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Avondale intermediate to day


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Published in: Education
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Avondale intermediate to day

  1. 1. Avondale Intermediate Teacher only day 23rd August Blended e-learning contract
  2. 2. Where are we heading with this contract?
  3. 3. Your task • In groups of three or more discuss one of the empowering strands of the ELPF • On a padlet share your ideas about how this would look practically in a classroom
  4. 4. Your next task • Create a narrative presentation showing your ideas from your padlet wall on a presentation tool to share with the whole group today. Use a presentation tool you have not used before, you may explore the following ones to choose the best e- learning tool for your purpose.
  5. 5. Little bird tales Photopeach Storybird Storyjumper Powtoon GoAnimate
  6. 6. Empressr Voicethread Google presentation (Drive) Youblisher Piclits Tagxedo
  7. 7. • Now share! • Was it the best tool for the job? • How could you apply this to a learning goal in your class?
  8. 8. • What changes have I made to my teaching? to children’s learning? • What impact has this had on my practice? On children’s learning? • What are my next learning steps and actions? • Where will I go for support? Your Inquiry