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Aranoah Products


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Aranoah Product journey

Published in: Business
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Aranoah Products

  1. 1. Simplifying Business
  2. 2. 2011 the year we started our entrepreneur journey History Unfolded 2012 the year we delivered virtual event platform to a Greece startup 2013 & 2014 the year we delivered to an Indian startup 2014 & 2015 the year we built our 1st product HereiamConnect Master Platform 2016 the year we are on multiple sub products Job In Pockets , Truck N Transport & Kea Labs
  3. 3. Company Products Its is an online platform that helps businesses to find transport providers in an competitive bidding platform and get goods delivered on time. Transport agencies can now able to plan better way for their truck load not to return empty. Its a b2b healthcare marketplace which connects hospitals and other healthcare centers to dealers or manufactures and seamlessly buy or make the deal over community based e-commerce marketplace HereIam is a community based business discovery marketplace HEREIAM (HiM) TNT HEALBIZ
  4. 4. HereIam is a community based business discovery marketplace . Product -1
  5. 5. Business features stack Appointment Management Inventory Management Sell product on Facebook Order by attachment during chat Product -1
  6. 6. Product -1
  7. 7. skilled workforce social marketplace JobInPocket Product -2
  8. 8. Work Force COST SPEED AVAILABILITY QUALITY solving workforce problem for Industries high cost for maintaining permanent employees? Hire only for the duration required. wasting time to find workers? JIP Care to on board single or entire team in real time Not finding workers when required? 24X7 availability of the workers pool Feeling insecure on worker quality? Maintains transparent rating and feedback of workers
  9. 9. Kea Labs TNT Business Models Freight bidding and booking
  10. 10. Kea Labs HEALBIZ Business Models
  11. 11. CONTACT US email +91-9711149747mobile