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Mendeley Data: Enhancing Data Discovery, Sharing and Reuse


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Mendeley Data: Enhancing Data Discovery, Sharing and Reuse

  1. 1. February 11, 2020 Anita de Waard, Alberto Zigoni, Elsevier Enhancing Data Discovery, Sharing and Reuse
  2. 2. 11.02.2020 Meet our hero: a cancer biologist • Specialized in liver cancer • Runs a lab of 6 people • Focusing on understanding the molecular mechanics of liver cancer to identify biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis • Mostly pre-clinical research, mouse models and diseased tissue samples • Research has been supported by various NIH grants
  3. 3. Private 11.02.2020 The research (data) journey: private and public •literature (and data) search to assess state of the art and identify gapsDiscover •Run experiments and collect data •Collaborate •Collaborate on project data with team members and external researchers Collaborate •Report on data that is produced for a specific grant •Share data in domain specific and generalist / institutional repository Publish Researcher • Data published in institutional data repositoryCurate • Data and related publications / projects / awards in public portal Showcase • Datasets published everywhere • Compliance to funders’ policies Track Institution Public
  4. 4. 11.02.2020 Discover: Mendeley Datasearch: find related work Sequencing Data (NIH repository) Western Blots (Mendeley Data) Deep indexing Acronym expansion HCC = Hepatocellular Carcinoma 20.5m datasets from 1,700+ sources
  5. 5. Collaborate: store and share experiment/project data Project members can share data sources inside project Multiple data sources (incl. institutional servers) available Datasets can be viewed & edited by all project members (role based access) Large files copied server-to- server asynchronously.
  6. 6. 11.02.2020 Curate: institute/library moderates data before dataset is publicly shared Institutional moderation queues Dataset moderator view Moderation history email notification
  7. 7. 11.02.2020 Publish: add metadata and license to data Type-ahead from taxonomy Custom metadata templates configured Broad choice of data and software licenses Semantic links to articles, datasets, software Reserved DOI prior to publication, can be used in manuscript to cite data Multiple sharing options 100 GB per dataset (configurable)
  8. 8. 11.02.2020 Repository page includes relevant datasets from domain specific repositories as well Showcase: institution-branded data sharing
  9. 9. 11.02.2020 Report: on created/published data in repository
  10. 10. 11.02.2020 Report: integrate grants, publications and datasets in funder’s reporting system
  11. 11. 11.02.2020 Track: monitor institutional datasets published anywhere Enriched dataset metadata include institutional IDs (Scopus, SciVal, Mendeley) to facilitate tracking 1700+ data sources indexed APIs for integration
  12. 12. Mendeley Data is a full research data management suite: Data Repository Publish MD Data Search Discover dB Institutional Product Data Manager Curate Data Monitor Report Track NIH Collaborate Free Open, API’s Secure Tailored Paid • Data is always owned by the user • 16 possible open licenses • Archiving with DANS • Open API”s to many platforms Data Repository Publish Showcase MD
  13. 13. We are well-connected to the global RDM ecosystem:
  14. 14. NB: ‘Data Repository Selection, Criteria That Matter’
  15. 15. Anita de Waard, Alberto Zigoni, Eric Livingston, Thank you! • Anita de Waard, • Alberto Zigoni,
  16. 16. Extra Slides
  17. 17. 1billion Over 16 m people a month use ScienceDirect, our flagship platform for academic research and download over 1 billion articles/year 73m+ Scopus, the leading abstract and citation database of research literature, contains over 73m records across 24,000 journals, sourced from more than 5,000 publishers. 25,000 Our products are used at more than 25,000 Academic and Government institutes globally 7,500 Elsevier has 7,500 employees and serves customers in over 180 countries. 430,000 Elsevier publishes 430,000 peer- reviewed articles annually 9 m Mendeley is a scientific social networking tool that enables over 11 million users worldwide to organize, write, collaborate and promote their research. ~11m 490+ ClinicalKey provides over 490 clinical overviews that gives quick clinical answers and summaries; over 4m images and 51,000 medical and surgical videos in a single, fully integrated site. > 6 my ScienceDirect contains over 6 million articles, 2,500 journals, 900 full open access journals, 39,000 books and 330,000 topic pages Elsevier in numbers:
  18. 18. Research Data Should Be FAIR.. and Happy! Maslow’s Hierarchy of Research Data
  19. 19. • Following TOP guidelines for data deposition: • Data deposition (and citation) fully integrated in article submission process • Following Force11 Data citation principles Supporting research data sharing through our publishing workflow: This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA efforts-to-ensure-research-quality-and-transparency
  20. 20. Enabling FAIR Data in the Earth, Environmental and Space Sciences
  21. 21. Scholix: Multi-stakeholder Linked Data Effort Publishers Data Centers Repositories Past: disconnected sources using heterogeneity of practices Publishers Data Centers Repositories Current: standard set of guidelines for exposing and consuming links, supported by hubs
  22. 22. FAIRSharing: Following Metadata Guidelines
  23. 23. NHLBI Stage Project Seven Bridges Fair4CURES Platform Storage Task 1 Workflow Input Task 2 Research Object Profiler Add annotation and relationships (metadata) to collection to describe a research object: - URI - Length - Filename - Checksums etc. Mendeley Data Research Object Serializer (a manifest itemizing file names) Serialise Research Object in standard format based BagIt Mix of digital objects Research Object ComposerFile source TOPMed R O Open API R O Future: need to address how to deserialize the BagIt so that there isn’t additional work for user to repack Storing ROsCreating the RO Zenodo DataVerse Object/research-object- composer/blob/master/introduction.ipynb
  24. 24. Partners: Research Data Management Librarian Academy:
  25. 25. Mendeley Data integrates through open APIs + 35 repositories (BePress planned) • Mendeley Data Repository datasets are automatically synced with the Pure curation workflow • Projects, grants, equipment, showcase on portal (planned) • Mendeley Data Search results are visible on Scopus • Notify new articles to Monitor for data sharing compliance • Datasets appear as records on Scopus (planned) • Mendeley Data usage is accessible through Plum API and widget • Plumx metrics (citations, usage, social mentions) are captured and shown on Mendeley Data Repository Publish datasets alongside an article on Mendeley Data within the SSRN publication flow Publish or link datasets alongside an article on Mendeley Data within the ScienceDirect publication flow Researcher and Institutional Dataset metrics • User identity & login • Library (planned) • Notes (planned) • Projects (planned) Mendeley Data Existing integration Planned integration • Mendeley Data indexed by OpenAIRE index • OpenAire Zenodo repository indexed by Mendeley Data Search Long-term preservation of published datasets Links between articles and datasets: • Contributed by Mendeley Data to Scholix • Indexed by Menndeley Data Search and Data Monitor • Consumed by Scopus and ScienceDirect Integrate with machine readabledata management plans • For more than 35 repositories the metadata as well as the underlying datasets are indexed by Mendeley Data Search • First repositories are actively integrating with the free and open ‘push API’ of Mendeley Data Search • Mint DOIs for Mendeley Data Repository • Data Cite indexed by Mendeley Data Search