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Proficiency test


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Proficiency test

  1. 1. _____PROFICIENCY TEST (SET B) – RECRUITMENT FOR INTAKE 2011___________________________ SECTION 140 QuestionsSECTION A: GRAMMAR AND STRUCTURE [30 MARKS]Instructions: For questions 1-10, choose the BEST answer from the options A, B, Cand D.1. When Peter heard the woman’s voice, _SHE____________ turned around and helped her. A. sheB. heC. herD. his2. Throwing food away is very ___WASTEFUL__________, so make sure you finish it. A. wasteB. wastingC. wastageD. wasteful3. ______HAPPINESS____________ can be achieved if we work hard and never give up. A. HappyB. HappilyC. HappinessD. Be happy4. “Don’t worry. The children will look after _THEMSELVES_____________,” Mrs. Lee said. A. himselfB. themselvesC. herselfD. ourselves5. Your house is quite small but ____MINE__________ is smaller. A. meB. myC. myselfD. mine6. My family plans to ___HAVE__________ a big birthday party for grandfather this year. A. hasB. haveC. hadD. having7. I ____WILL JOG____________ at the park with one of my colleagues this evening. A. joggingB. have joggedC. jogsD. will jog8. My father is not here. He ____HAS GONE_____________ abroad and will return next week. A. is goingB. will goC. goesD. has gone10. The fire was quickly ___EXTINGUISHES______________ in twenty minutes. A. extinguishingB. extinguishedC. extinguishesD. extinguish1 9. I am quite busy today, so I __MAY______________ not be able to go to your house. A. mustB. shouldC. canD. may
  2. 2. _____PROFICIENCY TEST (SET B) – RECRUITMENT FOR INTAKE 2011___________________________ Continue …Instructions: For questions 11-20, choose the INCORRECT underlined option.11. At the airport, the taxi driver wait for me and helped me to carry my luggage. ABCD ANS. B12. You don’t need to bring an umbrella so the weather is fine today. ABCD ANS.C13. When Osman and Ali arrival, they will notice that the games have already stopped. ABCD ANS.A14. According to the news report, none of the children was severely injure in the accident. ABCD ANS.D15. The speech for the opening ceremony was wrote by the president himself. AB CD ANS.B16. We must be very quietly in the hospital as patients are resting. ABCD ANS.B17. You drive so fast that I would afraid you will miss the junction. ABCD ANS.C18. Watching television is a waste of our present time if there is nothing good to watch. ABCD ANS.C19. Two years ago, I had visited many countries which I would never visited before. ABCD ANS.C20. Although he has been eating a healthy diet each day, but he still falls ill quite often. ABCD ANS.BInstructions: For questions 21-30, choose the CORRECT sentence.21. A. For at about six months we’d been working the old building. B. We’d been working the old building for at about six months. C. For about six months at the old building we’d been working. D. Wed been working at the old building for about six months. CORRECT22. A. I was on the highway I exceeded the speed limit when in big trouble. B. I was in big trouble when I exceeded the speed limit on the highway. C. When on the highway I exceeded the speed limit I was in big trouble. D. When the speed limit I exceeded on the highway I was in big trouble CORRECTContinue …2
  3. 3. _____PROFICIENCY TEST (SET B) – RECRUITMENT FOR INTAKE 2011___________________________23. A. The victims of the plane crash told us a horrifying story of the incident. CORRECT B. A horrifying story of the incident the victims of the plane crash told us. C. A horrifying story the victims of the incident told us of the plane crash. D. The victims plane crash of the horrifying a story told us of the incident.24. A. The sudden hindered outbreak of the disease was by our trip to Jakarta. B. Our trip to Jakarta was hindered by the sudden outbreak of the disease. CORRECT C. The sudden outbreak of the disease by our trip to Jakarta was hindered. D. Our trip to Jakarta of the disease was hindered by the sudden outbreak.25. A. Who is Peter a famous baseball player lives in a beautiful house in Miami. B. A famous baseball player who lives in a beautiful house in Miami is Peter. C. Peter who is famous baseball player lives in a beautiful house in a Miami. D. Peter is a famous baseball player who lives in a beautiful house in Miami. CORRECT26. A. Both fans and coaches loves Beckham’s excellent football abilities. B. Tom is an eight-year old boy who go to school in Philadelphia. C. He stay up late after games although he is always late for work. D. The City Stadium doesn’t have enough seats for spectators. CORRECT27. A. Robert is exciting about his twenty-first birthday party. B. I am very sorry to hear that your grandmother will pass away. C. John is responsible for organising the Art Competition this year. D. They are excellent at drawing pictures of an ancient buildings. CORRECT28. A. He is worry about the final examinations because he did not study. B. His photographs are very different from his paintings. CORRECT C. I am very angry for Tom because not telling the truth about the incident. D. He was kindly enough to take you home although he lived far away.29. A. The reason for this meeting is to discuss tomorrow’s festival. B. The decline in accidents is because the government’s efforts. C. Most of the problems caused by our selfish and irresponsible attitudes. D. Prices of food has gone up after the increase in the price of petroleum. CORRECT30. A. Although we have been neighbours for years, we were not invited to the dinner. B. We took pictures of scenic views when we visit Korea last month. C. You must improve your English language when you use the language all the time. D. I do not see any different between the new model and the old one. C ORRECTContinue …3
  4. 4. _____PROFICIENCY TEST (SET B) – RECRUITMENT FOR INTAKE 2011___________________________SECTION B: VOCABULARY [10 MARKS]Instruction: For questions 31-40, read the passage carefully. Answer ALL thequestions that follow.Hop To It! “He’s good enough for one thing, I should judge – he can outjump any frogin Calaveras County,” said Smiley in Mark Twain’s famous short story “TheCelebrated Jumping Frog Contest”. This was the inspiration for the CalaverasCounty Jumping Frog Contest, which has taken place since 1928 in the village ofAngels Camp in Calaveras County, California. The first year, 15,000 peopleattended this unusual event, more than the entire population of Calaveras Countyat the time. The following year, the crowd doubled, and by 1931, the event was sopopular that two additional jumping areas had to be added to accommodate entriesfrom around the world. Today, more than 50,000 spectators attend this event andthe frog entries number 1,000. Although the Calaveras County Jumping Frog Contest has gainedinternational attention, the majority of the competitors are still people fromCalaveras County. Anyone who would like to enter goes to the registration table,fills out a form, and pays a modest entry fee. The fee includes the cost of renting afrog in case the entrant doesn’t already own one. Many people who live in the areago out and catch their frogs the night before, so they are “fresh” and ready to go onthe day of the contest. After entering the contest, the competitors must decide who will be the“jockey”. This is the person who places the frog on the launching pad and thenencourages the frog to jump. The goals of the entrants and their “jockeys” are, firstof all, to have fun; second, to win a prize; and third, to set a new world frog-jumping record. The contest starts when the “jockey” positions his or her frog and then yells,screams, jumps up and down, puffs, blows, whistles, or does whatever else isnecessary to incite the frog to jump. The one thing that is not allowed is any kindof physical contact with the frog. Each frog is given 15 seconds to jump threetimes. Once a frog has made its three jumps, an official measures the distancefrom the center of the pad to the spot where the frog landed on its third jump.Naturally, the winning frog is usually the one that jumped in the straightest linerather than zigzagged around. Some frogs frustrate their “jockeys” by jumpingback toward the launching pad after a spectacular first or second jump. Like any of nature’s creations, frogs are unpredictable – that is, unless theyhave been to Bill Steed’s famous Croaker College. Steed’s “students” are given a240-hour frog training course to teach them the fundamentals of frog jumpingunder pressure. At Croaker College, the frogs work out in a pool, lift tiny weights,do chin-ups and high dives, eat centipede soup and ladybug salad, and generallyprepare for the big day. Do graduates of Croaker College really win frog-jumpingcontests more often? That’s a question Jim Steed prefers not to answer.15101520253035Continue …4
  5. 5. _____PROFICIENCY TEST (SET B) – RECRUITMENT FOR INTAKE 2011___________________________ After the winners have been announced and the prizes given, the participantscan take their frogs (or return their “rentals”) and go home, or they can stay and 40enjoy the rest of the Calaveras County Fair. They can listen to country music, viewcraft displays, attend a horse race, watch a farm animal auction, and more. Forthose people who think nothing quite compares to the excitement of the jumpingfrogs, however, there is the consolation of knowing there is always next year.TASK 1 (10 MARKS)Instructions: For questions 31-40, choose a word or phrase that best replaces theword or phrase bold from the passage.31. This was the inspiration for the Calaveras County Jumping Frog Contest. A. imagination B. information C. influence (BEST REPLACES ) D. guideline32. A great number of spectators attend this event. A. competitors B. participants C. viewers ( BEST REPLACES ) D. frog owners33. The Calaveras County Jumping Frog Contest has gained international attention. A. won B. received ( BEST REPLACES ) C. accepted D. lost34. The “jockey” places the frog on the launching pad. A. starting point ( BEST REPLACES ) B. finish line C. middle section D. winner’s spot35. The “jockey” does whatever else is necessary to incite the frog to jump. A. needed ( BEST REPLACES ) B. planned C. preferred D. unimportantContinue …5
  6. 6. _____PROFICIENCY TEST (SET B) – RECRUITMENT FOR INTAKE 2011___________________________36. Once a frog has made its three jumps, an official measures the distance from the center of the pad to the spot where the frog landed on its third jump. A. a meter B. a person in charge ( BEST REPLACES ) C. a machine D. an army officer37. Some frogs frustrate their “jockeys” by jumping back toward the launching pad after a spectacular first or second jump. A. regular B. remarkable ( BEST REPLACES ) C. mediocre D. disappointing39. Steed’s “students” are given a 240-hour frog training course to teach them the fundamentals of frog jumping. A. basics ( BEST REPLACES ) B. rules C. tricks D. positions40. There is the consolation of knowing there’s always next year. A. joy ( BEST REPLACES ) B. wonder 38. Frogs are unpredictable. C. comfort A. surprising D. tension B. amazing End of Page C. understandable (BESTREPLACES ) 6 D. easily controlled
  7. 7. _____PROFICIENCY TEST (SET B) – RECRUITMENT FOR INTAKE 2011___________________________ SECTION 220 QuestionsDirections: For this section, solve each problem and decide which is the best of the choicesgiven.Notes1. The use of a calculator is permitted.2. All numbers used are real numbers.3. Figures that accompany problems in this test are intended to provide information useful in solving the problems. They are drawn as accurately as possible EXCEPT when it is stated in a specific problem that the figure is not drawn to scale. All figures le in a plane unless otherwise indicated.4. Unless otherwise specified, the domain of any function f is assumed to be the set of all real numbers x for which f (x) is a real number.Reference Information1.Andrea subscribed to four publications that cost $12.90, $16.00, $ 18.00 and $21.90 peryear, respectively. If she made an initial payment of one-half of the total yearlysubscription cost, and paid the rest in four equal monthly payments, how much was eachof the four monthly payments? ( ANS.B )A) $6.602.IfB) $9.20? ( ANS.A )C) $8.60D) $17.20, what is the value ofA)B)C) -D) 07
  8. 8. _____PROFICIENCY TEST (SET B) – RECRUITMENT FOR INTAKE 2011___________________________3.A survey of Town X found an average (arithmetic mean) of 3.2 persons per householdand a mean of 1.2 televisions per household. If 48,000 people live in Town X, how manytelevisions are in Town X? ( ANS.B )A) 15,0004.B) 18,000C) 28,000D) 40,000“ If I do not have any flour, I am not able to make cookies”If the statement above is true, which of the following statements must be true? ( ANS.D )A) If I did not make cookies, I must not have had flour.B) If I was able to make cookies, I must not have had any flour.C) If I am not able to make cookies, I must not have any flour.D) If I made cookies, I must have had flour.5.For all integers1, let. Which of the following has the greatest value? ( ANS.D )C)D)A)B)6.If= 81, then= ( ANS.A )B) 27C) 81D) 729A) 97.What is the diameter of a circle with a circumference of 5? ( ANS.B )A)B)C)D)8.If the product of (1+2), (2+3), and (3+4) is equal to one-half the sum of 20 andthe value of ? ( ANS.D )A) 10B) 85C) 105D) 190what is9.If=A) 1, then ( ANS.C )B) 2C) 16D) 258
  9. 9. _____PROFICIENCY TEST (SET B) – RECRUITMENT FOR INTAKE 2011___________________________TypeShoesCoatsShirtsPantsMERCHANDISE SALES Amount of Sales $12,000$20,000Percent of Total Sales 15%25%40%20%10.According to the table above, ( ANS.D )A) $32,000B) $58,000C) $60,000D) $48,000ABCDNote: Figure not drawn to scale.11.If AB > CD, which of the following must be true? ( ANS.B ) i. ii.iii.AB>BCAC>BDAC>CDA) i onlyB) ii and iii only C) iii onlyD) ii only12.If, what is the value of? ( ANS.D )A) -213.B) -1C) 1D) 2A researcher found that the number of bacteria in a certain sample doubles every hour.If there were 6 bacteria in the sample at the start of the experiment, how many bacteriawere there after 9 hours? ( ANS. A)A) 3,072B) 512C) 1,536D) 6,14414.If, which of the following could be a value of? ( ANS.A )A) 2B) -1C) 0D) 19
  10. 10. _____PROFICIENCY TEST (SET B) – RECRUITMENT FOR INTAKE 2011___________________________15.How many numbers from 1 to 200 inclusive are equal to the cube of an integer? ( ANS.D )A) OneB) TwoC) ThreeD) Five16.BCAIf the perimeter of rectangle ABCD is equal toterms of ? ( ANS.D )A)B)C)Dand, what is the value ofinD)17.A basketball team had a ratio of wins to losses of 3:1. After the team won six games ina row, its ratio of wins to losses became 5:1. How many games had the team wonbefore winning six games in a row? ( ANS.C )A) 3B) 6C) 9D) 1518.QRPSIn rectangle PQRS above, what isA) 270 +B) 90 -in terms ofC) 90 +?D) 180 +10
  11. 11. _____PROFICIENCY TEST (SET B) – RECRUITMENT FOR INTAKE 2011___________________________B19.(0,5)C (5, 4) A(-1, 0)D (4, -1)What is the area of square ABCD? ( ANS.C )A) 2520.B) 18C) 26D) 25 +A square is inscribed in a circle with radius . What is the probability that a randomlyselected point within the circle will not be within the square? ( ANS.B )B)C)D)11
  12. 12. _____PROFICIENCY TEST (SET B) – RECRUITMENT FOR INTAKE 2011___________________________ SECTION 320 Questions1. Which of the following is an SI base unit? ( ANS.C ) A. Mole B. Newton per second C. Pascal D. Kilometre2. Which of the following appliance uses the process of evaporation for its functioning? ( ANS.B ) A. Pressure cooker B. Air conditioner C. Thermometer D. Iron3. A projector is used to project a 5 cm x 5 cm slide. If the size of the image is 2 cm x 2 cm and the distance between the slide and the lens is 10 cm, what is the distance between the screen and the slide projector? ( ANS. C ) A. 1 m B. 3 m C. 4 m D. 5 m4. Which of the following is an example of a transverse wave? ( ANS.B ) A. Sound from the television B. Radio wave C. Microwave D. Water wave5. A fork vibrates to produce a sound. The loudness of the sound can be increased if … ( ANS.C ) A. the fork is struck with a larger force. B. a heavy fork is used. C. its frequency of vibration is increased. D. its frequency of vibration is decreased.6. Which of the following is not a factor which controls the magnitude of the current generated by a generator? ( ANS. A) A. Type of armature B. Area of the armature C. Rotation speed of the angler D. Number of coils in the armature7. Ohm’s law states that ……….. ( ANS.C ) A. the unit of resistance is the ohm. B. R = V / I C. V α I D. the resistance is inversely proportional to the current.8. Which of the following does not follow the principle of conservation of energy? ( ANS.D ) A. Lenz’s law B. Elastic collisions C. Einstein’s principle of conservation of energy D. Ohm’s law12
  13. 13. _____PROFICIENCY TEST (SET B) – RECRUITMENT FOR INTAKE 2011___________________________9. The original mass of a radioactive element X that is active is 64 kg. After one hour, the element X decays and the mass is 2 kg. What is the half life of the radioactive element X? ( ANS.B ) A. 6 minutes B. 12 minutes C. 8 minutes D. 10 minutes10. An ancient artifact contains 1/32 of its original content of radioactive carbon-14. What is the age of the ancient artifact if the half-life of the carbon-14 is 5600 years? ( ANS.B ) A. 11200 years B. 28000 years C. 16800 years D. 22400 years11. Isotopes of an atom have …… ( ANS.C ) A. similar physical properties. B. the same number of neutrons. C. the same number of electrons. D. similar chemical properties.12. Which of the following is a vector quantity? ( ANS.A ) A. Force B. Time C. Area D. Energy13. The following shows the surface areas of three different objects.20 cm25 dm24 x 10 m-6Which of the following shows the arrangement of the surface areas in increasing order? ( ANS.A ) -6222A. 4 x10 m , 20 cm , 5 dm 2-622B. 5 d m , 4x 10 m , 20 cm -6222C. 4 x10 m , 5 dm , 20 cm 22-62D. 20 cm , 5 dm , 4 x10 m14. When the temperature of copper increases, it is found that its volume also increases slightly. ( ANS. B) This is because …….. A. the volume of each copper molecule increases. B. the separation between the copper molecules increases. C. the force of repulsion between the copper molecules increases. D. the mass of each copper molecule increases.15. 16000 J of heat energy are supplied to 2.0 kg of a block of metal which causes its oo temperature to change from 20 C to 40 C. What is the specific heat capacity of the metal? ( ANS.B ) -1 o -1 A. 200 J kg C -1 o -1 B. 400 J kg C -1 o -1 C. 300 J kg C -1 o -1 D. 600 J kg C13
  14. 14. _____PROFICIENCY TEST (SET B) – RECRUITMENT FOR INTAKE 2011___________________________16. The mercury column in a mercury-in-glass thermometer which is not calibrated is 5 cm and 95 cm respectively when it is immersed in melting ice and steam. When it is immersed in a breaker of hot water, the length of the mercury column is 75 cm. What is the temperature of the hot water? ( ANS.A ) o A. 70 C o B. 75 C o C. 78.9 C o D. 77.8 C17. Among the following optical instruments, which one produces a real final image? ( ANS.D ) A. Plane mirror B. Magnifying glass C. Compound microscope D. Slide projector18. What are the characteristics of the image produced on the photographic film of a camera ( ANS.C ) having a single convex lens? A. Virtual, upright and diminished B. Virtual, upright and magnified C. Real, inverted and diminished D. Real, inverted and magnified19. The focal length of a converging lens is 10 cm. When an object is placed in front of the lens, an upright image is formed at 15 cm from the lens. What is the distance of the object from the lens? ( ANS.A ) A. 30 cm B. 12 cm C. 4 cm D. 6 cm20. An object is placed 15 cm from a convex lens. If the image distance is twice the object distance, what is the focal length of the lens? ( ANS.C ) A. 5 cm B. 15 cm C. 10 cm D. 20 cm14