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Brochure sports facilities in my area by xabi


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What sport facilities are there in the area Iive?

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Brochure sports facilities in my area by xabi

  1. 1. CIVIC EDUCATIONTHE SPORTS CENTER in BARRUNDIA 2011-2012The Sport Center of Barrundia is the SPORTplace where the people of the area go FACILITIES INto practise sport. It is free for every MY AREA: BARRUNDIAbody, so anyone can go there to playdiferent sports. They also organize so-me sport activities in the Sports Cen-ter and they also use it for concerts 4. DBHand parties. CIVIC EDUCATION 2011-2012 Xabier Mendaza ANITURRI INSTITUTUA 4. DBH 2011
  2. 2. Ozaeta SPORT FACILITIES IN MY If you want to practise more VILLAGE sports you can go to Vitoria- In Ozaeta wa have a sport centerOzaeta is an example of a lovely village in Gasteiz, the city that is 18the Basque Country. It is located very clo- where you can play diferent sports kilometres away from Ozae-se to Vitoria-Gsteiz ajad it has got 200 like basketaball, football hall, racket- ta.inhabitants. It is a very peaceful place be- ball, euskal pelota, zestapunta andcause it has a lot of forests and moun- different sports. MY FAVOURITE SPORT ACTIVITYtains to walk. When you are in this village, My favourite sport activity is tableyou feel the contact with the nature and Near the sports center there is a tennis, which I can practise in myyou breath clean air. In Ozaeta there is a football field where plays the Barrun-very old church and ther are a lot old and dia FC, the team of the village. Theybeutiful houses. The church of the village are also basketball baskets aroundis called the church of San Juan. the village. Ozaeta is also a good place to go trecking and walking beacause, near the village are a lot of way around forests and mountains. If you want to do swiming Ozaeta is CIVIC EDUCATION very near of the Swanp of Garaio, 2011-2012 that is very near for Ozaeta. ANITURRI INSTITUTUA