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02.anjani.manuri.designing operations epgdbm-04

  1. 1. Assignment Designing OperationsInstructor: Mr.BomanMoradianSubmitted by: AnjaniManuriEPGDBM, Roll Number-02
  2. 2. 1 Process Flow Chart of HDPI’s Dispute Resolution Process and its Lead time & Cycle timeThe assignment is to develop a process flow chart depicting the flow of the process related to HDPI’s (HSBCElectronic Data Processing India Ltd) Dispute Resolution Process.It will show the existing process and the time taken by the staff to complete the entire process and the existingLead Time and Cycle time.In the end improvements, will be suggested to reduce the cycle time so that the entire process is renderedmore effective.The main objective of the Operations Team in the Disputes Department is to resolve credit card relateddisputes that are received from customers within 2 business days.Given below is the typical flow of the process:- 1 Scanned documentation of customer disputes are received through an internal application. 2 Agent receives this scanned image. 3 Agent tries to identify the account number. 4 Once the account number is identified, it is indexed to the correct profile of the customer. 5 Then it is pushed into the relevant queue 6 The item is then turned on to another agent. 7 Agentidentifies the type of dispute. 8 If it is a “fraud” type dispute, the item is passed on to another queue 9 From this queue, an agent picks it up within a day’s time and does the initial investigation. 10 Once the initial investigation is done and it has been established as a fraud type dispute, the item is pushed into a different queue again. 11 Then the item is picked up by another agent. 12 Agent requests for a sales draft from the merchant’s bank 13 The item is pended in a queue for 30 calendar days until the sales draft is received 14 The sales draft is received. 15 Sales draft is analysed. 16 It has been established that the dispute claim is genuine. 17 The customer is credited. 18 Case is closed.
  3. 3. PROCESS FLOW CHARTProcess Banking OperationsBeginning Entry of Customer DisputeEnding Resolution of customer dispute S No. Time Step (mins) Description 1 5 X Receiving of scanned customer dispute form into the system 2 5 X Agent received the scanned image 3 3 X Agent identifies the account number 4 6 X Document is indexed to correct customer profile 5 2 X Item is passed to the relevant queue 6 3 X Item is turned on to another agent 7 4 X Agent identifies the dispute type 8 2 X Item is passed to another Queue 9 10 X Agent picks up and
  4. 4. carries out the initial investigation10 5 X Item is pushed to another que11 2 X Item is picked up by the agent12 5 X Agent requests for a sales draft13 43200 X Item is pended for 30 calendar days14 4 X Sales draft is received15 5 X Sales draft is analysed16 6 X Dispute claim is established as genuine17 5 X Customer is credited18 4 X Case is ClosedTOTAL 43276 8 8 1 1 0PROCESS FLOW CHART SUMMARYSymbol # of Times Time (Minutes) 8 28 8 (Lead time =T0) 43 1 43200 1 5 0 OANALYSIS The actual lead time for the entire process is 43 minutes The total cycle time is 43276 minutes. Suggestions can be considered to reduce cycle time for the process
  5. 5. SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPROVEMENT Once the dispute form is indexed, the item could be handled by the same operator instead of the claim being handed over to another operator. This would reduce the number of touch points. The initial investigation can also be handled by the same operator. Once the sales draft has been requested, an upfront credit can be issued instead of pending the case for 30 days. This will drastically reduce the cycle time and also improve the customer experience.PROCESS FLOW CHART WITH SUGGESTED IMPROVEMENTSS No. Time Step Description (mins) 1 5 X Receiving of scanned customer dispute form into the system 2 5 X Agent received the scanned image 3 3 X Agent identifies the account number 4 6 X Document is indexed to correct customer profile5 4 X Agent identifies the dispute type6 10 X Agent carries out the initial investigation7 5 X Agent requests for a sales draft8 5 X Customer is credited9 4 X Case is ClosedTotal 47 2 7 0 0 0POSSIBLE CHANGES AFTER SUGGESTED IMPROVEMENTS The total cycle time is 47 minutes which has been drastically reduced. The lead time has been brought down to 37 minutesSymbol # of times Time ( mins) 2 10 7 37 0 0 0 0
  6. 6. 0 0 2. Where does your organization fall in the ‘Service Matrix’? Explain. HIGH LOW Degree of Interaction & CustomizationLOW Service Factory Service Shop Degree of Labor Intensity Mass Service Professional HSBC Electronic Data Processing India Ltd.HIGH Service Matrix The banking BPO is a highly labour intensive business as it experiences heavy volumes and hence there is a need for skilled/unskilled labourers. Fixed costs are comparatively lower than labour costs. There is a high interaction level as operators are involved in customer contact either via phone or through emails. CAN YOU ENHANCE THE CUSTOMER CONTACT YOU ARE CURRENTLY PROVIDING? IF SO HOW? There is no further scope to enhance the customer contact. We have all methods possible. Customer can contact us via phone, postal mail as well as email. All possible avenues have been explored. 3. a) Identify the parameter of competition in your business. First time resolution Rate per hour or Unit per hour Attrition rate Customer Satisfaction surveys or the CSAT score Soft skills of staff like communication skills etc Quality of service
  7. 7. b) Develop order winners and qualifiers for your business segments.Serial Number Parameters Qualifiers 1 First time resolution 30 2 Rate per hour/Unit per hour QQ 3 Attrition Rate Q 4 CSAT Scores 30 5 Communication skills Q 6 Quality of service 40c) Critically comment if the process choice and various other elements of yourbusiness fit the above.First time resolution:-Very important from the customer’s perspective as it is not advisable to give thecustomer a run-a-round while he is anticipating a quick resolution. Not resolving a credit card dispute quicklycould lead to the customer avoiding payments and thereby a lot of finance charges could get accumulated forthe customer.Rate per hour:-Number of units processed in an hour is of utmost importance from the businessperspective as it reflects on the competency of the business unit.Attrition Rate:-Low attrition levels is generally preferred so that we can minimise on the costs incurred fortraining and hiring procedureCSAT Scores:-Reflects the business’ performance. Very important in order to bid for future business deals .Communication skills:-Good communication skills displayed by the employees creates a good impacton the business and also has an effect on the overall customer experience.Quality of service:-Important from both customer as well as business perspective.