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Problems of farmers in india

This is a short presentation discussing the problems faced by farmers of India, and the possible solutions to it.

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Problems of farmers in india

  1. 1. About what we’re gonna discuss• We aim at finding the problems of our farmers who are considered as the builders of our Nation.• This short presentation is going to discuss the problems and feasible solutions in the area of farming in India.• We Welcome you all to our presentation.
  2. 2. Main Problems IndianFarmers face• Credit related issues-Adequate and timely credit is not given and there are undue delay in dispensation of credit (A.P, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Tripura)• Scales of finance-The scale of finance fixed by the authorities is inadequate as the farm labour has become costly.
  3. 3. Main Problems Indian Farmers face (contd.)• Documentation and Security norms-Some of the farmers has expressed unhappiness about the security norms and the documentation process.• Small artisans/self employed persons not being able to acces bank credit due to stringent collateral security norms.
  4. 4. Main Problems IndianMain Problems Indian Farmers face (contd.) Farmers face (contd.) • Lack of awareness about schemes-NoMarketing related issues-There is a huge of terms and proper communication difference inretail price and farm gateprice and the same should be conditions like rate of interest andplugged through appropriate market intervention. The repayment period, repaymentsupport prices for various crops are to be announced schedule, amount of instalments etc. wasin the beginning of the season and future trading in made to the borrowers.agricultural produce is to be encouraged to enable • Another problem encountered by thefarmers to plan agricultural operations.(Andhra Pradesh) farmers is that the cooperative system still continues to insist on lifting of the “kind” Market stabilisation and intervention should be component of the crop loan. This deprives ensured by Government to encourage the farmers to of the farmers of the freedom of choice increase productivity of their farms. (Gujarat) inputs.
  5. 5. Main Problems Indian Farmers face (contd.) Giant coorporates work with greedy Governments to introduce Genatically Modified Crops (GMC)which put a lot of unwanted Financial loads on farmers. Farmers do not get the support of society and Governmet to face bad econom situations and they end up their lives.
  6. 6. Solutions"India does not have to forget that it is a net Agricultural Producing country”.“The Agriculturists we must be united”. We must avoid the coorporate lobbies hidden business tricks and help farmers. “Government should facilitate farming by giving good options for the farmers to sustain.”“We work to give foods to the Country".“The governors must know, that without us cannot work”.“Our children must learn; that it is a pride to be Agriculture”.