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  1. 1. HYBRIDIZATION Submitted to submitted by Dr. Padmapriya.P.V Salu Sambasivan Asst. Professor 109 NSSTC, PANDALAM Natural Science
  2. 2. Hybridization is the process of developing plants and animals having some desired qualities like a high yield, disease resistance , tolerance to climate etc.
  3. 3.  Offspring produced by hybridisation are called hybrids  Through this technique high quality seeds are produced  Cross breeding between the two varieties is done to develop one variety, which has to desired charateristic of both them. And the new variety produced is know as hybrid variety.
  4. 4. Steps of hybridization Selection of parent plants with different qualities Removal of stamens from the female flower Collection of pollen grains from the male flower Pollinating the female flower using the collected pollen grains Covers the mother plant with polythene bag Collection of mature seeds from mother plant Select and grows better varieties of off springs
  5. 5.  Better quality plants are produced by repeating this process in several generation such choice for ensuring better quality are know as Selection  The hybrid verities developed through hybridization contribute a lot to the progress of agricultural sector  The hybrid verities having features like high yield disease resistance, ability to give high yield with in a short period are widely used.
  6. 6. Hybridcrops Rice -Aswathy, Jaya, IR-8, Jyothi Thriveni, Harsha, Suvarna Pepper - Panniyoor 1, Panniyoor 2, Karimunda, Kalluvally Pea - Jwalamukhi, Ujjwala Tomato – Sakthi, Mukthi, Anaka Bitterguard – Priya, Priyanka, Preethi
  7. 7. Steps of Hybridization in Maize
  8. 8. THANK YOU