Brochure sport facilities in my area maite


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Brochure created by a Comenius student.

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Brochure sport facilities in my area maite

  1. 1. MY FAVOURITE SPORT CIVIC EDUCATION 2011-2012 My favourite sport: athletics. I train twice a week in Vitoria- Gasteiz. Welcome to the Basque Country 4. DBH CIVIC EDUCATION 2011-2012 Maite Ugarte. ANITURRI INSTITUTUA 4. DBH 2011
  2. 2. Ozaeta and SPORT FACILITIES IN MY VILLAGE In Agurain people speak Spanish,Agurain but also Basque There are 2 schools In Agurain, there is a football feld to play soccer, and that’s where and a secondary school where we people train. There is also an indoor study in Basque. Agurain also offers pool for training or swimming,and activities such as swimming, foot- many other rooms for other sports such as a gym for weight -lifting, a ball, basket, etc. spinning and aerobics room ...My village is Ozaeta. This village There is also another building next tois in the Basque Country. It is not I think Agurain is very nice and you this one, where you can train andvey big but it isn´t very small. I can learn a lot because there are a lot practice basketball or play pelotastudy in Agurain. of cultural activities. In my opinion,, one of the sight you must see when you visit it is Santa MariaAgurain is a nice and confortable Santa Maria Church is part of theplace. It is in Alava, and it has old city wall and the funniest thingabout 3,000 inabitants. One of the CIVIC EDUCATION 2011-2012 is that it has a tiny windows whichmost beuutiful parts in Agurain is was usad to see enemies coming.the “Calle Mayor” because there Many many other churches do notis still a long wall . Agurain was have it.surrounded by walls in the medie-