances while on ATS premises’ or while on a job assignment. • Violation of the ATS Drug Free Workplace Policy. • Falsification of any ATS records including but not limited to time card. • Sharing proprietary information about ATS and client business information and discussing employee salaries or client contacts. • Bad mouthing ATS to clients, associates or anyone about ATS policies and procedures. • Abuse, destruction, waste or unauthorized use of equipment, facilities, materials, or programs with ATS and/or their clients. • Sleeping on duty. • Inappropriate demeanor with customers or other staff members at ATS, or their clients. • Failure to maintain a valid Driver License and own transportation. • Insubordination- refusing to follow directions of your Ankeny Temporary Services supervisor and/or your client assignment supervisor. • Failure to provide honest and accurate information to ATS or their clients. • Abusive or vulgar language. • Being in an unauthorized place in the building while on duty or a job assignment ATS or their clients’ facilities. • Prolonged lunches, or break periods. • Violations of employee and client confidentiality policies. • Unacceptable job performance.
  3. 3. • Failure to report an injury within four (4) hours of accident with witness, failure to go to Concentra for a post employment physical. • Altercations with any ATS employee, client employee, or client. • Failure to comply with regulatory requirement or safety rules and regulations. • Attempts to disrupt or undermine the business interest of Ankeny Temporary Services or to encourage other to do so. • Falsifications of recording time not worked. • Falsifying application or any other company records or documentation. • Any conduct on or off the job that in the sole discretion of Ankeny Temporary Services, believes will adversely affect the image of ATS. • Any sexual behaviors including but not limited to: repeated sexual flirtations, advances, or prepositions. Continued, repeated verbal abuse of sexual nature, sexually-rated comments and joking, graphic or degrading comments about an employee's appearance or displaying sexually Suggests is objects or pictures including cartoons or vulgar e-mail messages. Any uninvited sexual contact or touching such as patting, pinching, or repeated brushing again another's body. • Unless expressly proscribe by statue and contract, employment with ATS is "at will" all employees will be terminated at anytime without notification. Employees who are discharges will receive their last paycheck on the next regular payday certified mail only. • Not calling within (3) days after my job assignment ends, I understand my employee file will be deactivated “terminated” without notification. • Failure to keep your employee contact information up to date including but not limited to: Iowa Driver License your employment with ATS will automatically terminate without notification. DO NOT SIGN UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THE ABOVE STATEMENTS. I CERIFY I HAVE READ, FULLY UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT ALL TERMS OF THESE STATEMENTS ABOVE Signature of Employee: _______________________________________________________Date:______________ Street Address § Address 2 § Phone: 555.555.0125 § E-mail address