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Formatofduediligence 020608


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Formatofduediligence 020608

  1. 1. Due Diligence CertificateThis is to certify that the below mentioned hardware, software internet connectivity anddigital signature certificate have been duly installed and complied with by the e-ReturnIntermediary applicant.Name of the applicant_______________________________________________________Address_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________City : State :PIN Code:1. Hardware RequirementsDevice Type Model Serial No.i) CPUii) Monitoriii) PrinterYes / Noi) CPU > 500MHz or aboveii) RAM 256 MB or aboveiii) A screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and display of 256 coloursiv) 20 GB free hard disc space exclusive for ITDv) UPS power backup for minimum 30 minutes for all machines and peripherals
  2. 2. used for the activityvi) CD writer / DAT drive / Any other backup devices
  3. 3. 2. Software Requirements1. Name of the operating system :2. Anti-virus - Latest VersionName of the software :Version of software :3. Internet Explorer 6.0 or above4. Netscape 5.0 or above3. Internet Connectivity• Dialup connection 56.6 kbps or above/ ISDN/ Leased Line4. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)• Name of the Certifying Authority issuing DSC• Name of the Certificate Owner• Date of issue• Class of certificate• Validity Period from __________ to __________Details of Issuing Agency for due diligence certificate.Name ______________________________________________________________Address _____________________________________________________________City : State :PIN Code:Qualification ISACISAProfessional identification number issued by the Institute ______________Date : ___________Place :____________
  4. 4. Signature :_________