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Empower your SaaS with a Marketplace


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Imagine combining the best of both worlds: SaaS + Marketplace.
SaaS and Marketplaces are two of the most current business models used by startups, they both have advantages and inconveniences.
SaaS enabled Marketplace (SEM) is an hybrid between the two which can be a strong differentiator and presents a lot of benefits.

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Empower your SaaS with a Marketplace

  1. 1. E m p o w e r y o u r S a a S w i t h a M a r k e t p l a c e @anjismail
  2. 2. SaaS can be a mess
  3. 3. Difficult to build Inconveniences of SaaS Outbound sales Hard to extend @anjismail
  4. 4. Freemium Advantages of SaaS Sticky Scalable @anjismail
  5. 5. Marketplaces can be a bazar @anjismail
  6. 6. Chicken/Egg Inconveniences of Marketplaces Desintermediation Payment @anjismail
  7. 7. Network Effect Advantages of Marketplaces Diversification Extendable @anjismail
  8. 8. The Best of Both Worlds @anjismail
  9. 9. SAAS + MARKETPLACE = SAAS MARKETPLACE SEM Easy to build No Yes Demand Outbound Network Effect Diversification Hard Easy Volume + +++ Conversion Freemium Pay to Play Payment Recuring One Time Margin High Low @anjismail
  10. 10. HR: ZENEFITS @anjismail
  11. 11. SALES: VOIQ @anjismail
  12. 12. LEGAL: UPCOUNSEL @anjismail
  13. 13. ACCOUNTING: BENCH @anjismail
  14. 14. MARKETING: DOZ @anjismail
  15. 15. SCIENCE: QUARTZY @anjismail
  16. 16. DOZ Zenefits Quartzy Bench Upcounsel VOIQ @anjismail Paid Software Free Transactions Paid Software Paid Transactions Free Software Paid Transactions Free Software Free Transactions
  17. 17. Charge your demand and/or supply Free Software + Paid Transactions • Attract new users • Build the Marketplace Paid Software + Paid Transactions • Grow Margin • Recurring business Paid Software + Free Transactions • Annual billing + “all you can eat” • Charge commissions to supply @anjismail Free Software + Free Transactions • Gather data to sell to supply side • Charge commissions to supply
  18. 18. Identify a service your users are paying for to consultants / agencies1 Build a network with these service providers Figure out the right business model (commissions? rev-share? else?) Build a feature in your SaaS that help connect to the service providers Use the supply side to bring in more demand to your SaaS 5 steps to become a SEM 2 3 4 5 @anjismail
  19. 19. SEM can help you win your space @anjismail
  20. 20. Anji Ismaïl @anjismail “Come for the Software, Stay for the Network.” Chris Dixon