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Health and Hygiene awareness sessions for the Service staff at Savar Campus, BRAC University, Bangladesh for DFC

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  1. 1. Design for change
  2. 2. Our Activity:To support Room Service attendance (RSA) workers to lead a better life
  3. 3. Purpose : To make their lives better by providing some basic knowledge
  4. 4. Documentaries and VideosPicturesSlidesPosters
  5. 5. Our Programs :Maintaining Good Health and HygieneTraffic SignalsHuman rights Drug Addiction AIDS
  6. 6. Maintaining Good Health And HygieneSome general diseases.Vaccination.Hygiene.Food and Drinking Water.
  7. 7. Traffic SignalsTraffic SystemTraffic SignsRoad Accidents
  8. 8. Drug AddictionCauses of Drug Addiction.The consequences of Drug Addiction.Solution
  9. 9. Human rights
  10. 10. AIDSCauses of Aids.Results of Aids.Necessary Steps to Avoid.
  11. 11. EvaluationQuestion-Answer SessionObservation
  12. 12. Before Conducting Our Course Didn’t know clearly about vaccination Didn’t know which foods are necessary for their health Were not conscious about the hygiene properly Were not aware about using foot over bridges and zebra- crossing Didn’t have a clear idea about road signs Were not aware about human rights Didn’t know what are the disadvantages of drugs Confusion about the causes and prevention of AIDS
  13. 13. After conducting course Idea about proper food and drinking water Proper knowledge about Vaccination and hygiene Clear conception about Traffic rules, signs, zebra-crossing and accidents Their rights as a human being Bad Effects Of Drug Addiction
  14. 14. Our achievement Some knowledges How to lead a better life Apply
  15. 15. Members :• 1.Ali Hasan• 2.Ishita Hossain Keya• 3.Saif Abdullah• 4.Sifat – E- Monzur Nisa• 5.Shuhata Akter Arupa• 6. Afsana Zerin Anika