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  1. 1. HoliThe Festival ofColors By- Ankan Sarkar
  2. 2. Many Names of Holi… Holi – Most common name Vasanta Mahotsava Kamotsva Dolyatra Rangapanchami
  3. 3. Story of Holi
  4. 4. •Significance of Holi• Holi is a symbol of end of evil & enjoy.• Burning the Neem leaves – Burning thebitterness of life and taking up the sweetenedmedicinal value of Neem.• Welcoming the Spring season with thebonfire.
  5. 5. Holika Dahan - Bonfire
  6. 6. A color shopSome childrenplaying holi
  7. 7. Not a religious festival…..
  8. 8. Colorful moments of Holi……
  9. 9. Holi at - Murshidabad Collage of Engg. & Tech &HRD
  10. 10. Kuch Meetha HoJaye..........