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Tows matrix


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Tows Matrix

Published in: Business
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Tows matrix

  1. 1. Presented by: Anju Rana
  2. 2.  Analyze the current and expected future situation  Determine the direction of the firm Develop means for achieving the mission
  3. 3. The determination of the mission or purpose and the basic long-term objectives of an enterprise.
  4. 4. General statements or understandings that guide managers’ thinking in decision making.
  5. 5. TOWS MATRIX: A MODERN TOOL FOR ANALYSIS OF THE SITUATION T O W S THREATS OPPORTU NITIES WEAKNESS STRENGHTS It is a conceptual framework for a systematic analysis that facilitates matching the external threats and opportunities with the internal weaknesses and strengths of the organization.
  6. 6. The strategies are based on the external environment and the internal environment:  WT Strategy  WO Strategy  ST Strategy  SO Strategy
  7. 7. It aims to minimize both weaknesses and threats and may be called the Mini-Mini Strategy. Eg. Joint ventures, retrench or liquidate
  8. 8. Attempts to minimize the weaknesses and maximize the opportunities.
  9. 9. It is based on using organization’s strengths to deal with threats in the environment. The aim is to maximize the former while minimizing the latter.
  10. 10. •It capitalizes on a company’s strengths to take advantage of opportunities. •If a company have weaknesses, they will strive to overcome them, by making them strengths.
  11. 11. PAST PRESENT PRESENT+T PRESENT+T2 TIME External and internal environments are dynamic
  12. 12.  Mergers  Acquisitions  Joint Ventures  Alliances