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Olympic brochure aitor eta_maria


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A brochure created by students at ANITURRI BHI, the Basque Country

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Olympic brochure aitor eta_maria

  1. 1. Basque sportmen and sportwomen are not allowed to compete for the Basque national team. Therefore, they compete for Spain or France.Basque Pelota was a demonstration sport at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City. In1900 in the Games in Paris, it was the third time that the sport was included in the Olympicprogram. In 1992 in the Games in Barcelona, it would be included as a demonstration sport once again. Since Basque Pelota was a demonstration sport, medals were awarded, but the medals were not official and did not count in the respective nations medal totals.The Basque Country football team (Euskal Herriko futbol selekzioa) is considered thenational team of the Basque Country greater region as selected players from the BasqueCountry Autonomous Community, the nearby Navarre and the Northern Basque Country inFrance play for it. They are not affiliated with FIFA or UEFA and therefore are only allowedto play friendly matches. As a result, when Basque football players play international matches,they compulsory play for Spain or France. SURFING. After competing for ten years for the Basque National team, the European Committee forbade it in 2001. However, Basque surfers were invited to compete at the Celtic Games in 2003. Basque surfers were so good that they were invited them back again. As a result of winning each year the Celtic competition, they have taken part in the Games every year. The Basque Surfers National Team is waiting for a court decision to know if one day they will be allowed to compete for their national team. London Games 2012’s two mascots:
  2. 2. -WENLOCK: One of the Olympic mascots for London 2012. It has aheadlight, inspired by the lights on London’s black taxis. Its face is basedon the shape of the Olympic Stadium roof. It also has friendship bands,with the colours of the Olympic rings. WENLOCK MANDEVILLE-MANDEVILLE: It’s another Olympic mascot for London 2012. It hasheadlight, inspired by the lights on London’s black taxis too. It has anAerodynamic head shape, like a helmet and in the three Paralympic colours.
  3. 3. BAT BASQUE TEAM, was create by the Basque Government and by thepublic television EITB with the aim of promoting Basque sportmen andwomen. For example, Iker Martinez Racing Team. Iker Martinez Racing Team, is formed bytwo sportmen called Iker Martinez and XabiFernandez. In the modality of 49er theyachieved the gold medal in the Olympicgames in Athens 2004, and the silver medalin Beijing 2008. They have also been thewinners in Europe, and in the worldchampionship.August 18, 2008 - Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images AsiaPac) BASQUE SKIER WAS SELECTED FOR OLYMPICSBasque skier Paul de la Cuesta, hailing from Donostia-San Sebastian, wasselected for the winter Olympic games in Vancouver 2010.Paul competed member of the Basque Bat Team.This was only Pauls second season as a senior skier, after a four-yearjunior career in which he had competed in more than 200 races. In 2011, the BAT Basque Team, 42 athletes, 27 sportman and 15 sportwoman won three gold medals and four bronze medals in the World Championship, the second place in the Barcelona World Race and the expedition of Naturgas/BBK Trasantartika. Some of this sportman and woman are the bodyboarder Eunate Aguirre,the canoeist Ekaitz Saies, the olympic shooter Juan José Aramburu, thetaekwondist Jon García, the adapted cyclist Aitor Oroza, the sailingwinners Iker Martinez and Xabi Fernandez and the mountaineers andadventurers Alberto Iñurrategi, Juan Vallejo and Mikel Zabalza. Up to now only four of them are going to participate inthe London Olympics 2012: the triathlete AinhoaMurua, the shooters Pablo Carrera and Juan JoséAramburu, and the walker Mikel Odriozola.
  4. 4. -Volunteers will make the Games happen – They are called London 2012 Games Makers Volunteers have been integral to both Summer and Winter Olympic andParalympic Games since they were used for the first time at London 1948.So in 2012, the volunteer programme will be coming home to the city.The top 10 facts about the London 2012 Games Maker programme.1. Applications to the Games Maker programme are now closed to thegeneral public2. We received over 240,000 Games Maker applications3. Throughout 2011 and early 2012 we are inviting successful applicants to aselection event4. We want our volunteers to come from all walks of life and from acrossthe UK5. Games Makers will have the same values and passion as us6. Volunteers will be given an official Games Maker uniform7. Games Makers will volunteer for a minimum of 10 days during theGames and attend at least three days of training8. Volunteers will find their own means of transport and accommodation9. Games Makers are not entitled to free tickets or back stage passes10. Over 2,000 16-18 year olds are volunteering through the Young GamesMaker programme.
  5. 5. -Games Makers’ Role: There are 32 teams (also known as functional areas, or FAs) whoneed Games Makers. There are divided them into 10 departments. Eachteam needs a different number of Games Makers – some require fewerthan 50 while others need a few thousand. Most roles will be Games-timespecific, but some will require volunteers to be available from spring 2012for pre-Games preparation.-The majority of London 2012 volunteers will be needed at Games time, but a select number of volunteers, known as Trailblazers, are needed in the run-up to the Games. Over 400 Trailblazers have been recruited since January 2009. EachTrailblazer volunteers one day a week for a minimum of four months,performing a wide range of administrative duties. Some are based at the LOCOG offices in Canary Wharf, volunteering invarious departments, from Sport to Communications. Others are based atExCeL London, helping out with the recruitment of our Games-timevolunteers at Games Maker selection events.All Trailblazers must:  be aged 18 years old  have good written and verbal English;  have excellent communication skills;  be able to volunteer for one shift a week for a minimum of three months;  be eligible to volunteer within the UK in accordance with immigrations rules; and
  6. 6.  sign both a confidentiality agreement and a letter of agreement. Trailblazers are invaluable members of our team, and will be with us everystep of the way until the Games. Trailblazers are expected to display thefollowing:  Flexibility – you should be adaptable and able to learn from different situations and deal with changing priorities.  Commitment – you should be dedicated to London 2012 and willing to take on some personal responsibility.  Friendliness – you should be helpful, welcoming and supportive of team members.  A positive attitude – you should be enthusiastic, service-focused and have a can do attitude.  Communication skills – you should have good interpersonal skills.-What is a London Ambassador? Being a Games Maker is just oneway to volunteer at Games time - the Mayor of London is running a separate programme during the summer of 2012. London Ambassadors are going to be the face of todays London and tocome from a range of backgrounds and communities. The minimum age for London Ambassadors is 16 (born on or before 1January 1996). To be a London Ambassador you must have a passion, enthusiasm and pridefor London that easily rubs off on everyone else. Whether you were born inBow, study in Stepney or work in Westminster, your excitement andaffection for London will help bring the city to life for visitors in2012.Youll also have fantastic people skills. London Ambassadors must havethe confidence, patience and resilience to communicate with people from allwalks of life; from sports fans desperate to get to the Olympic Stadium, tofamilies looking for a bite to eat on a budget.
  7. 7. AITOR I am going to watch the Olympic games on television. I don’t like muchwatching sports on TV, but I like some of the sports. The games that I likemost are the pole vault. It is impressive to see how a person can jump sohigh with only a stick, it surprises me. I like extreme kayaking because Ilike watching the athletes going through thewater. I also like wrestling because I likefights, and because one of the Basqueathletes named Maider Unda, who is ashepherd, competes in wrestling.MARIA At the London Olympic Games 2012, I will follow some sports, but I won’twatch all of them. I like track, because a lot of people in my family takepart in it. The athlete who I want to win is Naroa Agirre. I am also going towatch swimming, and my favorite swimmer is Borja Iradier. I don’t dislikecycling, and I think that Leire Olaberria will win a medal again.
  8. 8. - Our Olympic message.The world united by the beauty of sport.