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know how to handle a airport?

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  3. 3. AIRPORT HANDLINGAirports handling commercial air travel.The check-in is normally handled byan airline itself or a handling agent workingon behalf of an airline. Passengers usuallyhand over any baggage that they do not wishor are not allowed to carry on tothe aircrafts cabin and receive a boardingpass before they can proceed to board theiraircraft.
  4. 4. AIRPORT HANDLING Passenger identity registrationBaggage registrationSeating registration Online check-in Mobile check-inGate/Lounge check-in Change of reservationsPremium check-in and lounge access
  5. 5. AIRPORT HANDLINGAirport OperationsBaggage OperationsCommunications and InfrastructurePassenger OperationsTransportation Security
  6. 6. Airport OperationAirports are getting busier all the time. They needto continuously improve their business resultswhile increasing their capacity and streamliningtheir activities by:Proactively controlling their real-timeoperationsImplementing robust and efficient operationalplanningEnabling systems integration and collaborationInvesting in flexible systems and agile solutions
  7. 7. Airport OperationFlight Operations Flight Operations maximize crew and flight plan management, minimizingcosts without compromising security.Specifically, Flight Operations:Addresses business, operational and safety needs of all stakeholdersinvolved in flight operations (pilot and cabin staff, dispatchers, air trafficcontrollers, etc.)Simplifies flight operations by delivering services that integrate criticalapplications with data linking - effectively extending the application into theaircraft cockpit A unique combination of applications to support flight operations with aglobal network, providing links via satellite and VHF radio to aircraftcomputersCombines software solutions with industry best practices to maximizeasset utilizationMinimizes costs without compromising securityDelivers real-time data exchange with aircraft and crew worldwide
  8. 8. Airport Baggage Handling
  9. 9. Airport Baggage Handling Systems
  10. 10. Baggage OperationBaggage Operation has been developed to significantly reducemishandled baggage and, as a result, decrease costs, improve on-time departures, enhance security and improve passengersatisfaction. Based in over 200 countries around the world and supported bystate-of-the-art operational and monitoring systems, their role is toensure solutions run with enhanced operational reliability andefficiency. Baggage helps to ensure the fastest and most efficientthroughput of bags - from flight to flight, airline to airline, andairport to airport.Baggage Operation uses highly redundant IP-based global linksto direct, track and trace passenger baggage throughout thejourney - from check-in to final destination. This saves valuabletime and money.Baggage Operation is used by more than 100 airports and 450airlines worldwide.
  11. 11. Baggage handling systemEspecially for small airport facilities
  12. 12. CommunicationsCommunications Airports helps our network infrastructure:Ensure a safe and secure space, while allowingpassengers and operators to move freely around the airportOptimize collaboration between airport stakeholders toimprove efficiency and reduce costsOffer high-availability services, including mission-criticalinfrastructure and systemsIncrease non-aeronautical revenue to boost profitability provides a wide portfolio of products and services tomeet airports requirements, including:Network access and shared physical infrastructure(Airport Hub, Wireless Airports, e-Aircraft, AirportLink, Wi-Fi products)
  13. 13. CommunicationsMobility solutions and mobile radio communications Voice andConvergenceAirports comes in four models, allowing to match our specificsourcing processes and plans. These models cover a range ofrequirements - from new-build terminals and technology refresh toout-tasking and greater mobility.Airports offers integration capabilities, managed services and outsourcing, and commercialization opportunity.From anywhere in the airport, to any user in the airport(passenger, airline, aircraft,), to anywhere in the worldWired or wireless, on any device type (laptop, tablet, mobilephone)With multi-purpose services including data, voice, video, mobileand applications
  14. 14. Infrastructure Infrastructure helps simplify our operations byreducing the number of suppliers work with.Through leveraging global presence, will achieveincreased cost control and reduce costs.Infrastructure also enables to focus on strategicinitiatives as it facilitates access to innovativetechnologies. Infrastructure is a fully customizable solution thatoffers a tailored portfolio of integrated and end-to-endmanaged products and services.The responsibility for managing a diverse range ofservices from multiple providers will progressively betransferred , allowing to focus on business.
  15. 15. InfrastructureInternational and domesticManaged LANCablingNetwork support,Vendor managementService management.Infrastructure Management is built on three differentiators:Customized pricing modelsSimplified operationsFacilitated access to innovationAny product or service from Communications & Infrastructure Solutions portfolio canbe offered as a component of this tailored solution. When the solution involvesservices that are not in the portfolio, will work with to identify the best third-partysuppliers to ensure a fully integrated solution. also be able to access leading productsthrough with specific suppliers.
  16. 16. Passenger OperationNew technologies and lifestyle changes makecustomer service requirements more and moresophisticated.Airlines must constantly re-evaluate strategies andbe prepared to evolve. Passenger allows to reduce costs, improveprofitability and simplify while grow and adapt.Passenger is part of Horizon, integrated solutionsportfolio of products and services for passenger anddistribution.
  17. 17. Passenger Operation a sustainable Passenger solution for more than 30 years.As a neutral provider focused on the airlines’ interests, andbelieve customer services should be delivered in a scalable, future-proof and cost-effective manner. This enables to achieve goals whilecontrolling costs.Passenger reduces costs and increases business value. It enables yto adapt in a constantly changing environment with new processesand applications – from inventory and reservations to ticketing anddeparture control.Passenger is a comprehensive and feature-rich suite of coreservices. These services support a broad range of requirements andoperational models.Passenger is used by more than 150 airlines, alliances and groundhandlers worldwide, processing more than 120 million passengersannually.
  18. 18. Passenger OperationDeliver the autonomy customers want through:Online bookingSelf-service check-in and boardingStreamlined baggage handling facilitiesPassenger Processing is a flexible solution tofacilitate passenger operations, while also serving asa common platform between all stakeholders acrossthe industry.
  19. 19. Check-in counters
  20. 20. Self-check-in at Dublin Airport
  21. 21. Passenger Operation Experience to deliver applications, hardware andservices needed to allow passenger autonomy in amulti-channel world. unique portfolio of productsand services help transform passenger processingpractices in the following areas:Check-in processesBaggage collection processesBoarding processesCompliance with passenger transportation securityTransfer processesArrival and post-flight processesPassenger information and notification
  23. 23. TRANSPOTATION SECURITYUnrivalled experience in the air transportindustry and know-how in the use ofadvanced applications help airlines manageall processes of flight operations. provide end-to-end connections, integrated applicationsand act as a central communications hub forthe global air transport industry ecosystem.
  24. 24. Ground Operations: ULDhandling
  25. 25. British Airways The biggest airport 70 million….
  26. 26. Airport handling process for the new terminal, aimed at the year 2025.