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Daspronaukri.com company profile

  1. 1. DREAMS – ASPIRE - SOLUTIONSDear,we greetings from daspronaukri.com. I am glad to introduce as Mr. Raj at Kumar(directors) of one of the rapidly growing manpower Agency daspronaukri.com.Daspronaukri.com is one of the leading Manpower recruitment Agency, we provideManpower services to all the Companies. I would like to provide our services to yourcompany.We have an excellent database of candidates specializing on Sales, Engineering services,Manufacturing, Media, Software, Construction, Finance and Accounts, HR, IT, ITES, Non-IT,Legal, technical, Administration as well as Senior Management Levels etc. And we also workon Campus hearing in college.We are specialized in Headhunting candidates from the Target Companies given by theClients. I do overseas manpower supply to the gulf sector, now we have a plan to enter intowestern countries for the job placement to our candidates.We do business in India, so we would like to join with you. Please send your requirementsand terms & conditions everything to us as early as possible. Assuring you of Best ofServices and Quality Manpower. Please go our jobs portal and get free registrations yourcompany.Please provide your contact number or call me back at 08826335905/08826335906Or you can contact us through Email: daspronaukri2013@gmail.com.Appreciate your ResponseWith warms regards.ANJALI (H.R. Manager)DREAMS ASPIRE SOLUTIONS PVT.LTDEmail: daspronaukriclients@gmail.com (only clients)Website: daspronaukri.comJoin- us # 91+ 8826335905/8826335906 .OFFICE IN: DELHI, NOIDA, ORISSA, BIHAR.
  2. 2. DREAMS-ASPIRE-SOLUTIONSJOBS-PORTALBringing your employees to you....ABOUT USDaspronaukri.com is a manpower consulting firm and system integrated services, tailoredto client’s needs. Established in 2012, a division of Daspro Group. We deliver value to ourclients by combining knowledge of their businesses with expertise. The Registered office ofthe Company Situated at National Capital Territory of Delhi. The Object for the Companyas Online Jobs and Employment Consultancy Management in INDIA.We at believe and understand that an Organization’s success depends on its Core Values andthe excellent competence of its Human Resources. We strongly believe in the positivestrength of Human Values and our professional expertise strives to ensure that, it is the coreof every successful team and organization. Our solutions revolve around our belief. We havebuilt enduring relationship with our client across India. As a corporate partner, we sourceprofessional with intellectual horsepower to help organizations build their human capital onone hand and on the other we help individuals optimize their career.We developed our jobs portal as : www.daspronaukri.comWe have employee’s zone and just click ( Join-us ) you get became a member and we alsohave employer’s zone and just click (Company registration ) your company will be registerour portal.We provide Employers benefits as : Home pages – Add jobs – Removejobs – Modify jobs – Upload logo – Add Branch. Also we provide uniquepersonal USER-ID & PASSWORD . Designed as Employer’s personalofficial Website.
  3. 3. ‘Daspronaukri.com’ is committed to being the number one online recruitment agency.The site has been developed over a number of months by a team of experts workingtogether. The team are also experts in search engine optimization which will help boost therankings of the site in search engines, further increasing numbers of visitors to the site andultimately to your job listings. We also plan a number of high impact ongoing marketingcampaigns that will help build and maintain the profile of the company.‘Daspronaukri.com’ is committed to bringing together the highest quality and quantity ofjob and career opportunities with the most qualified and employable candidates. We offer acomplete and carefully managed service that can be individually designed for bothemployers and potential employees that includes high levels of expertise, encouragementand personal support.‘Daspronaukri.com’ has been designed and created by 2 teams of experiencedprofessionals working together in INDIA. Both teams work within the solid infrastructure ofhighly profitable and successful businesses who share a wealth of recruitment knowledgeand experience – both online and offline – and have worked hard to provide both employersand potential employees with an accessible and easy to use one stop jobs portal.All divisions serve a wide range of local, regional and multinational clients in the region andare recognized as market leaders in multiple areas. Our daily challenges are acquiring themost up-to-date knowledge in different management functions as well as an up-to-dateknowledge of the latest Technologies and utilizing this knowledge to maximize the valueadded services to our clients.Persistently working toward continuous improvement, and stretching our potential, wehave succeeded in developing models and tools that serve to identify our clients specificrequirements and cater to addressing them in the most effective and efficient manner. Webelieve that this represents our main competitive edge, and as such we strive to constantlyupgrade and fine-tune these methodologies to remain in line with local and regionalbusiness environments.We believe that our clients(Employer’s & Employee’s) success is our success, we believe inprofessionalism, we consistently maintain high standards for service and consultants to bealways able to bring the best team of senior consultants to bear on every single project.
  4. 4. We understand our clients (Employee’s & Employer’s) basic needs; we comprehend theirrequirement specific language. We live the way they live. We help enterprises exploreextraordinary opportunities, manage and sustain growth, and maximize revenue.Vision and MissionVISION: To be one of the top most jobs portal company before on 2020.MISSION: Understand clients and deliver value added cost effective solutionWe Are In· Demonstrated competence in headhunting / resourcing niche skills.· We have placed Junior, Senior & Middle Management professional in IT/ITES; Non-IT;Banking; HR; FMCG; Construction; Telecom etc.· A team of experienced professional, specializing in various verticals.· A client list that speaks for us.Where we are goingAspiring to be one of the top professional One Stop JOBS PORTAL agencies in INDIA. Ourfocus is on providing a fast, effective, personal service for clients with high standardsdemanding high caliber candidates, properly screened & briefed, with expectations thatmeet the client’s objectives. We target to bridge the gap between the candidates and theemployers and cater to the Human Resource requirements of a certain number ofcompanies.We believe in establishing a long-term relationship with our clients by delivering value-added cost effective services of high quality. We also ensure that all our processing will bereliable, fair-minded and efficient.As an exclusive division, Daspronaukri.com aims to provide quality solutions to all yourrecruitment strategies. Our consultants work on, specialist teams covering fresher’s, junior,mid and senior level appointments in India in various functional areas.We have our own job portal, benefiting not only the candidates but also help the franchiseand Recruiter to minimize the gap of communication. We also undertake Non DisclosureAgreement with the client so as to maintain the secrecy of the critical data.
  5. 5. QuickWe understand their business needs and meet their requirement quickly. The secret toeffective speed in this business is People networking and we are constantly networking toensure that our client does not have to wait for a solution. Effective The emphasis is onquality solutions. This way we ensure that our client gets the best. Solutions provided by usare lasting and effective. Our team brings to you knowledge and experience in both businessand technology that help smooth your way through the intricate hurdles of Human Resource.Value Addition:Being a division of the DASPRO group daspronaukri.com Consultancy able to meet theclients HR Facility Management , Payroll software needs, Managing Payroll Process and evenConducting Training for the development of the employees .We have got extensive database of candidates from all functional areas where technology isgiven very high priority. Majority of our candidates come from diverse technical skills andCMM Level companies located in India. Our operation is Delhi to leverage demand andsupply of resources. All our candidates undergo a preliminary assessment, ensuring therebythat they are the right candidates to fulfill your requirements. Daspro is working and havestrong network across India to meet any kind of demand.Daspronaukri.com prides itself on its attention to detailed and quality service. We arealmost certain that our clients that we work would feel the same about their ownorganizations. However, when it comes to recruitment, it is surprising to see how many get itwrong! Your recruitment process is quite often the first impression that a new employee hasof your organization - it is essential that this process is handled in an efficient andprofessional manner to maintain your name in the market.Daspronaukri.com can help you to streamline your recruitment process, improveefficiency and ensure that you never have to search for new talent - They will come to you!Daspronaukri.com charges the client company a professional fee, which would amountto a certain percentage of the annual gross salary of the selected candidate. Candidates areexempted from remitting any fees for the service rendered.
  6. 6. EthicsBy demonstrating to stakeholders that we meet high ethical standards in all aspects of ourwork, and that we are committed to helping address challenges, we can maintain theirsupport. Our reputation, the standards we operate to and our employment practices alsoaffect our ability to attract, retain and motivate the best people.Our ClientsAlmost every company has something about client focus in its mission statement. The largerthe service organization, the more executives tend to insulate themselves from clients. Somerely on client-satisfaction surveys and focus groups. Others simply assume that clients arejust like them! These kinds of service companies end up delivering services that suit them,not their clients. Well, we do not …!We understand that our clients (Employer’s & Employee’s) work in all sorts of businesssectors and industries and may be company directors, middle management or junior staffmembers. They have different goals, with different requirement needs, even their culturesand their business environments might be different.Despite these differences they share a number of common goals. They may wish to develop acompetitive edge to maintain their success growth in increasingly competitive workenvironments.*Achieve a goals to have the minimum impact for Interruptions* Better nurture their staff to achieve to their highest performance levels*Make an immediate, measurable and lasting difference in their enterprise* Improve their project management skills and relationships*Solve problems more effectively and be solution-focusedAdvantages:.Technically qualified team for IT and Non-IT Recruitments· Quality Database· Headhunting Services.· Recruitment Consulting: Temporary or Permanent· Executive Search WingLooking forward to build fruitful relationship ahead and to serve your organization too withour Recruitment and Placement Services.With warms regards.ANJALI ( H.R. Manager )DREAMS ASPIRE SOLUTIONS PVT.LTDRegd: Us-252-A. 4thFloor. Chander vihar.I-p Extn. Laxmi nagar. New Delhi: 110092Email:daspronaukriclients@gmail.com (only clients)Email:daspronaukriresume@gmail.com (only jobs-seekers)Email:daspronaukrifreelance@gmail.com (only freelancer)Website:www.daspronaukri.comJoin- us # 91+ 8826335905/8826335906.
  7. 7. JOIN WITH USFREE*****UP-LOAD RESUME &FREE*****COMPANY REGISTRATIONSRegistrations your company and get benefits before 7 days.Home pagesAdd jobsRemove jobsModify jobsUpload logoAdd BranchUSER- ID & PASSWORDCEO,MassagesThere are two great days in a person’s life-the day we are born and the day we discover why we are born”Show Thanks to FATHER & MOTHER .Show Thanks to GOD.Show Thanks to NATUER.Show Thanks to GURU.Show Thanks to YOU.
  8. 8. DREAMS -ASPIRE -SOLUTIONSRECRUITING FREELANCER JOBS CONSULTANCYWhat is Freelancing?Some times life can get tough, and you probably are thinking, let me quit myJob and work for myself. In short, freelancing definition is, working for yourself; this is a plain and simple explanation.Nowadays, there are many people in the field of freelancing. Top most reasonsfor that are:A. You can work with the convenience of your own scheduleB. You can work from homeC. You don’t have a boss of over youWell these are the top most practical reasons of being a freelancer. For manypeople the dream of independence turns into reality when they becomefreelancers. Consulting or freelancing is the most straight forward pathtowards being your own boss. You can succeed with freelancing, with yourcommitment and seriousness with the work you do.Purpose of freelancing/consulting should be very clear to you. You cannotstart doing something, without having an aim or goal.Freelancing positions are available full time or part time. It depends on you, ofwhat you would like to do. If you have an experience in certain field ofexpertise than you can start working full time in convenience of your ownhours through freelancing. But however, without an experience, it is notadvisable to leave a full time Job just to start freelancing.
  9. 9. You can freelance part time, and even that can give you an experience moreinto making you an experienced person in the field. If you plan to freelancewhile at your full time job, it will also help you to have more options forsuccess. The moment you have steady source of income outside yourfreelancing work, your time line for finding clients can be longer, you cantherefore be choosy about your projects and clients, your financial needs arecovered during your start-up period.Freelancing will help you to set your own agreements; you can choose to be aregistered freelancer as well. Freelancing does not put any work pressure onyou.Secondly, Freelancing can be your dreams come true. I am sure we all havecertain dreams, where our careers are concerned, you might have a uniquedream you want to get fulfilled and so freelancing can be one of the ways tofulfill your dream at the same time make you an independent proud person.The last thing in freelancing is the importance of wining clients and spreadinga word of your services. For many people this can be a challenge, but it is notall, that hard when it comes to advertising or spreading a word of yourservices. Email is the fastest and convenient ways to advertise of yourservices. You can also try yellow pages or white pages to advertise, but eitherways, you will find, after all it is not hard work.JOBS CONSULTANCY BUSINESSLike any other business, starting a recruiting business takes time, knowledgeand capital. Recruiting can be a very lucrative business. Contingencyrecruiting is the most common recruiting business structure. Contingencyrecruiting is where your firm earns a fee only after a placement is made.Companies do not pay fees to interview your candidates. They only pay fees ifthey hire one of your candidates. Recruiting takes a great deal of time to learnand build. It takes the average recruiter six months before they see any moneyfrom their activities. But recruiting business through freelancer its toodeferent way to growth your income source.
  10. 10. HOW TO STARTS FREELANCE RECRUITMENT CONSULTANCY?Kindly Note:- Following offer to start a Recruitment consultancy freelanceis feasible, if you are a resident of India.So, you wish to start Recruitment ( staffing ) Placement consultancy fromhome. It is a very lucrative business and you can start this from anycity/town/village of India. You can start this business from your own home.You do not have to personally meet the candidates, the entire process can bedone on email or phone.NOTE:- Never take franchise without experience of any recruitmentconsultancy, as it will hardly help you, as there is no well known consultancyin India, which may bring any brand value, instead set up your ownconsultancy, in your own name, and run it and build it and take the advantageof having your very own consultancy and not a franchise ,because if you takefranchise of some other consultancy, than you spend your time/efforts/energyto promote the name/interests of some other consultancy..What you need to set up your own Recruitment consultancy freelance.a) You do not need any office, as now a days, candidates do not visit the officesof consultants, everything happens on phone/email. So you can do this fromhome.b) You do not need any registration/permission from any Govt. authority forsetting up a Recruitment Consultancy freelance in India.c) You need vacancies from various companies, who are ready to pay you aservice charge equivalent to 30 days salary of the selected candidates.d) You need subscription of a job portal like timesjobs.com or naukri.com ormonster.com or daspronaukri.com.How much it cost, to set up a new Recruitment consultancy company.You need a office, registration/permission from any Govt. Subscription cost ofa job portal + expenses to generate vacancies from various companies.As you can see, the process of setting up a consultancy is expensive. And thereis this risk factor, that despite your best efforts, you may not be successful.
  11. 11. We have a solution to this problem.Before setting up your own Recruitment consultancy, you must check, if thisbusiness really suits you. You can check the potential of this business and seeif it really suits you. Than only you should invest in setting up your ownconsultancy.We have an offer for you, you can work as a part time recruiter ( from yourhome) on 50% profit sharing basis, with our recruitment consultancy .1) We shall give you a vacancy, along with company name and address, wherethis vacancy exist. We already have an agreement with this company, that ifwe provide a suitable staff to them, they will pay a commission to ourconsultancy, which is generally equivalent to 30 days salary of the selectedcandidates, as per vary to company to company strategy of payment mode.2) We also give you, matching bio data’s of candidates, as per requirements ofthe vacancy. These bio data’s are picked up from various areas through jobsportals, freelancer, franchises, collage, institutes, and etc.3) You will have to call / email these candidates, and try to convince them, toattend the interviews in the given company. To ensure complete transparency,you will be allowed to speak to the employers, to fix up the interviewsschedule, and you will also find out the outcome of the interviews, by making adirect phone call to the employers. So, that way you will be the first person tofind out if any candidate is selected or not, If any candidate is selected, thanthat company pay us a commission equivalent to 30 days salary of the selectedcandidate.( This commission is paid by the employer from their pocket, andnothing is charged from the candidates)4) Out of 30 days commission received by us, we pay you 50% for your efforts.For example, if selected candidates salary is Rs. 25,000/- per month , than youget Rs. 12,500/-, which is sent to you by a cheque/DD.5) After that, you get second vacancy, from a different company, along withmatching bio data’s. And once you fill up second vacancy, than you will getthird vacancy, so it will go on like this, as long as you wish to work for us.
  12. 12. This way , you are able to gain the practical experience of recruitmentbusiness and are able to earn a handsome 50% commission also. And onceyou have gained sufficient experience, and also earned handsome amount byappointing 8 to 10 candidates, than you can invest the same amount , andstart your own consultancy, in your own name. So, that way, you do not haveto invest much from your own pocket, in starting your own consultancy.To protect your interest and to ensure, that you get your 50% commission,after the candidate is selected, we also have a written contract between us.The copy of the contract can be sent to you. We also charge a small fee of Rs.10000/- from you, along with the contract.As per my experience recruitment consultancy business, is a very promisingbusiness. Its market is very high on today.Desired Candidate Profile:Candidate willing to take responsibility of the given area.- Have create good database of local candidates.- Can work on his/ her own on the given requirements.- Having good and in depth knowledge, ambitious, enthusiasms, andpractical attitude of growth on his/her future in this Industry.- Maintain weekly calls and appointments in MIS.- To Protects organizations value by keeping information confidential.Interested candidates must apply at :daspronaukrifreelance@gmail.com or daspronaukri2013@gmail.comPlease call me at 08826335905/8826335906 for any further details.ANJALI ( H.R. Manager )DREAMS ASPIRE SOLUTIONS PVT.LTDRegd: Us-252-A. 4thFloor. Chander vihar.I-p Extn. Laxmi nagar. New Delhi: 110092Website:www.daspronaukri.com