Introducing Sleep on Command.The EarthPulse™ Sleep on Command is a small, portableelectromagnetic sleep machine you can us...
How does it work?                                                                          This process is conducted at th...
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Sleep on Command Brochure PDF


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Written by Anita Swain Tyler, designed by Teresa Heintzman, Lark Studio, for client, Dr. C. Mueller - this is a PDF file.

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Sleep on Command Brochure PDF

  1. 1. Introducing Sleep on Command.The EarthPulse™ Sleep on Command is a small, portableelectromagnetic sleep machine you can use in the comfort of yourhome. For over 10 years, Sleep on Command has provided clientswith remarkably deeper, recuperative sleep; enhancing executiveperformance, sharpening hand-eye motor coordination, and improvingstrength and stamina. Our system is the most unique device of its typein the world…and so are its effects! The EarthPulse Sleep on Commandwill improve your sleep, mental and physical performance, and leaveyou feeling a decade or two younger in just 90 days guaranteed—oryou money back! 502.897.7075 Louisville, KY 40207 1015 Dupont Road Mueller Chiropractic up feel ery day? ake ing ref ed ev What if you cou ld w resh
  2. 2. How does it work? This process is conducted at the lowest possible frequency range toAs professionals, we know that mitochondrial dysfunction and ensure long-term safety and effectiveness. When used consistently,oxidative stress are at the root of every degenerative state, including Sleep on Command’s low frequency, low-amplitude pulsed magneticaging. Mitochondria can be described as cellular “energy plants” field makes it the world’s most effective recovery and longevity toolgenerating most of the cells’ supply of ATP, our body’s energy source. ever developed!ATP is the “fuel” that makes our bodies run.Sleep on Command features a small coil that emits a silent, all-night pulsed magnetic field, supplementing those naturally presentin our environment. This induces a deeper sleep while stimulatingmitochondria to produce more energy for repairs in the body,improving immune function, hormone synthesis and memory. It’s simple to use. Once you have placed the small magnetic inductor under your mattress, you can manage the Sleep on Command machine in three easy steps: turn it on, set the timer and press start. Our all-night pulsed magnetic programs cause brain-wave frequencies to correspond to the intended brain state: deep sleep or alert. Because of its digital programming, it helps you wake up easily in the morning by tuning your brain toward an alert state during the last 30 minutes of each program. You can also use it during the day to stay alert at work or in your car on long drives.Take one home with you!With your personal Sleep on Command machine, you’ll sleep your wayto better health and enjoy: Sleeping is believing! For more information, check out or try it for yourself. Purchase a Sleep on Command machine from us today younger—in 90 days, we’ll give your money back. Call 502.897.7075 or order your Sleep on Command machine from our web site at www.