BNS: Monitising The Hotel Room


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Presentation given at IBM forum in Hong Kong, November 2009

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BNS: Monitising The Hotel Room

  1. 1. Monetizing the Hotel Room with New Technologies October 2009 © BNS Ltd, all rights reserved
  2. 2. The Dawn of a New Generation • Agents of Change: “Millennials” – Forcing transformation of communications and entertainment sectors, creating unprecedented implications for businesses – First generation to be raised on the Internet and is united across borders and cultures by their digital media preferences – 80% of Millennials are regularly searching, downloading and listening to music over the Internet – 73% are also regularly socializing online (via social networking sites, chat rooms or message boards) • Meeting Millenials’ needs means companies need to utilize effective technological solutions to aide in multi-platform distribution and value-add services © BNS Ltd, all rights reserved
  3. 3. Ready for the Next Generation Traveler? “There is now a segment of the population that is so comfortable with technology that it’s routine and expected in most areas of life – especially throughout the travel process.” • Emerging technology has re-shaped the attitudes and behavior of contemporary travelers • Highly educated, affluent • Active users of the latest computer, entertainment or consumer technology • Spend over 50% more on travel services annually than their less tech-savvy counterparts. PhoCusWright March 2008 NEXTgen Traveler survey of 2,559 adults © BNS Ltd, all rights reserved
  4. 4. …and what do they want? • “Technology is not only the way many people find their hotels, it can make or break whether a hotel is chosen. “ Source: Synovate – 47% of people agree that a hotel must cater to their technology needs before they book it – Wi-Fi internet access is becoming a requirement for many guests • Nearly one in ten people say they will not stay at a hotel unless it has an environmental policy. © BNS Ltd, all rights reserved
  5. 5. Challenges to revPAR • VoD and adult content revenue eroding – Guests increasingly using personal communications devices such as laptops, i-Phone, etc. to access content – Internet usage in hotel rooms has gone up from single digits to 25% within 7 years. • Increasingly sophisticated expectations for high technology standards • Need for HD content not met by VOD/TV service providers – Content still mostly SD quality for both broadcast channels and VOD content due to cost reasons How to utilize effective technological solutions to maintain and increase revPAR? © BNS Ltd, all rights reserved
  6. 6. Opportunities • Transform/update technology into a major selling point – Technology upgrade is a must to stay abreast of today’s consumer expectation – Now is the time to upgrade with minimal interruption at maximum equipment price advantage • Leverage new technologies intelligently – IPTV services are best equipped to meet challenges now and into the future – IPTV provides the quickest and most cost effectives way to upgrade to HD content • Provide technology to converge touch points for customer interaction © BNS Ltd, all rights reserved
  7. 7. Recent Guest Room Technology Innovations • i-Pod cradles • Wi-Fi access • Flat panel TVs / HDTV sets • IP phones • Plug-in technology allowing digital devices to be connected to the room television • Integrated social networking to engage and enhance customer relationships • New Mobile Travel and Location- Based Applications to enhance the travel experience © BNS Ltd, all rights reserved
  8. 8. Example1 : Innovative Technology to Enhance Guests’ Experience Native Video Turnaround (NVT) • Bringing HD Content finally within Reach of Hotels (& Guests). • Delivery of all digital content in original quality without expensive enterprise-class encoders. • SD and HD content with zero loss of quality and at a fraction of the usual cost. • Based on open standards which allows for best-of-breed technology integration and optimum price/performance ratio tailored to customers’ individual needs. • Meets guests’ expectations for high quality content • Increases guests’ comfort and loyalty © BNS Ltd, all rights reserved
  9. 9. Conventional Set Up • One encoder per channel • Separate server set up for rest of head end equipment • Large equipment footprint NVT Set Up • High-capacity NVT design • All head end equipment integrated in middleware • Very small equipment footprint © BNS Ltd, all rights reserved
  10. 10. The Hotel “Arms Race” Dilemma • Competition fuels drive to differentiate • Advantages short lived • Services mostly add to comfort & loyalty, not revPAR © BNS Ltd, all rights reserved
  11. 11. How to “Leap” ahead • Innovative value added services to replace the vanishing revPAR • Implement applications that increase incidental spending inside hotels – Capture the dollar patrons normally spend outside the hotel © BNS Ltd, all rights reserved
  12. 12. Example2: Increasing revPAR BNS Touch and The Wiz • Online service and entertainment system that marries the familiarity of printed catalogues with the information-rich online world • Increases revPAR and offers new revenue streams for hotels and greater convenience for their guests • Wireless pen-like device connects to IPTV STB and uses a small infra-red camera to read invisible dot codes on printed material to bring the information to live on the TV screen • Can be used for guest facing services such as in-room dining, VoD selection and hotel facilities bookings • Flexible to be tailored for backroom operations such as streamlining housekeeping operations. © BNS Ltd, all rights reserved
  13. 13. Examples for BNS Touch Applications •Increases revPAR/on- premise spending •Saves resources through automating services •Eliminates language barrier through direct and visual communication © BNS Ltd, all rights reserved
  14. 14. About BNS • Long-standing and proven experience with telco-grade IP- entertainment, automation and AV systems – Telco and Hospitality focus • Extensive content expertise • Open platform philosophy guarantees future proofing of technology • Understanding the needs and expectations of the “i-Pod generation” (access anywhere, over any device) © BNS Ltd, all rights reserved
  15. 15. • Blue Chip Client Base • Regional Focus Regional office Customer deployments © BNS Ltd, all rights reserved
  16. 16. The BNS Products and Solutions Portfolio (BNS Touch) (BNS Touch) © BNS Ltd, all rights reserved
  17. 17. Globally Renowned Partners Encoder Encoder Video Video Server Server CA/DRM CA/DRM M/W M/W Network Network Equip. Equip. Codec Codec STB STB Others Others © BNS Ltd, all rights reserved
  18. 18. Thank You 29/F, Siu On Centre 188 Lockhart Road Wanchai, Hong Kong Ph: +852 2180 9918 Fax: +852 2180 9919 © BNS Ltd, all rights reserved