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Change Management Case Study - HM on HP


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Change Management Case Study Presented in Epita, Paris, France
Epita International Masters

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Change Management Case Study - HM on HP

  1. 1. At HP, an HR Transformation HR Transformation CASE STUDY Presented by Anjan Bhattrai Devendra Bajaj Jatin Kolekar
  2. 2. At HP, an HR Transformation Agenda ● Objective ● HR challenges ● Existing HR systems ● Change management approach ● “3 words” problem statement ● Elevator pitch ● SaaS: Software as a Service ● Relationship diagram ● Threats and Opportunity matrix ● Stakeholder analysis ● Success measurement
  3. 3. At HP, an HR Transformation Objective ● Implement a new, state-of-the-art HR platform ● To optimize Human Resources processes and capabilities ● To enable timely and effective decision making ● To give significant time back to employees and managers ● Maximize organizational ability
  4. 4. At HP, an HR Transformation HR Challenges ● Complex systems ● Manual workarounds ● Poor user interface ● Multiple systems not connected ● Time consuming process
  5. 5. At HP, an HR Transformation ● Only basic needs were fulfilled ● Boundaries are blurring between private and public ● Technology expected to be available 24/7 ● Social engagement and mobility are the new worm ● Heterogeneous application environment ● Legacy solution: unfriendly, fulfilled only the basic needs Existing HR system
  6. 6. At HP, an HR Transformation 3 Word Problem Statement Problem statement: Outdated HR processes Impact: ● Complex System and Frustrated employees ● High HR footprint ● More attention to maintenance than innovation
  7. 7. At HP, an HR Transformation Elevator Pitch ● The current system is often confusing or overwhelming to perform a single task ● HR processes will become more efficient by upto 80% ● HR managers can make more effective decisions about talent, locations, people ● Improved employee productivity can deliver approximately $50 million annually in indirect, measurable cost savings ● As SaaS platform, Workday environment updated regularly and automatically, ensuring continuous improvements over time ● With the new platform we can better manage one of the most critical assets-workforce.
  8. 8. At HP, an HR Transformation SaaS: Software as a Service HR SaaS powered by Workday:
  9. 9. At HP, an HR Transformation Relationship Diagram HR transformation at HP Finance Information Technology Human Resource Sales and marketing Customers R and D Country Sales Manager Country Sales Manager Country HR Manager Country HR Manager
  10. 10. At HP, an HR Transformation Threats and Opportunity Matrix Opportunity Threats Short term Operations cost reduction Resource optimization More efficient processes Improved productivity Better services for customers (real time, coverage etc…) Flexibility to market conditions Automatic update of workday environment Better traceability Disruption Stressing transition period Resistance from employees Steep learning curve for employees Cultural and language differences Project cost overrun Project implementation period Long term Allows for future growth with new customers Replacement of non standard and offline work process Reporting system for analysis Better equipment to manage HP talent Increased quality of human resource management More effective decisions Competitive advantage New partnerships Project implementation delay can have long lasting effects
  11. 11. At HP, an HR Transformation Stakeholder Analysis Stakeholder Project relationship View of project Importance General Manager/VP Sponsor +++ ++ HR Director Sponsor +++ +++ Sales Director Sponsor +++ ++ HR Managers Stakeholder +++ +++ Sales Managers Stakeholder + ++ Information Technology Stakeholder +++ + R and D Stakeholder +++ ++ Country HR Managers Stakeholder + ++ Country Sales Managers Stakeholder - +
  12. 12. At HP, an HR Transformation Success measurement ● Increased efficiency: complete end-to-end integration ● Quality of Work ● Improved productivity and powerful functionality ● Simplified and consistent HR application ecosystem ● Lower cost of ownership ● World-class usability: single point navigation, connected processes ● Reduction in annual costs: Eliminate need for costly upgrades
  13. 13. At HP, an HR Transformation Thank You !