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Anjani Mehta is a Proprietress of Veena Nursery dedicated to work with Nature to create ecologically friendly gardens using native plants and trees to develop sustainable gardens, to grow food as well if desired. Consultants for Green Buildings to select the appropriate plants and create the right micro climate preferably with fragrant flowers and delicious fruits as well! that is ecological enhancement. We recycle Grey Water using simple treatments to imitate Nature and then reuse the water for irrigation of the gardens created or to replenish the Ground Water and so raise the Water Table. Where we cannot work with live plants we manage well with artificial flowers, plants, trees,sand, pebbles, rocks or what ever is required to create beautiful forms from small flower arrangements to trees as large as 25 feet tall, everything artificial for the indoor locations or difficult situation where real plants will not grow. We have created long walls with artificial green plants to give the look and feel of real Green Wall, a Vertical Garden or what ever is desired by the clients.

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  • Neev Infrastructure – Each stairway landing has glass covered with green asparagus climbers and traces of orange.
  • Neev Infrastructure stairway landings have different flowering and foliage plants.
  • Dry landscape with flowers, drift wood, rocks, pebbles in corridor.
  • Artificial Flower Arrangements – the orchids in many colours along with white and black twigs and purple LED lights
  • Veena nursery summerery ppt

    1. 1. VEENA NURSERY Krishna Mansion, Anik village, Chembur East, Mumbai 400 074. Mob 9821137751, 9222365364 Tel 02225535852 Email [email_address] Email [email_address] Website:
    2. 2. VEENA NURSERY- introduction <ul><li>Anjani started working by offering live plants on hire in 1971, almost 40 years ago and have steadily moved places to gardening, landscaping, to earthscaping, ecological enhancement, consultant for green buildings and where greenery doesn’t fit long lasting (artificial, polyester) flowers, plants, trees are arranged aesthetically to enhance interiors and exteriors. </li></ul><ul><li>Veena Nursery came in existence in 1987 in memory of her mother, Veena Mehta. </li></ul><ul><li>Veena Nursery creates projects that are a little hatke. </li></ul>
    3. 3. DR. Batra’s Garden at Aambey Valley 4 terrace steps are planted with various coloured flowers, from red- orange, yellow, blue purple, to multicoloured flowers, photo 1 month after planting
    4. 4. Dr. BATRA’s Aambey Valley lawn with focal point plantation with various flowers along borders of plot and bungalow .
    5. 5. LIC Garden
    6. 6. LIC’s Garden ENTRANCE
    7. 7. Private gardens created with dense plantation, ecofriendly effect.
    8. 8. Multicoloured bougainvillea in pots in terrace garden.
    9. 9. Densely planted terrace garden with hundreds of fragrant flowers blooming round the year .
    10. 10. Fragrant Flowering eco- friendly gardens whether on terraces or ground level create a very pleasant atmosphere
    11. 11. RBI Byculla- Live plants screen sunlight and thrive, they release Oxygen, remove carbon dioxide and other pollutants while adding water vapour to the atmosphere, so clean and cool the office space.
    12. 12. Rbi byculla live plants, bamboo, chips & pebbles with LED lights create focal points with rangoli designs.
    13. 13. Tata Capital – Small ceramic containers hold plants above cabinets & cluster of varied plants are a focal point
    14. 14. Tata Capital - Tall narrow plants on moss sticks for easy movement. Presence of plants in offices creates good working atmosphere as carbon dioxide that man breathes out is absorbed by plants and oxygen released is boon to man specially in enclosed spaces; also man remains cheerful and less stressed with plants as neighours
    15. 15. TATA Capital Festive times add more colour by real and/or artificial flowers and foliage.
    16. 16. Veena Nursery- Arrangements <ul><li>Live and long lasting plants, trees, flowers, lawn are arranged beautifully to enhance the décor. </li></ul><ul><li>Some of the interiors having long lasting arrangements are ONGC, Neev Infrastructure, Lawrence and Mayo Co-op Society, Ajmera Builders, Prakrit Enterprises, Runwal Builders, Parinee Developers, Omkar Builders, Space Matrix, HDFC Bank-Khar, Sparc Metals, Signet Chemicals and many others. </li></ul><ul><li>The range is from small to large ikebana arrangements, bouquets, garlands, flowering and foliage bushes, trees, lawns, bamboos, large trees, dependent on your imagination that are manifested by our material and creativity. </li></ul>
    17. 17. Parinee Enterprises covering entire glass wall with climbers from floor to ceiling of each floor and internally covering columns with artificial creepers.
    18. 18. ABM ARCHITECTS- Private Home Artificial Green Wall 70 feet * 8 feet
    19. 19. ABM ARCHITECTS Private home Detail of Artificial Green Wall
    20. 20. ABM Architects –Private Home Close up detail Artificial Green Wall
    21. 21. Parinee enterprises 18 -22 feet high tall artificial trees for spaces between columns in the lobby
    22. 22. Paradise Cinema has bamboo, rose bushes, ferns, etc in lounge and under stairway; the special effects with indirect lighting also lights up the walkway.
    23. 23. Ajmera Builders Twigs & pebbles cover a large window; artificial lawn, plants, trees, flower arrangements with plastic hedge almost competes with real garden with lawn.
    24. 24. NEEV INFRASTRUCURE Long lasting green/orange Asparagus climbers on stairway; water body has pebbles and asparagus .
    25. 25. Neev Infrastructure has various long lasting plants / trees on each landing of the stairway of the whole building.
    26. 26. Neev infrastructure long lasting flowers,plants, pebbles, rocks, drift wood make interesting creations
    27. 27. ONGC walls of dining hall and conference hall are lined with hanging flowers and foliage
    28. 28. ONGC flowers and plants enhance library and Conference Hall with colour and grace
    29. 29. PHOENIX MARKET CITY PUNE ficus tree 12’ * 14’
    30. 30. PHOENIX MARKET CITY PUNE Ficus tree 12’* 8’ real wood and roots, polyester leaves
    31. 31. PHOENIX MARKET CITY PUNE FICUS trees with real wood and roots and polyester leaves
    33. 33. Ceramic containers and glass vases hold various artificial plants; these make good gift articles or artifacts for enhancing decor.
    34. 34. Flowering trees in every form, shape, colour are readily available and made to order to your exact specifications and desires .
    35. 35. Bamboo shoots for RUNWAL BUILDERS ’ office special effects with different intensity of lights for different times.
    36. 36. Beautiful flowering trees made to exact specifications
    37. 37. Ikebana from small simple arrangements to elaborate multi flower collections
    38. 38. Long lasting flower arrangements for different spaces and occasions are available in various colours, flowers, texture, quality
    39. 39. Tall flower or hanging bouquet arrangements of flowers, foliage, twigs, reeds are readily available in fancy containers of wood, ceramic, fibreglass for gifts or for enhancing the décor.
    40. 40. Perfect flowers, foliage, birds and butterflies that retain their form and colour for a long time come in many varieties and textures to form picturesque ikebana are placed in many offices and are changed every month or sold to them.
    41. 41. Same orchid flower arrangement changes moods with passage of time as LED creates magic.
    42. 42. Artificial Bamboos are 18 feet high arranged in rows and small clusters of bamboos are scattered in the elevator area.
    43. 43. Artificial flowers arranged for special occasions do not wilt.
    44. 44. NOKIA Office Long lasting flowers and plants are placed against glass or wall to form special effects.
    45. 45. Garlands and hair pieces of long lasting flowers and beads are light weight, come in various flowers, in every colour,in different lengths can be custom made and these do not stain expensive clothes unlike real flowers in garlands.
    46. 46. Artificial plants and trees in flowering and foliage forms ranging from 1 foot to 20 feet tall are available in many colours, different forms and textures, custom made to fit.
    47. 47. Attractive foliage and flowers can be placed in many niches to create a fresh effect .
    48. 48. LLADODRE Porcelain-- Fruits and flowers indicate the festive times
    49. 49. Flowering trees in every form, shape, colour are readily available and made to order to your exact specifications and desires .
    50. 50. Krishna shoppe a glimpse of various flowers in every colour, shape and size on sale or hire basis.
    51. 51. KRISHNA SHOPPE Various flowering and foliage climbers are available for different uses.
    52. 52. Future of Veena Nursery would love to create Green Buildings and Green world such as butterfly gardens
    53. 53. Green buildings beginning with green walls and green roofs, to creating renewable energy, recycling waste and water and reusing them for productive use to save the Earth and all life forms is my dream.
    54. 54. Ideal place to live, work, relax for man, flora and fauna in harmony
    55. 55. VEENA NURSERY <ul><li>THIS IS A SMALL GLIMPSE OF WHAT WE ARE STRIVING TO DO. </li></ul><ul><li>We are now aiming towards creating green buildings that include green walls, green roofs, reusing rainwater and grey water to replenish earth to irrigate gardens, solar power and other renewal energy to save a small part of Earth. </li></ul><ul><li>We would like to meet architects and builders who want to do something hatke so we can incorporate our concepts in their plans to create something unique that will leave a mark and give me a sense of satisfaction of work done well. </li></ul><ul><li>THANK YOU </li></ul>