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Joint Thinking Starter Kit


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Joint thinking can be energizing, productive and can produce great results.

Yet often the setup and the techniques for joint thinking are poorly taken care of. This leads to meeting frustration, de-motivated teams and poor results.

This is your starter kit for satisfying joint thinkig experiences.
Use it, have great sessions and let me know if it worked!

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Joint Thinking Starter Kit

  1. 1. JOINT THINKING ! STARTER KIT A collection of very basic yet highly effective means to improve joint thinking put together by Anja Kantowsky !
  2. 2. About this document >12 years experience facilitating meetings >20 years meeting experience Passionate for people & working together Bad meetings are a drag Improving is easy and fun! Good practice -> results -> ☺ Collection of practices for joint thinking Complete Scientific
  3. 3. Someone opens a matter to think about Some don’t answer ! - maybe question is unclear, maybe they need more thinking time? Some answer Ad-hoc thinking setup in teams What are we thinking about? Inputs mightget lost Difficult setup for introverts
  4. 4. Improved setup: ! Write down the matter to think about With a written topic or question everyone knows what to think about Ways to do this: Just a topic ! e.g. Sales situation Narrowing it down! e.g. Improving our sales situation A question! e.g. What can we do to spur sales? Narrowed down = easy to come with input
  5. 5. Standard for documenting inputs:! Taking notes on a flipchart People utter their thinking Someone is taking notes “translation” of inputs might cause irritation Linear setup =a lot of time for all inputs Difficult setup for introverts
  6. 6. Improved setup for gathering of inputs:! Hand out sticky notes and pen Handing sticky notes and pen to each person at the table helps to overcome all issues with linear documenting by someone. Only one thought per sticky note Descriptive &understandable
  7. 7. Setup without a person taking notes:! Put the matter to think about on the table With a written subject in the middle of the table the thinking energy of the group stays focused. Great to stop multitaskingin a group!
  8. 8. Gathering of inputs – the pro setup Use graphical organizers to sort inputs right away. In such a setup, everyone is asked to locate her/his sticky notes in the overall picture. Saves a lot of time whenjointlyexploring inputs
  9. 9. Explore the following topics if you’re up for more Have fun!