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Magazine ad - Coalition for the Homeless

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Coalition Race Ad13

  1. 1. Coalition for the homeless Registration Form 2008 Homeward Bound Take steps to end homelessness last name_____________________________________ first name_______________________middle initial___ 5K Race/Walk Join celebrity co-chairs WDrB tV’s Barry Bernson and the Courier-Journal’s angie fenton at the address_______________________________________ first annual homeward Bound 5k race/Walk to end homelessness. this is the Coalition’s largest ______________________________________________ fundraiser and is for serious runners, casual City___________________state ____Zip Code________ walkers and families. our efforts are needed now more than ever before. today one child in every Phone number__________________________________ Jefferson County classroom is homeless. through legislative and educational efforts as well as your Cell Phone______________________________________ donations, the Coalition for the homeless will end email address (for online confirmation) homelessness in our community. _______________________________________________ age on race Day________ o runner o Walker o Wheelchair 5K o male t-shirt size: o female o small o medium o large o Xl o XXl Payment: o mC o Visa o CheCKRegister Early & Save The Start Make it a team effort! Card #______________________________________register online at the homeward Bound 5k race/ if you are interested in participating as a team, exp: ____/______ 3 Digit security code or by mail Walk begins at 9 a.m. on saturday, visit our website,, forbefore saturday, september 6, september 20, 2008 in Cherokee Park. details. signature ___________________________________2008, for only $25 per person. enter Cherokee Park from lexington road to the start of the race at Cochranlate registration and race Day Dog run. Participants will run/walk the Waiverregistration is $35 per person. scenic loop through the park. Prizes By checking the box below, you agree, warrant and covenant as follows: iParticipants under age 18 enjoy Winners (top men and women runners) receive know that running a road race is a potentially hazardous activity. i shoulda $5 off youth discount. gift certificates in the following amounts from not enter and race unless i am medically able and properly trained. i Race Day Parking & More Kroger: assume all risks associated with running in this event including, but notrace Day registration is Park free at southern Baptist theological limited to: falls, contact with others, the effects of the weather and otherlocated at the start of the race seminary at 2825 lexington road. louie the 1st place winners $75 unknown circumstances. i have read and understand the waiver.and opens at 8 a.m. entry fee is payable lightning Bug will greet you. face painting,to homeward Bound 5krace/Walk. We accept bottled water and fresh fruit will be available. 2nd place winners $50masterCard® or Visa®. or send your completedregistration, signed waiver and entry fee check to: 3rd place winners $25ms. Kathy Beach, homeward Bound event Chair,1st independence Bank, Po Box 206309, louisville, KY 40250. signature ___________________________________ Date _______________________________________ Saturday, September 20, 2008, 9 a.m. signature of Parent or Guardian if Participant is under age 18. LARGE FRONT DESIGN 2 color on white shirt (sponsor logos on back) LEFT SLEEVE WITH GET YOUR MESSAGE OUT! SWIRL AT WRIST SECURITIES (1 color) Mark C. Naber Graphic Design, Illustration and Animation Anita Swain Tyler 312 Exchange Avenue (502) 896-1073 Louisville, Kentucky 40207 FAX (502) 895-0982