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Case : Garnier Men Missed Call Campaign


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This is the case presentation prepared by Group 6 of Social Media Marketing Course @ Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai.
It discusses the Garnier Men Missed Call Campaign

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Case : Garnier Men Missed Call Campaign

  1. 1. Group 6 Credits:
  2. 2. Anjul Hans,FT154072 Varun Ramachandran, FT151022 Avin Sharma,FT154013 Shraddha Dadhich, FT151099 Ankita Swain, FT153081 R Aishwarya,FT154025 Manisha Tanvi,FT153039 Batra,FT152051 Abhishek Anand, FT151049 Himanshu Jain, FT151010
  3. 3. Recommendations… • Linking with other Ecommerce websites • Fan pages of Rajasthan Royals players and other Actors associated with Garnier • Garnier and Rajasthan Royals Franchise on e commerce websites linked. • Youtube highlights videos could have links • Can be used with other sports or other events (like the movie release of popular actors associated with Garnier) • # tags used to connect with Garnier feeds and player feeds (#Events) • Trivia available on other • Opinion polls of Most groomed cricketer/Actor and link missed call • TOI app • DTH ca be used to carry out the trivia
  4. 4. Posts on Twitter
  5. 5. “When we were approached by Facebook to become the first brand globally to take part I the click to missed call innovation, we were excited to try it out. It has reaped rich dividends and has been highly impactful.” - Rupika Raman, General Manager, Garnier
  6. 6. Youtube Links
  7. 7. Thank you 